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Hathaway and Cleveland Genealogy

(Updated or Revised January 2016)

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This is a combination of information from several sources.

The Smith and Betz Family History on Family Tree Maker's Genealogy Site discusses the early Hathaway Family generations one to six.
The first three generations are speculative.

The Harlakenden Descent, passed down to Gary Welch by his mother, includes an Addenda titled " The Early Hatheways of Taunton" by Mary E. N. Hathaway. It begins with the detailed story of Nicholas Hathaway and his son John Hathaway, Senior. This is followed by birth, marriage, and death data for the generations from Nicholas Hathaway to Simeon Hathaway. It is reasonable to suppose she was Mary Elizabeth, daughter of Jay Hathaway and Zeruiah Cleveland.

Pedigree Chart for Sarah Augusta Hathaway

Great Grandfather (FFF):
Simeon Hathaway
Born 25 Jun 1719 in Suffield, Conn.
In Bennington, Vermont by 1767.
Fought in Battle of Benn. w. sons.
Father: Shadrach Hathaway
(1688 - 25 Mar 1721)
Mother: Deborah Kent
Paternal Grandfather:
Joshua Hathaway
Born 13 August 1761, Suffield, Connecticut; Yale Graduate
Died 8 December 1836, Rome, New York
Siblings: Deborah, Simeon, Shadrach, Lucy, Levi, Abraham, Alfred, Betsey, Erastus, Joshua, Silas
Jay Hathaway
Born 28 January 1792,
Bennington, Vermont
Died 5 June 1869,
Rome, New York
Married 12 October 1817

Siblings: Jay, Sarah, Abby, Betsey, Levi, Mary Ann, Joshua

Sarah Augusta Hathaway
Born 9 October 1828,
in Rome, New York
Died 6 March 1897

Siblings: Franklin, George Cleveland, Albert, Mary Elizabeth, Sarah Augusta, Emma Caroline, Albert Jay, Joshua, Susan Zeruiah

Harman Gilson Utley
Born 24 June 1829
Married: 29 Sept 1852,
in Rome, New York
Died 25 June 1899>
Buried in Rome, New York

Amy (Boardman)
Mary Denison (Stewart)
Jay Hathaway
George Harmon
Susan Cleveland (Briggs)
Great Grandmother (FMF):
Deborah Austin
Great Grandfather (FMF):
John Haynes Lord(1725-1796)
Father: Elisha Lord
Mother: Mary Haynes
Paternal Grandmother:
Elizabeth Lord
Born 23 January 1766, Hartford, Connecticut
Died 4 November 1824, Rome, New York
36th in Harlakenden Genealogy
Great Grandmother (FMM):
Rachel Knowles(1729-1803) Hartford, Connecticut
Father: Capt. John Knowles
Mother: Rachel Olcutt
Great Grandfather (MFF):
Josiah Cleveland
Born 1713 in Charleston, Mass.
Died after 1752 in Halifax, NS
Father: Aaron Cleveland
Mother: Abigail Waters
Maternal Grandfather
John Cleveland
Born 26 December 1746,
East Haddam, Conn.
Siblings: Josiah, Aaron, John, Mehitable
Zeruiah Cleveland
Born 18 October 1794,
Sharon, Vermont
Died 22 October 1863,
Rome, New York

Siblings: William, Susannah, Mary, Lucy, Fanny, Zeruiah, Esther, Joanna, Julia
Great Grandmother (MFM):
Joanna Porter
Father: Aaron Porter
Mother: Susannah Sewell
Great Grandfather (MMF):
John Peirce
Maternal Grandmother:

Mary Peirce
Great Grandmother (MMM):
Zeruiah Spalding

Hathaway Ancestry

The name of this family which is found so variously spelled in the annals of the early recorders,
was at later periods conformed to the approved orthography of Hathaway, or Hatheway.

Robert Hathaway ( ? - 1545) and Catherine

First Generation:
Robert Hathaway ( ? - 1545) married Catherine.
They had a child named Thomas Hathaway (? - 1588)

Thomas Hathaway (? - 1588)

Second Generation:
Thomas Hathaway (? -1588) had a child named Thomas Hathaway (? -1609).

Thomas Hathaway ( ? - 1609 and Margaret ( ? - 1630)

Third Generation:
Thomas Hathaway ( ? -1609) married Margaret ? ( ? -1630).
They had a child named Nicholas Hathaway (1595 - ?)

