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Mabel Harlakenden Genealogy

(Updated or Revised January 2016)

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This Descent of Mabel Harlakenden was passed down to Gary Welch by his mother, Janette Bryden Stewart. It is our belief that it was originally compiled for Mabel Harlakenden (generation 31). Since then, each generation added their piece and passed it on. We are now doing our bit to share this knowledge.


From King Egbert I, and from the Kings and nobility of England, Scotland, France, Spain, etc.

(Explanation of Abbreviations: Bap. = Baptized, D. = Died, B. = Born, M.= Married. Unm. = Unmarried, S. P. = Sine Prole, Wlthout Issue.)

1. Egbert, the first Saxon King of all England, was the eleventh in descent from Cerdic, the Saxon, who founded the West Saxon Kingdom of the heptarchy, at the commencement of the sixth century.

Flountius, a monk of Worcester, who wrote in the first quarter of the twelfth century, endeavors to show that Cerdic was a descendant, in the twelfth generation of Woden or Odin, (called by the Romans Othinus) and his wife, Frea or Frigga; as follows:
1. Woden made himself master of a considerable part of the north of Europe, in the third century, and died in what is now Sweden. By his wife, Frea or Frigga, he had six sons: Wecta, Caser, Withelgeat, Weldeg, Beldeg, and Eaxneta. (See Speed's History of England, 200 etc.)
2. Beldeg or Balder, their fifth son, m. Nanna, daughter of Gewar, and had a son,
3. Brandius or Brando: who was the father of,
4. Froodigarius, or Froithgar: who had a son,
5. Wigga: who was the father of,
6. Gewesius, or Gewisch: whose son,
7. Effa, or Esta, was father of,
8. Effa, the second, whose son,
9. Elisens, was the father of,
10. Cerdic, the first King of the West Saxons.

Others make the descent of Cerdic from Woden, or Odin, thus: Beldeg, Brando, Froithgar, Fruoin, Wigga, Gewisch, Esta, Elisens, Cerdic.

Probably all this rests in tradition, which is not much to be relied on in matters of genealogy, where there are no records or monuments, or contemporaneous history to support it. I therefore leave this earlv descent of King Egbert to those antiquarians who claimed the descent of Woden from the eldest son of the Patriarch, Noah. (See Speed, 196-200.)

The descent from Cerdic to Egbert, the seventeenth King of the West Saxons, is much more reliable, although it was not in the line of Kings after the third generation. It was as follows:

1. Cerdic, died in 534, after having reigned about thirty three years. He had two sons, Kenric, his successor; and Chelnulf, who died in the lifetime of his father, and whose great grandson Kentwise, was the seventh King of the West Saxons.
2. Kenric succeeded to the crown in 534, upon the death of his father. He reigned twenty-six years, and died in 560. He had three sons: Cheanlin, his successor; Cuthwulf, who died in 572, leaving a son, Cearlik, who wrested the kingdom from Cheanlin, his uncle, in 592, and was fourth King of the West Saxons; and Cuth, whose son, Chelwulf, was the fifth King of the West Saxons.
3. Cheaulin succeeded to the crown upon the death of his father, in 560, and reigned about thirty-two years, when he was banished from his kingdom, and died in exile in 593. He had two sons: Cuth, who was killed in 585, and Cuthwin.
4. Cuthwin was killed in a battle with the Britons and died in 584, during the reign of his father, leaving two sons, Kenwald and Cuth.
5. Cuth died, leaving a son,
6. Chelwald, who was the father of Kenred.
7. Kenred had four sons and one daughter. His eldest son, Ina, was the eleventh King of the West Saxons. Another of his sons was,
8. Ingills, who was the father of,
9. Eoppa, who left a son,
10. Easa, who was the father of,
11. Alkmund, sometimes called Ethelmund, who was the father of,
12. Egbert, who was the seventeenth King of the West Saxons.

Egbert succeeded to the West Saxon crown upon the death of King Bithrick in the year 800 or 801. He married the Lady Rubbinga. In the course of the first twenty-three years of his reign, he succeeded in uniting the whole heptarchy under his rule. He was in fact the first Saxon King of all England, though he did not assume that title. He continued to reign about sixteen years longer, and died 4 Feb., 836. He had two sons and one daughter:
Ethelwulf, his successor;
Ethelstan; and
Edith, Abbess of Polesworth, commonly called, St. Edith.

2. Ethelwulf, Egbert's eldest son, succeeded to the crown upon the death of his father.
He m. first, Osburga, daughter of Oslae, an English nobleman, and had by her five sons and one daughter:
Athelstan, who died before his father;
- Ethelbald;
- Ethelbert;
- Ethelred; and
Alfred, who successively wore the crown of England; and

After the death of Osburga, in his old age, he m. a young wife Judith, daughter of Charles, the Bald, King and Emperor of France, and great granddaughter of the Emperor Charlemagne. He died 18 Jan. 857, without issue by her. She subsequently married Baldwin, the first Count of Flanders. She was ancestress of Matilda, the wife of William the Conqueror: of Mabel Harlakenden, the second wife of Gov. John Haynes, of Hartford: of the lords St. John of Bletso.

