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Genealogy of our Welch, Stewart, Kinraide and Dickson Lines

Below are links to our research into our ancestors and close connections.

The Welch line is back through Gary's father.

The Stewart line is back through Gary's mother and goes into the Utley, Beckwith, Howland, Hathaway, Cleveland, and Harlakenden lines including Kings of England, signers of the Magna Carta, and passengers on the Mayflower.

The Kinraide line is back through Dottie's father and goes into the Tuttle, Peers, Roblee, Sugg, and Ford lines.

The Dickson line is back through Dottie's mother and goes into the Dickson, Mooney, Moore, and Shaw lines.

The first four generations going back can be seen in the Pedigree Charts page.
An partial index of surnames is listed and linked in the Surname Index page.
Welch Stewart-Utley Hathaway-Cleveland Harlakenden
Kinread-Kinraide Tuttle-Peers Roblee Sugg-Ford
Dickson-Mooney Moore-Shaw Pedigree Charts Surname Index