Nicholas Hathaway (1595 - ? )

Fourth Generation:
Nicholas Hathaway was born in 1595 in Gloucestershire, England. Nicholas died in Massachusetts (?). Early records of him in England spell Hathway without the "a" between Hath and way. He was the progenitor of the largest branch of the Hathaways (Hathways, Hatheways, etc.) in America, and was the probable son of Thomas and Margaret Hathway of Kingscote, Gloucestershire, England. He was probably born about 1595, at perhaps what is known today as Binley Farm in Kingscote, England. His death record has never been found either in New England or Old England, where some descendants believe he returned.
There is proof that he arrived in New England between 24 February 1638-1639, and lived in Braintree (Suffolk Deeds 1/28: 14.5) In 1642, adjoining lands were described as "between the lands of Hattaways and Daniel Lovell". He was not on the list of men of Plymouth Colony able to bear arms in 1643. He may have had several children, including Jacob and Joseph, but certainly had son John, probably b. 1629 in England, and probably d. 1705, in Taunton, Massachusetts.
Possible Children of Nicholas Hathaway:
1) John Hathaway (1629-1705)
2) Elizabeth Hathaway, born or baptised on 25 November 1621 in Kingscote, Gloucester, England
3) Deborah Hathaway, born in 1623 in St. Saviour's Parish, Southwark, London
4) Jacob Hathaway, born in 1631
5) Daughter Hathaway, married William Shepard?

John Hathaway (~1629 - 1705) and Martha Shepard (~1629 - ? )

Fifth Generation -- Immigrated from England to Massachusetts:
John Hathaway (called John, Senior) was born circa 1629 and died in 1705, he was 76. John married Martha Shepard? who was born circa 1629. He was probably born in England, and died probably in Taunton, Massachusetts. He lived in what was called "The Farms", then part of Taunton, now part of Berkley. His children were all by his first wife, probably Martha, and probably two more to make eight in the family.
He married (1) about 1649, Martha; she died between 1683-1692 .
He married (2) Ruth, widow of Christopher Dyer, December 25, 1692 in Braintree, Norfolk Co., MA. She died, at age 62, September 10, 1705 in Taunton, Bristol Co., MA. Burial: Fox Cemetery, Berkley, MA.

John Hathaway and Martha Shepard had the following children:

1) John Hathaway, Jr. (1650-1730, born 16 August 1650; died June 1730, Massachusetts.
He married (1) Hannah Burt, also called Anna, daughter of James Burt, and settled in Freetown. Hannah was still alive 28 June 1705 (Taunton Deeds, 4-474). She and son Jacob mentioned in James Burt's will (Plymouth 4-76).
He married (2) Christian, probably Maxfield.

2) Abraham Hathaway (1652-1727) born 22 September 1652; died 23 August 1725 in Dighton, Massachusetts; (See next generation for details.)

3) Isaac Hathaway Sr., born ~1655 in Freetown, Massachusetts; died 17 December 1722, age 67; gravestone Fox Cemetery. He married Mary Pitts, daughter of Peter and Mary Andrews Hodges Pitts, 17 March 1686/7 in Taunton; she died 14 November 1727, age 59 1/2. Isaac was buried in Fox Cemetary, Berkley, Mass. Children of Isaac Hathaway Sr. and Mary Pitts are:
i) Hopestill Hathaway, m. Richard Woods
ii) Isaac Hathaway, Jr., b. 1688
iii) Mary Hathaway, b. ~1691; d. 15 August 1729; m. Elkanah (Captain) Babbitt); b. 22 April 1690

4) Ephraim Hathaway, b. 3 December 1661 in Taunton, now Berkley, Bristol County, Mass; settled in Dighton; d. 20 December 1716; married 1690 Elizabeth Talbot, daughter Jared and Sarah (Andrews) Talbot, b. 14 December 1671.
Childred of Ephraim Hathaway and Elizabeth Talbot are:
i) Elizabeth Hathaway, b. 28 May 1690; m. John White, 10 December 1716, Dighton, Mass.; b. 3 September 1683; d. 1753
ii) Ephraim Hathaway, b. 8 December 1692; d. 1771
iii) Nathaniel Hathaway, b. February 1693/94
iv) Josiah Hathaway, b. 18 May 1694; d. 1778
v) Joseph Hathaway, b. 21 May 1698.
vi) Mercy Hathaway, b. 18 November 1701; d. 16 October 1754; m. Daniel King, Jr., 11 January, 1727/28, Dighton, Mass.
vii) Sarah Hathaway, b. 9 June 1704,
viii) Seth Hathaway, b. 8 March 1706/07; d. June 1748
ix) Rebecca Hathaway, b. 15 November 1710
x) Joshua Hathaway, b. 28 February 1711/12, Dighton, Mass.; d. 14 July 1804, Dighton, Mass.
xi) Abigail Hathaway, b. 12 April 1715

5) Abigail Hathaway, b. 1667; d. 1690; m. 9 February 1685/6 James Phillips, son of James Phillips, b. 1661;