3. Alfred the Great, b. in 849, youngest son of King Ethelwulf, succeeded to the crown 23 March, 872, upon the death of his youngest brother, King Ethelred I. He married in 869, Alswitha, daughter of the Mercian earl Ethelred Muchel and Edburga, his wife. He died 28 Oct. 901, and she died about 904. They had three sons and three daughters: - Edmund, who died in his father's life time S. P.;
- Edward, the successor of his father;
- Ethelwald, who died unmarried;
- Ethelfleda, who married Ethelbert, Duke of Mercia;
- Ethelgida, Abbess of Shaftsbury; and
- Alfritha who married Baldwin II, Count of Flanders, son of Baldwin, the first Count of Flanders and Judith, his wife, who was the second wife of his grandfather, King Ethelwulf.

4. Edward the Elder, second son of Alfred the Great, succeeded to the crown upon the death of his father. He m. Equina, the daughter of a Shepherd or Farmer, and had by her two sons and one daughter: - Athelstan, his successor;
- Alfred, who died in his father's life time; and
- Edith, afterwards called Sister Beatrice, who m. Selrich, the Danish King of Northumberland, and afterwards was abbess of Tamworth.

Edward the Elder then married Elfreda, daughter of Earl Ethelhelm, and had by her two sons and six daughters:
- Elsward, who died at the same time of the death of his father S.P.;
- Edwin who was drowned in the time of King Athelstan;
- Elfleda, who was Abbess of Ramsey;
- Eguina, who was the second wife of Charles III of France and was mother of King Louis III;
- Ethelhild, who became a nun;
- Edhild, who married Hugh the Great, Duke of France and Count of Paris, father of Hugh Capet, and died S.P.;
- Edgitha, who married Otho the Great, Emperor of Germany; and
- Elgina, who married a nobleman of Italy.

Edward the Elder then married Edgina, daughter of Earl Sigelim. She survived her husband nearly forty years, and died 25 Aug., 963. He had by her two sons and two daughters: Edmund, b. 921, who succeeded his half brother, King Athelstan; Edred, who succeeded his brother Edmund in the Kingdom;
- Edburga, who became a nun; and
- Edgina, who married Louis, Prince of Acquitaine in France.
- Edward the Elder d. in 924, and was succeeded by his son, Athelstan.

5. Edmund the eldest son of King Edward the Elder, by last wife succeeded to the crown upon the death of his half brother, King Athelstan, 17 Oct., 940. He married in the first year of his reign, Elfgira, (the fairies' gift) and had two sons:
- Edroy, (Edwy) b. about 942, and
- Edgar, b. 943,
Edroy and Edgar successively wore the crown after the death of their Uncle, King Edred.
King Edmund d. 26 May 946, and was succeeded by his brother Edred.

6. Edgar the Peaceable, youngest son of King Edmund, succeeded to the crown upon the death of his elder brother Edwy, in 959. He married in 961, Elfreda, the fair, sometimes called Ethelfred, daughter of Earl Ordnar. He had by her one son:
- Edward, b. about 962, his successor, who is called Edward the Martyr.

He then m. Elfreda, daughter of Ordgar, Duke of Devonshire, and Milon of Earl Ethelwold, and had by her two sons:
- Edmund b. 965, who died at the age of 14 years unmarried, and
- Ethelred, b. about 967, who succeeded his half brother, King Edward the Martyr.

7. Ethelred II, commonly called the Unready, succeeded to the crown, 18 May 979, upon the assassination of his half brother, King Edward the Martyr. He married about 984, when he was but 17 years of age, Elfleda, daughter of the earldorman Thored. He had by her six sons and three daughters:
- Athelstan, b. about 986, who died about 1011, S.P.;
- Egbert, b. about 988, who died young and unmarried;
- Edmond, b. 990, who succeeded his father in the Kingdom;
- Edred, b. 992, who died at about the age of 22;
- Edroy, (Edwy) who survived all his brothers of the full blood, and was murdered at the instigation of Canute the Dane, in 1017;
- Edgar, b. in 998, who probably died in childhood;
- A daughter whose name I have not ascertained, who married Athelstan, an English nobleman, who was slain in a battle with the Dances in 1010;
- Edgitha, who married Edrich, the treacherous Duke of Mercia; and
- Elfgina, who married Utrid the Bold.

King Ethelred II, then married about 1102, Emma, the youngest daughter of Richard, who was the third duke of Normandy, of the Danish blood, and Gundred, or Gussner, his second wife. This Emma was granddaughter of Robert, the second duke of Normandy and Sparta, his wife, and great granddaughter of Rollo, the first Danish duke of Normandy, and Ropu, his second wife. And Emma was also the paternal aunt of Robert, the sixth Danish duke of Normandy, who was father of William, the Conqueror. Ethelred, by Queen Emma, his second wife, had two sons and one daughter: Edward, the Confessor, who succeeded Hardicanute, his half brother as King of England: Alfred, whose eyes were put out by order of Harold Harefoot, and who died in the monastery where he was imprisoned: and Goda, who married Dreux, Count of Vixin, in France, called by English historians, Walter de Maxete, Count of Nantes. King Ethelred II died 23 April 1016.

8. Edmund, surnamed Ironsides, third son of Ethelred II, succeeded to the crown upon the death of his father. He m. in 1014, Algitha, the beautiful widow of Sigefurth the Dane, and had by her two sons:
- Edward, b. in 1015: and
- Edmund, b. in 1017, who m. a daughter of Solomon, King of Hungary.

9. Edward the Exile, the eldest son of King Edmund Ironsides and Algitha, was, upon the death of his father, sent (with his brother Edmund) into Hungary, where he married Agatha, sister of Sophia, the wife of Solomon, King of Hungary, and daughter of Henry, emperor of Germany. He had one son and two daughters:
- Edgar, surnamed Atheling:
- Margaret: and
- Christians, who became a nun.
Edward the Exile was recalled into England, after the accession of his uncle, Edward the Confessor, to the throne, and died at London in ~1057, soon after he arrived there.

10. Margaret, the eldest daughter of Edward, the Exile (and, after the death of her brother Edgar Atheling without issue, the sole heiress of the Anglo Saxon crown of England), m. Malcolm III, King of Scotland, (son of Duncan, who was murdered by Macbeth, his cousin). She had by him three sons and one daughter:
- Edgar:
- Alexander: and
- David,
who were successively Kings of Scotland, after the death of their father: and David, the last, was the progenitor of James I of England, and of Victoria, the present Queen of England, the daughter was Matilda, who married King Henry I, of England.

11. Matilda of Scotland, only daughter of Malcolm III and Margaret, his wife, married in 1100, Henry Beauderk, (youngest son of William, the Conqueror, and Matilda, his wife), who ascended the throne of England as Henry I, 2 Aug. 1100; upon the death of his brother, King William Rufus. Matilda of Flanders, the mother of King Henry the first, was daughter of Baldwin V, the seventh count of Flanders, and Alice, daughter of Robert I, King of France. Through her paternal ancestress, Judith, (daughter of Charles the Bald, King of France), wife of Baldwin, the first count of Flanders, she was descended from the Emperor Charlemagne. And through her paternal ancestress, Alfritha, wife of Baldwin II, count of Flanders, she was descended from Alfred the Great, and from Egbert the first Saxon King of all England. , Matilda, the first wife of King Henry I, d. 1 May 1118. He had by her two children: - William, b. 1102, who died 26 November 1120, S.F.: and
- Matilda, b. 1104.

Henry I. married for his second. wife, Alice, daughter of Godfrey, the first duke of Loraine, and died 1 December 1138, without issue by her.

12. Matilda, daughter of King Henry I and Matilda of Scotland, married Henry IV, Emperor of Germany, as his second wife, and he died without issue by her.
She then married, 3 April 1127, Geoffrey Plantagenet, Count of Anjou, son of Foulk, King of Jerusalem. She had by him three sons:
- Henry Plantagenet, who afterwards became King of England:
- Geoffrey, count of Nantes: and
- William.
Geoffrey Plantagenet, her second husband, died about 1150, and she survived him, and died 10 September 1167.

13. Henry Plantagenet, eldest son of Matilda and Geoffrey Plantagenet, b. 1129, came to the throne of England as Henry II, 25 October, 1154, upon the death of King Stephen. He married Elenor, eldest daughter of William V, duke of Acquitane. He died in 1189, and she survived him and died in 1204. They had five sons and three daughters:
1. William, who died in the 5th year of his age:
2. Henry, b. February 1155, who was duke of Normandy, and died 11 July 1112, S. P.
3. Richard, b. September 1157, who succeeded his father in the Kingdom as King Richard I., and married and died S. P.
4. Geoffrey, b. 23 September 1159, who m. Constance, daughter and heiress of Cavan, duke of Brittany, and was in her right, duke of Brittany, and d. 19 August 1186. He had two children: Eleanor, called the Maid of Brittany, who died unmarried: and Arthur, duke of Brittany, born after the death of his father. 5. John, b. 1166, who succeeded his brother Richard in the Kingdom.
6. Matilda, who married Henry V, duke of Saxony, called Henry, the Lion of Guelph: and was ancestress of George Louis Guelph, elector of Hanover, who ascended the English throne as George I.
7. Eleanor, b. 1162, who m. Alphonso VIII, King of Castile, called Alphonso, the Good.
8. Joan, b. in October 1166, who married William II., King of Sicily, who died without having issue by her: and she then married Raymond IV., count of Thoulouse, and had by him two sons and one daughter.

14. John Plantagenet, the youngest son of King Henry II, ascended the throne of England, April 1199, upon the death of his brother, Richard I.: to the exclusion of his nephew, Arthur, duke of Brittany, (the posthumous son of his brother, Geoffrey), who was the rightful heir of King Richard I. He married about 1190, Isabel, daughter of William I., Earl of Gloucester: from whom he was divorced in the first year of his reign, and had no issue by her. He then married in 1200, Isabel Tallifer, daughter and heiress of Aymer Tallifer, Count of Angouleme. He had by her two sons and three daughters: 1. Henry, b. 1 October 1206, his successor.
2. Richard, b. about 1209, who was created earl of Cornell and elected Emperor of Germany and d. 20 April 1271.
3. Joan, who m. 25 June 1221, Alexander II, King of Scotland, and d. S. P.
4. Eleanor, who m. first, William Marshall, the younger, earl of Pembroke, who died S. P.; and she then m. in 1237, Simon de Mountfort, earl of Leicester.
5. Isabella, b. in 1214, who m. 20 July 1235, Ferdinand II, Emperor of Germany, and was the mother of Henry, King of Sicily.
King John d. 19 October 1216