6) Rebecca Hathaway, b. 1669; d. 31 December 1742; m. Jared Talbot, son of Jared Talbot, b. 20 March 1666/7; d. 21 January 1733/4. Rebecca married Capt. Jared Talbot, Jr. 4 May 1687 in Taunton, Mass. He was born 1 April 1665 and died 21 January 1733/34. Rebecca died 31 December 1742.
Child of Rebecca Hathaway and Capt. Talbot, Jr. is:
i) Josiah Talbot, m. Mary Hathaway 2 April 1747, Berkley, Mass.; b. 3 April 1727

Abraham Hathaway (1652 - 1725)

Sixth Generation:
Abraham Hathaway (called "Deacon Abraham") was born 22 September 1652; died 23 August 1725 in Dighton, Massachusetts; buried Fox Cemetery. Abraham married Rebecca Wilbore Pierce (daughter of Shadrach and Mary (Dean) Wilbore; widowed) (O.C.H.S. Private Records, p. 233). His will dated 18 May 1725 mentions wife, Rebecca; sons Abraham, Thomas, Ebenezer, Samuel, Joh, Eleazer and Benjamin; children of son Shadrach, deceased; daughter Rebecca.
Children of Abraham Hathaway and Rebecca Wilbore Pierce are:
1) Eleazer Hathaway
2) Rebecca Hathaway, m. John Clark, 26 March 1726, Dighton, Mass.
3) Abraham (Captain) Hathaway, b. 11 September 1685, Taunton, Mass.;m. Sarah ___ d. before 1754. (Possibly he moved to New Jersey with his brother, Capt. Benjamin)
4) Thomas Hathaway, b. 26 January, 1686/87, Taunton, Mass.; d. 20 September 1738, Dighton, Mass.; m. Hannah Briggs;
5) Shadrach Hathaway, b. 1688, Taunton, Mass.; d. 25 March 1721, Suffield, Conn.; m. Deborah Kent.
6) Ebenezer Hathaway, b. 25 May, 1689, Taunton, Mass.; d. 16 February, 1768; m. Hannah Shaw, m. (2) Mary Tubbs
7) Samuel Hathaway, b. 1690; d. 14 April, 1765; m. Sarah Rowe. Went to Suffield, Conn.
8) John Hathaway, b. 1695; d. 15 September, 1733, Dighton, Mass.; m. 1723 Marcy Jones.
9) Benjamin (Captain) Hathaway, b. 1699, Dighton, Mass.; d. 21 April, 1762, Morristown, New Jersey. Went to Hanover, N. J., was in Morristown, N.J. in 1748.

Shadrach Hathaway (1688 - 1721) and Deborah Kent ( ? - 1773)

Seventh Generation:
Shadrach Hathaway was born 1688; d. 25 March 1721; m. Deborah Kent, daughter of John and Abigail (Dudley) Kent. Settled in Suffield, Connecticut.
Children born to Shadrach Hathaway and Deborah Kent are:
1) Shadrach Hathaway, b. 1 February 1717/18; was a school teacher in Freetown, Mass.; d. in Freetown 3 December 1749 and is buried there. Was probably unmarried. Graduate of Yale College in 1738.
2) Simeon Hathaway, b. 25 June 1719; m. 11 November 1742 Deborah Austin

Deborah (Kent) Hathaway, widow of Shadrach m. (2) 25 February 1722, Jacob Hathaway of Suffield. She d. 16 November 1773. He d. 14 November 1774. (We are as yet unable to trace his parentage possitively, but believe him to be descended form a possible son Jacob of Nicholas.) Jacob and Deborah (Kent) Hathaway had the following children:
1) Deborah Hathaway, b. 25 December 1722; m. 7 June 1743, Phineas Sheldon
2) Jacob Hathaway, Jr., b. at Boston Neck, Conn., 1747
3) Charles Hathaway, b. ~1726; d. 1807, aged 81
4) Typhena Hathaway, m. 10 July 1747, Joshua Austin
5) Ruth Hathaway, m. Aaron Phelps of Suffield
(For information concerning family of Tryphena & Joshua Austin, see New England Register, V. 85, October 1931, page 451.)

Simeon Hathaway (1719 - ? ) and Deborah Austin

Eighth Generation:
Simeon Hathaway was born 25 June 1719; married 11 November 1742 Deborah Austin, daughter of Anthony Jr. and Abigail (Holcomb) Austin, granddaughter of Anthony and Esther (Huggins) Austin. Deborah Austin was sister of Joshua Austin who married Tryphena Hathaway, half-sister of Simeon.
Children born to Simeon Hathaway and Deborah Austin are:
1) Deborah Hathaway, b. 1743
2) Simeon Hathaway, Jr., b. 1748
3) Shadrach Hathaway, b. 1749
4) Lucy Hathaway, b. 1749; d. 1757
5) Levi Hathaway, b. 1751
6) Abraham Hathaway, b. 1753; m. Hannah Cook
7) Alfred Hathaway, b. 1755
8) Betsey Hathaway, b. 1756
9) Erastus Hathaway, b. 1758
10) Joshua Hathaway, b. 13 August 1761; d. Rome, N.Y., 8 December 1836; m. Elizabeth Lord. Joshua was a Yale graduate.
11) Silas, b. 1763; m. Tryphena Jewett. He went to St. Albans, Vermont in 1787

Simeon Hatheway moved with his family from Suffield to Bennington, Vermont between 1761 and 1767. Resided there until his death. With seven of his sons (all except Silas, the youngest) served in the Battle of Bennington.