15. Henry Plantagenet, the eldest son of King John, succeeded to the crown, as Henry III, upon the death of his father. He m. 14 January 1236, Eleanor, the second daughter of Raymond Berengier, count of Provence, son of count Alphonse, and grandson of Alphonso I, King of Aragon. They had six sons and three daughters. 1. Edward, his successor, b. 28 June 1239
2. Edmund, b. 16 January 1245 who was created earl of Lancaster in 1267
3. Richard
4. John
5. William
6. Henry; all of which last four died in childhood
7. Margaret, b. in 1241, who was the first wife of Alexander III, King of Scotland.
8. Beatrice, b. 25 June 1242, who m. about 1260, John de Dreux, duke of Brittany
9. Katherine, b. 25 November 1253, who died in childhood.
Henry III d. 16 November 1272

16. Edward Plantagenet, eldest son of Henry Plantagenet, succeeded to the crown, as Edward I [Longshanks], upon the death of his father. He m. in 1254, for his wife, (first) Eleanor, only child of Ferdinand III, King of Castile, by his second wife, Joan, daughter and heiress of John, count of Renthieu. She d. 24 November 1290. He had by her four sons and nine daughters:
1-3 John, Henry and Alphonso who died in childhood
4. Edward, b. 25 April 1284, who succeeded his father as Edward II
5. Eleanor, who m. Alphonso, King of Aragon, who died before the consummation of the marriage, and she then m. in 1293, Henry, count of Bar 6. Joan, died young
7. Joan of Acre, b. 1272, m. Gilbert de Clare
8. Margaret who m. John, II Duke of Brabant
9. Berengaria who died young and unm.
10. Mary, who became a nun
11. Elizabeth, who m. 1. John, earl of Holland and lord of Friesland, and 2. Humphrey de Bohun, earl of Hereford and Essex
12-13 (two more daughters)

Edward I then m. 8 September 1299, Margaret, daughter of Philip III, King of France, and had by her two sons and one daughter: 1. Thomas, created earl of Norfolk
2. Edmund, created earl of Kent
3. Eleanor, who died in childhood.
Edward I d. 7 July 1307, and his widow d. in 1317.

17. Joan Plantagenet, second daughter of King Edward I, called Joan of Acres, from the place of her birth, was b. in 1272, at Acres (Ptolemais) in Syria, where her mother staid while her father was engaged in the crusade. She m. about 1291 [30 April 1290, Westminster Abbey], Gilbert de Clare (1243-1295), Earl of Gloucester and Hereford, eldest son of Richard (1222-1262), Earl of Gloucester, by his second wife, Matilda Lacy (daughter of John Lacy, Earl of Lincoln), and grandson of Gilbert de Clare, the first Earl of Gloucester of that surname and Isabel Marshall.
(Added Note: In 1215 the grandfather Gilbert de Clare (1180-25 October 1230) and his father were two of the barons made Magna Carta sureties and championed Louis "le Dauphin" of France in the First Barons' War, fighting at Lincoln under the baronial banner. He wad taken prisoner in 1217 by William Marshall, whose daughter Isabel he later married on 9 October, her 17th birthday.)
Joan of Acres and Gilbert de Clare had one son and three daughters;
1. Gilbert de Clare, who succeeded his stepfather, Ralph de Monthermer, as Earl of Gloucester, and m. Matilda, daughter of John de Burgh, Earl of Ulster, in Ireland, and was killed at the siege of Stirling Castle in 1313, leaving is three sisters is co-heiresses.
2. Eleanor de Clare (1292-1337), m. Hugh le Dispencer, who was called Earl of Gloucester, and from them were descended Oliver St. John, who was created Lord St. John of Bletshoe;
3. Margaret de Clare (1293-1242) married firstly Piers Gaveston (executed in 1312) and then Hugh de Audley
4. Elizabeth de Clare (1295-1360), m. John de Burgh, Earl of Ulster, and was the grandmother of Elizabeth de Burgh, who m. Lionel Plantagenet, Duke of Clarence

After the death of her first husband, Joan of Acres m. Sir Ralph de Monthaimer, who was summoned to parliament as earl of Gloucester and Hereford. She had by him
1. Edward, who died S. P.;
2. Thomas, whose daughter m. Sir John Montague, and was mother of John Montague, Earl of Salisbury.
[Joan of Acres died 23 April 1307, Clare, Suffolk, England]

18. Margaret de Clare, third daughter of Joan of Acres by her first husband, m. Pierce de Gaveston, Earl of Cornwall; who was taken and beheaded in July 1310 by Guy Beauchamp, the twelfth Earl of Warwick, and died S.P.
She then m. (26 April 1217 in Windsor) Hugh de Audley, second son of Nicholas Lord Audley, a descendant of William Lerigspee, Earl of Salisbury, natural son of King Henry II, by the fair Rosemond Clifford. Hugh de Audley was created Earl of Gloucester about 1338. His wife d. in 1342, and he died in 1347;
- they had one child, Margaret.

19. Margaret de Audley, the only child of Margaret de Clare and Hugh de Audley, m. (before 6 July 1336) Ralph Stafford, Lord Stafford, steward of Gascony, who was created Earl of Stafford about 1352. They had two sons and three daughters:
1. Hugh Stafford, his successor;
2. Sir Richard Stafford
3. Beatrice Stafford, who m. 1. Maurice Fitzmaurice, Earl of Desmond; and 2. Thomas, the firsth Lord De Res;
4. Joan, who m. John Clarlton, Lord Rowes;
5. Margaret, who m. John Stafford
Ralph Stafford d. about 1370 and his wife survived him.

20. Hugh Stafford, eldest son of Margaret de Audley and Ralph Stafford, succeeded as the second Earl of Stafford, upon the death of his father. He m. Philippa Beauchamp, daughter of Thomas Beauchamp, the fourteenth Earl of Warwick, and Katherine Mortimer, his wife, daughter of Roger Mortimer, the fourth Earl of March of that surname, a descendant of Lionel Plantagenet, Duke of Clarence, and Earl of Wiltshire. Philippa Beauchamp, through her ancestress, Gundred De Warren, (daughter of William, the second Earl of Surrey) who m. Roger de Bellmont, the second Earl of Warwick, was descended from Gundred, daughter of William the Conqueror, who m. William de Warren, the first Earl of Surrey. Hugh Stafford and Philippa Beauchamp had four sons and four daughters:
1-3. Thomas, William and Edmund, who were successively Earls of Stafford;
4. Ralph
5. Margaret, wife of Ralph Neville
6. Katherine, m. Michael De La Role, Earl of Suffolk;
7. Joan, who m. Thomas Holland, Earl of Kent; and
8. , who m. John Lord Ferrara.
Hugh Stafford, the second Earl of Stafford, died at Rhodes about 1388.

21. Margaret Stafford, eldest daughter of Hugh Stafford and Philippa Beauchamp, m. Ralph Neville, Lord Nevill of Raby, who was created Earl of Westmoreland in 1397. He had by her two sons and seven daughters.
- The third of those daughters was Philippa.
He then m. for his second wife, Joan De Beaufort, daughter of John of Gaunt, and widow of Robert Lord Ferwass, and had by her eight sons and five daughters.
- Cecely, the youngest of these daughters, m. Richard Plantagenet, duke of York, and was mother of King Edward IV and of King Richard III. Ralph, Earl of Westmoreland, d. in 1425.

22. Philippa Nevill, third daughter of Ralph Neville by his first wife Margaret Stafford, m. Thomas Dacre, the sixth Lord Dacre of Gillerland, a descendant of Herbert Vaux, who soon after the conquest, was lord of the manor of Gilleland, in Cumberland. They had three sons and one daughter:
- Thomas,
- Ranulph,
- Humphrey, and
- Joan.
Thomas, Lord Dacre d. in 1457

23. Thomas Dacre, eldest son of Thomas Dacre and Philippa Nevill, m. Eliza Bowes, daughter and heiress of Richard Bowes, and had one child: Joan. Thomas d. in the lifetime of his father.

24. Joan Dacre, the only child of Thomas Dacre and Eliza Bowes, m. Sir Richard Fienes, to whom, upon the death of her grandfather, the sixth Lord Dacre, in 1457, she carried the barony of Dacre of Gilleland. And, in October 1459, he was summoned to parliament as the seventh Lord Dacre of Gilleland. Sir Richard Fienes died in 1484.

25. Sir Thomas Fienes, son of Sir Richard Fienes and Joan Dacre, m. Alice Fitzhugh, daughter and co-heir of Henry Fitzhugh, baron of Ravensworth, and grand-daughter of Richard Nevill, Earl of Salisbury, which Richard Nevill was a son of Ralph Nevill, the first Earl of Westmoreland, and his second wife, Joan de Beaufort, daughter of John of Gaunt, and Catherine Swinford. Sir Thomas Fienes died in the lifetime of his father.

26. Thomas Fienes, eldest son of Sir Thomas Fienes and Alice Fitzhugh, became Lord Dacre of the South, upon the death of his grandfather, Richard Fienes, the seventh Lord Dacre of Gilleland, in 1484. He m. Anne Bouchier, daughter of Sir Humphrey Bouchier, and grand-daughter of John Bouchier, Lord of Berness. Thomas Fienes, Lord Dacre of the South, d. in 1534.

27. Catherine Fienes, daughter of Thomas Fienes and Anne Bouchier, m. Richard Londeneys of Briade in Sussex, and had two children:
- Robert and
- Mary.

28. Mary Loudeneys, daughter of Richard Londeneys and Catherine Fienes, m. Thomas Harlakenden, son of John Harlakenden of Warherm in Kent, and had three sons:
- John,
- William and
- Roger.

29. Roger Harlakenden, the third son of Thomas Harlakenden and Mary Loudeneys, b. about 1535, m. Elizabeth Hardres, daughter of Thomas Hardres, Esq., and settled at Kenardiston, in Kent, and had three sons and one daughter:
1. Roger
2. Richard, b. about 1565
3. Thomas, b. about 1568
4. Mabel, b. 1558
About 1583, Roger Harlakenden purchased of the Earl of Oxford the park and manor of Earl Coln, in Essex, where he d. 21 January 1603.