Joshua Hathaway (1761 - 1836) and Elizabeth Lord (1766 - 1824)

Ninth Generation:
Joshua Hathaway was born 13 August 1761 in Suffield, Connecticut; died 8 December 1836 in Rome, New York. Joshua married Elizabeth Lord. He was a Yale Graduate.

Joshua Hathaway and Elizabeth Lord are Generation 36 in the Harlakenden Descent. "Elizabeth Lord daughter of John Haynes Lord and Rachel Knowles, grand daughter of Elisha Lord and Mary Haynes, great grand-daughter of the third Richard Lord and Abigal Warren, and great, great, great grand-daughter of Gov. John Haynes and Mabel Harlakenden, born 23 January 1766, at Hartford, Connecticut, d. 4 November 1824 at Rome, New York; m. Joshua Hathaway, son of Simeon Hathaway and Deborah Austin". Children of Joshua Hathaway and Elizabeth Lord are:
1) Jay Hathaway (Janette Stewart Welch's great, great grandfather) b. in Bennington, Vermont, 28 January 1792
2) Sarah Hathaway, b. in Bennington, Vermont, 11 November 1793
3) Abby Hathaway, b. in Rome, New York, 11 December 1795
4) Infant daughter b. in Rome, New York, 12 April 1798, Obit same day
5) Betsey Hathaway, b. in Rome, New York, 17 November 1799
6) Levi Hathaway, b. in Rome, New York, 1 November 1802
7) Mary Ann Hathaway, b. in Rome, New York, 11 January 1805
8) Infant son, b. in Rome, New York, 9 July, 1807, Obit same place, 10 July 1807.
9) Joshua Hathaway, b. in Rome, New York, 9 November 1810.

Jay Hathaway (1792 - 1869) and Zeruiah Cleveland (1794 - 1863)

Tenth Generation
Jay Hathaway was born 28 January 1792 at Bennington, Vermont and died 5 June 1869 at Rome, New York. He married Zeruiah Cleveland on 12 October 1817 at Plainfield, Connecticut.
Jay Hathaway and Zeruiah Cleveland are Generation 37 in the Harlakenden Descent. "Jay Hatheway son of Joshua Hatheway and Elizabeth Lord, grandson of Simeon Hatheway and Deborah Austin, b. 28 January 1792, at Bennington, Vermont, d. 5 June 1869 at Rome, New York, m. 12 October 1817 at Plainfield, Connecticut, Zeruiah Cleveland, daughter of John Cleveland and Mary Pierce, b. 18 October 1794, at Sharon, Vermont, d. at Rome, New York, 22 October 1863."
Children of Jay Hathaway and Zeruiah Cleveland (all born in Rome, New York) are:
1) Franklin Hathaway, b. 12 July, 1818
2) George Cleveland Hathaway, b. 29 August 1820
3) Albert Hathaway, b. 22 January 1823
4) Mary Elizabeth Hathaway, b. 14 June 1825
5) Sarah Augusta Hathaway, b. 9 October 1828; m. Harman G. Utley
6) Emma Caroline Hathaway, b. 15 October 1831
7) Albert Jay Hathaway, b. 15 September 1834
8) Joshua Hathaway, b. 25 April 1837
9) Susan Zeruiah Hathaway, b. 24 August 1830

For more information about Zeruiah Cleveland, please see Descendants of Moses Cleveland below.

Addenda to Mabel Harlakenden Descent
The Early Hatheways of Taunton
by Mary E. N. Hatheway

Soon after the purchase of Taunton, a company of men migrating from some of the older towns came to reside within its borders, and were designated as the "first settlers", a term which has adhered and served to distinguish them from the first purchasers.

Among these appears the name of Nicholas Hathway.

Of his previous history nothing is known except what may be learned from the notices of him contained in the records of Boston, which show that he sojourned there for a season and purchased lands in that vicinity before coming to Taunton.

In the report of the Boston Commissioners published in 1877, in the Vol. of Records for 1640, on page 50, the following item may be found:
"At a meeting feb. 24, 1639, there was granted to Nicholas Hathway of Monaticott, at Mount Woollystone, a lott there for 4 heads, and 20 acres more, there being in all 36 acres, upon the same covenant of 3 shillings per acre."