30. Richard Harlakenden, second son to Roger Harlakenden and Elizabeth Hardres, and probably his heir, m. Margaret Hobart, daughter of Edward Hobart, and had four sons and three daughters:
1. Richard, b. 1602
2. George, who d. in 1610
3. Roger, bap. 1 October 1611, who came to America in 1635
4. George Second, b. in 1616
5. Mabel, b. in 1614, at Earl Coln.
6-7. (two other daughters)
Richard Harlakenden d. 24 August 1631. (See 15 Gen. Reg. 327)

31. Mabel Harlakenden, one of the daughters of Richard Harlakenden and Margaret Hobart, b. 27 September 1614, came to Cambridge, Massachusetts with her brother Roger and his family in October 1635, in the ship Defence. About 1636, she became the second wife of Gov. John Haynes, of Cambridge, Massachusetts, who was of Copford Hall, in Essex, England, b. 1594, and came to Cambridge 3 Sept 1645, with the Rev. Thomas Hooker, in the Griffin, and was made governor there in 1635. In May 1637 he removed with his family to Hartford, Connecticut. He was elected the first Governor of that colony in April 1639, and d. 1 March 1654. He had by Mabel Harlakenden, his second wife, five children:
1. John Haynes, b. about 1637, who graduated from Harvard in 1656, and was a clergyman, and settled in England;
2. Ruth Haynes, b. about 1639;
3. Joseph Haynes, b. about 1641;
4. Roger Haynes, b. about 1643, who went to England with his brother John, and died young and unm.
5. Mabel Haynes, b. in 1645

32. Joseph Haynes, b. about 1641, at Hartford, Connecticut, second son of Gov. John Haynes and Mabel Harlakenden, graduated at Harvard in 1658, and was a Congregational Clergyman. He m. about 1668, Sarah Lord, b. in 1638, eldest daughter of Capt. Richard Lord of Hartford, Connecticut; he was Minister of Hartford, Connecticut, and d. 24 May, 1679, and she d. 15 November 1705.

They had one son and three daughters:
1. John Haynes, b. 1669, graduated at Harvard in 1689, was a lawyer and a judge of the supreme court of the Colony of Connecticut, and d. in 1730, leaving a son and a daughter.
2. Mabel, who died unm., in 1713;
3. Mary;
4. Sarah, who became second wife of Rev. James Pierpoint in 1694.

(Also see Lord Genealogy below)

33. John Haynes, son of Joseph Haynes and Sarah Lord, and grandson of Gov. John Haynes and Mabel Harlakenden, b. at Hartford, Connecticut in 1669, d. 25 November 1730, at Hartford, Connecticut. John Haynes m., 7 November 1693, Mary Glover, b. 17 April, 1672, at Springfield, Massachusetts, d. in Hartford, Connecticut, 19 August 1727, daughter of Peletiah Glover and Hannah Cublick. They had four children: 1. Joseph, graduated Yale in 1714, and d. in 1716 unm.
2. Sarah
3. Jared
4. Mary, b. 1703
John Haynes graduated at Harvard in 1689, was a lawyer, was assistant for the Colony of Connecticut in 1708, 1709, 1710, 1711, 1712, 1713, appointed Judge of Supreme Court, 1 June 1713. With the death of John Haynes, and his son Joseph, the male line of Gov. John Haynes' descendants, in this country, became extinct.

34. Mary Haynes, daughter of John Haynes and Mary Glover, and great grand-daughter of Gov. John Haynes and Mabel Harlakenden, b. at Hartford, Connecticut, in 1703, d. 23 September 1769, m. 4 May 1723, Elisha Lord, son of the third Richard Lord and Abigal Warren, who lived in Saybrook, Connecticut, b. 15 March 1701, d. 10 April 1725. (Third cousin of his wife Mary Haynes)
- They had one son, John Haynes Lord, b. 13 January 1725.
After the death of her husband (Elisha Lord), Mary Haynes Lord m. 2. Roswell Saltonstall,
and after his death, 3. Timothy Clapp, President Yale College.

35. John Haynes Lord, only son of Mary Haynes and Elisha Lord, grandson of the third Richard Lord and Abigal Warren, his wife, and great, great grandson of Gov. John Haynes and Mabel Harlakenden, b. at Hartford, Connecticut, 13 January 1725, d March 1796, m. Rachel Knowles, daughter of Capt. John Knowles and Rachel Olcutt, his wife, of Hartford, Connecticut, b. , bap. In the South Church of Hartford, Connecticut, 11 May 1729, d. 15 February 1803. They had five sons and four daughters:
- Elisha,
- Mary,
- John Haynes,
- Richard,
- Frederick,
- William,
- Helen,
- Elizabeth,
- and Abigal.

36. Elizabeth Lord, daughter of John Haynes Lord and Rachel Knowles, grand daughter of Elisha Lord and Mary Haynes, great grand-daughter of the third Richard Lord and Abigal Warren, and great, great, great grand-daughter of Gov. John Haynes and Mabel Harlakenden, born 23 January 1766, at Hartford, Connecticut, d. 4 November 1824 at Rome, New York, m. Joshua Hathaway, son of Simeon Hathaway and Deborah Austin, b. at Suffield, Connecticut, 13 August 1761; d. in Rome, N.Y. 8 December 1836. Their children:
1. Jay (Janette Stewart Welch's great, great grandfather) b. in Bennington, Vermont, 28 January 1792
2. Sarah, b. in Bennington, Vermont, 11 November 1793
3. Abby, b. in Rome, New York, 11 December 1795
4. Infant daughter b. in Rome, New York, 12 April 1798, Obit same day
5. Betsey, b. in Rome, New York, 17 November 1799
6. Levi, b. in Rome, New York, 1 November 1802
7. Mary Ann, b. in Rome, New York, 11 January 1805
8. Infant son, b. in Rome, New York, 9 July, 1807, Obit same place, 10 July 1807.
9. Joshua, b. in Rome, New York, 9 November 1810.

37. Jay Hathaway, son of Joshua Hathaway and Elizabeth Lord, grandson of Simeon Hathaway and Deborah Austin, b. 28 January 1792, at Bennington, Vermont, d. 5 June 1869 at Rome, New York, m. 12 October 1817 at Plainfield, Connecticut, Zeruiah Cleveland, daughter of John Cleveland and Mary Pierce, b. 18 October 1794, at Sharon, Vermont, d. at Rome, New York, 22 October 1863. Their children were all born in Rome, New York:
1. Franklin, b. 12 July, 1818
2. George Cleveland, b. 29 August 1820
3. Albert, b. 22 January 1823
4. Mary Elizabeth, b. 14 June 1825
5. Sarah Augusta, b. 9 October 1828
6. Emma Caroline, b. 15 October 1831
7. Albert Jay, b. 15 September 1834
8. Joshua, b. 25 April 1837
9. Susan Zeruiah, b. 24 August 1830

38. Sarah Augusta Hathaway (Janette Stewart Welch's great grand-mother; also Donna Steward McAdam's great grandmother), daughter of Jay Hathaway and Zeruiah Cleveland, granddaughter of Joshua Hathaway and Elizabeth Lord, also granddaughter of John Cleveland and Mary Peirce, b. in Rome, New York, 9 October 1828, m. Harmon G. Utley, in Zion Church, Rome, New York, by Rev. H. B. Whipple, 29 September 1852, son of David Utley and Amy Beckwith. Sarah Augusta Hathaway Utley died in 1897. Harmon Gilson Utley died in 1899.
Their children, all born in Rome, New York:
1. Amy Utley, b. 11 November 1853
2. Mary Denison Hathaway Utley, b. 13 May 1856
3. Jay Hathaway Utley, b. 31 July, 1858, d. 12 July 1934
4. George Hermon Utley, b. 2 February, 1861, d. 27 February 1934, Elizabeth, New York of pneumonia
5. Susan Cleveland Utley, b. 1 February 1864, married ____ Biggs, died 1950.

39a. Amy Utley, first child of Hermon G. Utley and Sarah Augusta Hatheway, and granddaughter of Jay Hathaway and Zeruiah Cleveland, also granddaughter of David Utley and Amy Beckwith, b., in Rome, New York, 11 November 1853, m. John Boardman, Jr., in Zion Church, Rome, New York, by Rev. H.L.M. Clarke, 4 October 1876, and had Hermon Utley, b. at South Orange, New Jersey, 4 September 1877. Amy died 11 May 1938 in Trumanburg, New York.

39b. Mary Denison Hathaway Utley, second child of Harman Gilson Utley and Sarah Augusta Hathaway, b. 13 May 1856 in Rome, Oneida County, New York; m. William Bryden Stewart; d. 23 June 1946, Los Angeles County, California; buried in Pomona Cemetery and Mausoleum, Pomona, California. William Bryden Stewart was the son of William Stewart, b. in Ayrshire, Scotland in 1816 and Janette Bryden from Publisher, Scotland. William Stewart was the son of Hugh Stewart and Janette Forsythe. William Stewart came to the U. S. in 1840, worked as a stonemason in New York City, moved to Portsmouth, Ohio in 1842 where he built and operated a stone saw mill until 1856 when he became a market gardener until his death on 26 July 1870. His wife, Janette Bryden, d. 14 July 1901.
Children born to Mary Denison Hathaway Utley and William Bryden Stewart were:
1. Jay Gilbert Stewart, b. 3 February 1886, m. Elizabeth Ann Bryden, d. 18 May 1959;
2. Amy Stewart, b. about 1889, m. James Murphy;
3. Wallace Bryden Stewart, b. about 1891, d. in Pomona, California, 20 June 1908 aged 17;
4. Donald Stewart;
5. Walter Penman Stewart.
William Bryden Stewart d. 22 October 1940 in Santa Monica, California.

40. Jay Gilbert Stewart, first son of Mary Denison Hathaway Utley and William Bryden Steward, b. 3 February 1886, m. Elizabeth Ann Bryden, b. about 1883 in Ontario, Canada daughter of Adam Bryden and Elizabeth A. Weir who where married 18 November 1864 in the Township of Kallador, County of Lenox & Addington.
Children born to Jay and Elizabeth Ann Stewart were:
1. Janette Bryden Stewart, b. 18 September 1910 in Pomona, California, m. Floyd Edmund Welch, 26 October 1938, d. April 1994 in San Marcos, California
2. Richard Wallace Stewart, b. 1 October 1912, d. 11 March 1932 from a leg infection;
3. Donna Margaret Stewart, b. 2 February 1918, m. William McAdam.
Elizabeth Ann worked as a nurse in Los Angeles General Hospital. Jay worked for Southern California Edison Co. and was a volunteer fireman during the San Francisco Earthquake. The family lived for about ten years (1919-1927) in Big Creek, California when the dams were being built to generate hydroelectricity. Ann Elizabeth died about 1956 in Santa Monica, California. Jay died 18 May 1959.