A similar mention of him is made in the "History of Quincy and Braintree", within whose limits the "lott" was located, and with an additional note showing that he did not become a settler there; which coincides with the evidence of subsequent data that he came to Taunton in 1639 or 1640.

In the collection fo Suffolk Deeds, Vol. 1, Deed 28, the statment is made that in 1642 Daniel Rogers sold to John Stow a parcel of land in Braintree, which was bounded on one side by "lands of Hattaways." This unquestionably refers to the 36 acres granted to Nicholas Hathway in 1639, and which was apparently in his possession at the time of this transaction.

That he became an extensive land owner in Taunton is evident from the frequency with which his name occurs in the Proprietary Records in relation to sales and adjustments of the original rights and grants.

As he is not included in the military list of 1643, which comprised all able to bear arms between the ages of 16 and 60, it is obvious that if he were living at that period his health must have been inadequate, or he was too far advanced in years to be eligible for service; and as nothing further is heard of him in connection with any public activities, the conclusion is reasonable that he did not live very long after establishing his home in New England.

A tradition has come down from past generations that he was a native of Wales, but this remains to be authenticated. Of his family specified in the Boston Reports, while no positive account can be rendered of all its members, there is actual and definite knowledge with regard to one, who is recognized distinctively through the records of Plymouth Colony as "John Hathway of Taunton". Savage in his "Genealogical Dictionary" makes mention of Joseph Hathway of Taunton, who was admitted freeman in 1657, and adds, that he was probably a brother of the first John. Until some evidence in contradiction of this assertion is brought forward there is no reason why he should not be left to occupy the place thus assigned to him.

In a recently published volume entitled, "Soldiers of King Philip's War", on page 417, in the list of men credited with service during that period there is found the name of Jacob Hathway of Taunton; who, on grounds of a stong probablility is also assigned to this household as brother of John and son of Nicholas.

And it may be noted as a significant fact that the names of Jacob and Joseph were of frequent reccurence in the succeeding generations of this family. The relationship of John is proven beyond a doubt by a passage contained in the Proprietary Records, Vol. 5, page 1, which reads as follows: "At ye request of John Andrews of Norton, for to reckon about land on half a purchase right that was originally John Gilbert's, and on one third part of a purchase right that was John Hathways's, originally his father's, Nicholas Hathway".

The time of their coming to Taunton is determined by a deposition to be found in the Bristol County Records, Vol. 2, page 19, in which John Hathway makes the declaration that his knowledge of the boundaries and occupation of certain protions of the town extended as far back as 1639 and 1640, "and further saith not." He was about ten years of age at that period, as, according to another depostion recorded in the same volume on page 32, the statement he makes in relation to his age shows that he must have been born in 1629. In 1657, his name appears with those who have take the oath of fidelity.

In 1658, he purchased with two associaties, for the sum of 152 pounds, 400 acres of "meadow and upland", in that part of Taunton which had originally been granted to Rev. Nicholas Street, the much esteemed pastor and teacher, but on his removal to New Haven, it was sold by him in the manner described. In 1659, when a division of land was made, John Hathway was recorded as having 7 heads in his family, and received a share in proportion to that number.

The people of Taunton being desirous of obtaining a more extended domain, entered into negotiations with the Indians for the acquisition of those tracts of country known as the North Purchase and South Purchase. John Hathway was a member of the association which conducted these enterprises, and served on various occasions with a committee in surveying and dividing the newly acquired territory; and he with one of the associate purchasers was chosen to see the deeds "signed, sealed and delivered before a magistrate, and recorded inye Court roles at Plymouth." In 1669, an act was passed by the Court in reference to the first grants and titles -- for the purpose of "quieting men's estates" and, in the re-distribution of land that followed, John Hathway claimed the rights that were his father's.

In 1670 he was made freeman. According to the Colonial laws, "None could be admitted as freemen by such as were 21 years of age, and had the testimony of their neighbors that they were of sober and peaceable conversation, orthodox in the fundamentals of religion, and such as had 20 pounds ratable estate at least in the government." In 1671, in consideration of 52 pounds, he purchased of Nathaniel Morton the 18th lot of the Freetown lands and thereupon installed his eldest son John Hathway, Jr., who became one of the leading citizens of that locality.

In 1676 he was elected constable. Of this position Colonial history, says, "the office of constable was one of great responsibility and power, as representing the civil government and being the chief exponent of Law." In 1680 he was elected a deputy to Plymouth general Court, and served for 5 successive years; and in 1681 he was chosen one of the "selectmen to order town affairs", in which capacity he served 4 years. In 1687 he was recorded as giving 10 acres of land in part payment for the support of the minister, Rev. Samuel Danforth.

He is mentioned many times in the Plymouth Court Records as serving on the grand jury, and as being administrator on estates. In one instance the following item occurs: "1682, March 7. John Hathway, Sr., of Taunton, attorney to Mr. John Hubert of Boston." On one occasion he entered a complaint to the Court at Plymouth against two Indians, Philip and Tobey, for stealing his swine, and the Court ordered them to pay him eight and one-half bushels of corn as compensation for his loss; and when the Indians complained of the horses and swine of the English, John Hathway was appointed to estimate what injuries they had suffered and to award damages for the same.

In 1690, when he was again constable, he was actively engaged in re-organizing the military companies, in one of which he served as ensign. This was during King William's war, and in the inspection returns of that date the names of John Hathway, SR., and his three sons, Abraham, Isaac and Ephraim were included. In 1691 he was again elected a deputy to the General Court at Plymouth. In 1695 a company of well known citizens with John Hathway, Sr., of the number, set up a "bloomery" or forge, on Stony Brook, which was called the "Chartley Iron Works". This was afterwards known as the "Leonard Iron Works" of Norton. In 1696 and 1697 he was a representative to Mass. General Court, and with this his public services are brought to a close.

He was married twice; but of the two wives who shared his fortunes very little is known. The first of these, in virtue of he being the mother of his children claims the greater degree of interest. Her name appears in a dee, which, in consideration of 20 pounds sterling, conveys to Joseph Wood, alias Atwood, a tract of land bounded in part by Taunton Great River and Three Mile River, and situated in that section of the Town that subsequently became incorporated as Dighton. To this deed "john Hathway, Sr., and Martha, his wife, set their hands and seals, Jan. 20, 1678." In the Plymouth colony records, Vol. 5, page 260, another deed is recorded bearing the signatures of John Hathway of Taunton, and his wife, Martha. It is dated March 1, 1683, and conveys to Walter Hatch of Scituate for 11 pounds of lawful currency of New England, a share of the freeman's lot of meadow situated at Mattapoisett. This being in number the twenty-second lot, and adjoining Nathaniel Southworth's lot next to Sipican.

Between the years of 1693 and 1702, there are several deeds recorded in Taunton which bear the signatures of John Hathway and his wife, Ruth, by which protions of his estate are conveyed to his sons. He had six children: John, Jr., Abraham, Isaac, Ephraim, Abigail, and Rebeckah.

He died in 1705, and his widow, Ruth, died in September of the same year. His home was in that part of Berkley known as "The Farms". The dwelling house was situated towards the North, where as the dded specifies, the land "abuts on the Great River". The place is designated by an iron tablet which was erected there in 1889, by the Old Colony Historical Society.

Descendants of Moses Cleveland

(Six Generations down to Zeruiah Cleveland who married Jay Hathaway)
The following information came from "Cleveland-Graham Family Home Page" (updated October 2000) on Family Tree Maker's Genealogy Site: User Home Pages.

Isaac Cleveland (1584 - 1626)

English Roots
ISAAC CLEVELAND (son of RICHARD CLEVELAND) was born Jan 01, 1584/85 in Ipswich, Suffolk Co, England, and died Jun 03, 1626 in Ipswich, Suffolk Co, England. Isaac Cleveland was baptized between 1584 - 1585, St. Stevens Parish, Ipswich, Suffolk Co. England. He was married about 1615, St. Stevens Parish, Ipswich, Suffolk Co, England. Burial: Unknown, St. Stevens Parish, Ipswich, Suffolk Co. England. Children of Isaac CLEVELAND are:
1. MOSES CLEVELAND, b. Feb 02, 1619/20, Ipswich, Suffolk Co, England, d. Jan 09, 1701/02, Woburn, Middlesex Co, MA.

Moses Cleveland (~1619 - ~1701) and Anne Winn

First Generation in United States
MOSES CLEVELAND (son of ISAAC CLEVELAND) was born February 02, 1619/20 in St.Stephens, Ipswich, Suffolk, England, and died January 09, 1701/02 in Woburn,Middlesex, Massachusetts. He married ANNE WINN September 26, 1648 in Woburn,Middlesex, Massachusetts, daughter of EDWARD WINN and JOANNA SARGENT.
According to family tradition, Moses Cleveland came to New England in 1635 as "a ship's carpenter's apprentice, and worked his passage over. It is generally stated that he came from Ipswich as an indentured apprentice to a joiner, housewright or master builder, name of his master not ascertained,but conjectured to be Edward Winn ( whose daughter he afterwards married), for 'he went to Woburn with his master,' and there settled in 1640-1;" admitted a freeman in 1643; granted land at Woburn 1648-9; listed on Woburn militia roll 1663 at age 39.
from: The American Forbears and Some of the Descendents of Charles Theron Brown and His Wife Martha Elizabeth Hebbard, Michael R. Gannett, 1978. It has also been said that Moses and the group he was with came first to Virginia to settle but having to much trouble with the Indians, they boarded a ship and came up the coast to Plymouth.

Notes for ANNE WINN:
Mrs. Ann Winn Cleveland died, probably previous to May 6, 1682, for her father, Edward Winne, made his will mentioning her three youngest children, but not her.

Children of MOSES CLEVELAND and ANNE WINN are:
1) MOSES CLEVELAND, b. September 01, 1651, Woburn,Middlesex,Massachusetts; d. October 30, 1717, Southold,Suffolk,Long Island,New York.
2) HANNAH CLEVELAND, b. August 04, 1653, Woburn, Middlesex, Massachusetts; d. January 16, 1736/37, Woburn, Middlesex, Massachusetts.
3) AARON CLEVELAND, b. January 10, 1654/55, Woburn,Middlesex,Massachusetts; d. September 14, 1716, Woburn,Middlesex,Massachusetts.
4) SAMUEL CLEVELAND, b. June 09, 1657, Woburn,Middlesex,Massachusetts; d. March 12, 1735/36, Canterbury, Windham, Connecticut.
5) MIRIAM CLEVELAND, b. July 10, 1659, Woburn,Middlesex,Massachusetts; d. August 31, 1745, Charlestown,Suffolk,Massachusetts.
6) JOANNA CLEVELAND, b. September 19, 1661, Woburn,Middlesex,Massachusetts; d. March 12, 1666/67, Woburn,Middlesex,Massachusetts.
7) EDWARD CLEVELAND, b. May 20, 1664, Woburn,Middlesex,Massachusetts; d. August 26, 1746, Pomfret,Windham,Connecticut.
8) JOSIAH CLEAVELAND, b. February 26, 1666/67, Woburn,Middlesex,Massachusetts; d. April 26, 1709, Canterbury,Windham,Connecticut.
9) ISAAC CLEAVELAND, b. May 11, 1669, Woburn,Middlesex,Massachusetts; d. August 10, 1714, Norwich,New London,Connecticut.
10) JOANNA CLEAVELAND, b. April 05, 1670, Woburn,Middlesex,Massachusetts; d. March 18, 1758, Westfield, Hampden, Massachusetts.
11) ENOCH CLEVELAND, b. August 01, 1671, Woburn,Middlesex,Massachusetts; d. August 01, 1729, Concord, Middlesex, Massachusetts.

Aaron Cleveland (~1654 - 1716) and Dorcas Wilson

Second Generation
AARON CLEVELAND (son of MOSES, and grandson of ISAAC) was born January 10, 1654/55 in Woburn, Middlesex, Massachusetts, and died September 14, 1716 in Woburn, Middlesex, Massachusetts. He married (1) DORCAS WILSON September 26, 1675 in Charlestown, Massachusetts, daughter of JOHN WILSON and HANNAH JAMES. He married (2) PRUDENCE UNKNOWN Abt. 1715 in Woburn, Dukes, Massachusetts. Aaron Cleveland was made a freeman in 1680; by trade a housewright and farmer, also a land speculator.
1) DORCAS CLEVELAND, b. October 29, 1676, Woburn, Dukes, Massachusetts; d. Unknown; m. JOHN KNIGHT, March 12, 1698/99, Cambridge, Massachsetts.
2) HANNAH CLEVELAND, b. November 18, 1678, Woburn, Dukes, Massachusetts; d. June 13, 1679, Woburn, Dukes, Massachusetts.
3) AARON CLEAVELAND, b. July 09, 1680, Woburn, Dukes, Massachusetts; d. December 01, 1755, Medford, Middlesex, Massachusetts.
4) HANNAH CLEVELAND, b. June 02, 1687, Woburn, Dukes, Massachusetts; d. Unknown; m. UNKNOWN BEARD.
5) MOSES CLEVELAND, b. February 24, 1689/90, Woburn, Middlesex, Massachusetts; d. 1772, New Marlborough, Berkshire, Massachusetts.
6) SARAH CLEVELAND, b. March 05, 1691/92, Woburn, Dukes, Massachusetts; d. Aft. 1736.
7) MIRIAM CLEVELAND, b. July 09, 1694, Woburn, Dukes, Massachusetts; d. Unknown.
8) ISABEL CLEVELAND, b. April 06, 1697, Woburn, Dukes, Massachusetts; d. December 07, 1714, Woburn, Dukes, Massachusetts.
9) ANN CLEVELAND, b. 1699; d. Unknown.
10) BENJAMIN CLEVELAND, b. May 16, 1701, Woburn Middlesex, Massachusetts; d. Aft. September 16, 1776, Southold, Suffolk, New York.
11) AARON CLEVELAND, b. July 09, 1680, Woburn, Massachusetts; d. December 01, 1755, Medford, Massachusetts.

Aaron Cleveland (1680 - 1755) and Abigail Waters

Third Generation
AARON CLEVELAND (son of AARON, grandson of MOSES, and great-grandson of ISAAC) was born July 09, 1680 in Woburn, Massachusetts, and died December 01, 1755 in Medford, Massachusetts. He married ABIGAIL WATERS January 01, 1700/01 in Woburn, Massachusetts.
1) JOSIAH CLEVELAND, b. August 21, 1713, Charleston, Massachusetts; d. Aft. 1752, Halifax, Nova Scotia Canada.

Josiah Cleveland (1713 - after 1752) and Joanna Porter

Fourth Generation
JOSIAH CLEVELAND (AARON4, AARON3, MOSES2, ISAAC1) was born August 21, 1713 in Charleston, Massachusetts, and died Aft. 1752 in Halifax, Nova Scotia Canada. He married JOANNA PORTER January 15, 1734/35 in Cambridge or Medford, Middlesex, Massachusetts, daughter of AARON PORTER and SUSANNAH SEWELL.
1) JOSIAH CLEVELAND, b. May 07, 1742, East Haddam,Middlesex,Connecticut; d. August 23, 1825, Amenia, Dutchess, New York.
2) AARON CLEVELAND, b. December 12, 1736, Charlestown, Massachusetts. 3) JOANNA CLEVELAND, b. June 15, 1739, East Haddam, Connecticut; d. Bef. 1749.
4) JOHN CLEVELAND, b. December 26, 1746, East Haddam, Connecticut; d. January 30, 1824, Malone, Franklin, New York.
5) MEHITABLE CLEVELAND, b. Abt. 1748, Boston, Massachusetts.

John Cleveland (1746 - 1824) and Mary Peirce

Fifth Generation
JOHN CLEVELAND (JOSIAH5, AARON4, AARON3, MOSES2, ISAAC1) was born December 26, 1746 in East Haddam, Connecticut, and died January 30, 1824 in Malone, Franklin, New York. He married MARY PEIRCE November 26, 1778 in Plainfield, New London, Connecticut, daughter of JOHN PEIRCE and ZERUIAH SPALDING. John Cleveland removed , 1818, from Plainsfield to Stonington, Connecticut, was then in charge of Samuel F. Dennison's cloth factories, thence to Malone, and dwelt with his son William.
1) WILLIAM CLEVELAND, b. June 05, 1780, Plainfield, New London, Connecticut; d. June 19, 1861, Vanleek's kill, Ontario, Canada.
2) SUSANNAH CLEVELAND, b. November 21, 1782, Plainfield, New London, Connecticut.
3) MARY CLEVELAND, b. June 10, 1785, Plainfield, New London, Connecticut; d. October 11, 1866.
4) LUCY CLEVELAND, b. August 19, 1787, Plainfield, New London, Connecticut.
5) FANNY CLEVELAND, b. August 18, 1790, Plainfield, New London, Connecticut; m. UNKNOWN HEALY who was a farmer in Potsdam.
6) ZERUIAH CLEVELAND, b. October 18, 1793, Plainfield, New London, Connecticut.
7) ESTHER CLEVELAND, b. August 08, 1796, Plainfield, New London, Connecticut; d. December 13, 1851, Parishville, St. Lawrence, New York.
8) JOANNA CLEVELAND, b. January 20, 1799, Plainfield, New London, Connecticut.
9) JULIA CLEVELAND, b. May 10, 1802, Plainfield, New London, Connecticut.

Zeruiah Cleveland (1793 - ? ) and Jay Hathaway

Sixth Generation
ZERUIAH CLEVELAND (JOHN6, JOSIAH5, AARON4, AARON3, MOSES2, ISAAC1) was born October 18, 1793 in Plainfield, New London, Connecticut. She married JAY HATHAWAY 1817 in Plainsfield, New London, Connecticut.
1) CARRIE HATHAWAY, m. C. W. HAYDEN of Washington, D. C, 1881.
2) SUSAN HATHAWAY, m. J. S. DYETT of Rome, Oneida, New York.
3) DAUGHTER HATHAWAY, m. SHERMAN UTLEY of Rome, Oneida, New York.
4) SON HATHAWAY who resided in Washington, D. C.

Jay Hathaway and Zeruiah Cleveland are Generation 37 of the Harlakenden Descent. They are also the last generation of the Hathaway Genealogy above. Go to Jay Hathaway & Zeruiah Cleveland.
Also they are Great Great Grandparents of Janette Bryden Stewart. Look at Stewart-Utley for more information.
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