41a. Janette Bryden Stewart, first daughter of Jay Gilbert Steward and Elizabeth Ann Bryden, b. 18 September 1910, m. Floyd Edmund Welch 26 October 1938. Floyd was the son of Robert Allen Welch and Mabel Gertrude Lucas who lived in California selling real estate and insurance. Robert Allen Welch was the son of Richard Welch and Nancy Cowde, farmers in Buffalo, Missouri, and the grandson of families from North Carolina and Tennessee. Mabel Gertrude Lucas was the daughter of Boslow Lucas, a spoke turner in in Sidney, Ohio and Josephine Rupert whose grandfather, Henry Rupert, was a wagonmaker from Germany. Children born to Janette and Floyd Welch were:
1. Gary Alan Welch, b. 19 June 1942 in Santa Monica, California m. Dorothy May Kinraide 9 October 1971 in Westwood, Massachusetts and they settled in Lawrencetown, Halifax County, Nova Scotia, Canada where Gary taught Astronomy at Saint Mary's University and Dottie taught Mathematics and later became a square dance caller;
2. Michael Dean Welch, b. 12 January 1945 in Santa Monica, California, m. Margaret Helen Warfel 26 August 1967 in La Verne, California.
Floyd worked for Beneficial Finance while bringing up the family in San Fernando Valley. After retirement and the 1971 earthquake, Floyd and Jeanne moved to San Marcos, California. Jeanne died 5 April 1994 from an aneurysm, Floyd died 13 July 1999. Both are buried in Glen Haven Cemetery in the San Gabriel Mountains.

41b. Donna Margaret Stewart, third child of Jay Gilbert Stewart and Elizabeth Ann Bryden, b. 2 February 1918, m. William McAdam. Children born to Donna and William McAdam were:
1. Christine Ann, b. 15 October 1942;
2. Nancy Jo, b. 28 December 1944;
3. William John, b. 9 April 1947.
Look at the Hathaway-Cleveland, and Stewart-Utley pages for more information.

Lord Genealogy

(Information from WikiTree)

William Lord (1535 - 1554) and Joane Nickerson (1535 - 1564)

William Lord born in 1535 in Yelvertoft, Northampton, England. Joane Nickerson born in 1535 in Towchester, Northamptonshire, England. Children of William Lord and Joane Nickerson:
-- William Lord
-- Richard Lord born 16 October 1555 in Towcester, Northampton, England

Richard Lord (1555 - 1610) and Joan Bird

Richard Lord born 16 Oct 1555 in Towcester, Northampton, England; died 30 May 1610 in Towcester.
Children of Richard Lord and Joan Bird:
-- Elizabeth Lord (1583-1667); married Robert Marriot
-- Thomas Lord born 1585 in Towcester; died about 1644 in Hartford, Connecticut. (see below)
-- Ellen Lord born 1589; in 1609 married Robert Marriot in Towcester
-- Alice Lord born 1591; married 20 May 1611 Richard Morris in Towcester, England

Thomas Lord (1585 - 1644) and Dorothy Bird (1588 - 1675)

Thomas Lord was born about 1585 in Towcester, Northamptonshire, England. He died about 1644 in Hartford, Connecticut.
Dorothy Bird born about 25 May 1588 in Towcester, Northamptonshire, England. She was the daughter of Robert Bird and Amy Hill. She married Thomas Lord about 23 February 1610 in Towcester. She died before 12 May 1675 in Hartford, Connecticut. Thomas (age 50) and Dorothy Lord (age 46) immigrated on the ship Elizabeth & Ann, arriving at Boston, Massachusetts in 1635. They brought with them their children Thomas age 16, Ann age 14, William age 12, John age 10, Robert, Aymie and Dorothy. (Rolls represent persons who where ready to embark on the date of record which is 13 Apr 1635.) (All the ages of the children are low when compared to other records.)
Children of Thomas Lord and Dorothy Bird:
-- Richard Lord I (1612-1662); married Sarah Graves (see below)
-- Ann Lord (1614-1688); married Thomas Stanton III
-- Thomas Lord Jr. (1616-1661); married Hannah Thurston
-- Rachel Lord (1617-1686); married William Barnes
-- William Lord (1618-1678); married (1) Dorothy Nickerson, (2) Harriet Nickerson, (3) Lydia Buckland (see below)
-- John Lord born 21 Jan 1624 in Towcester, England; died 1692 in Stafford, Virginia; married (1) Rebecca Bushnell, (2) Elizabeth Vincent, (3) Adrian Irene Basey
-- Robert Lord born 12 May 1624 in Towcester, England; died 13 July 1678 in Charlestown, Mass.; married Rebecca Stanley
-- Irene Lord born 1626 in Towcester, England, died 1690
-- Amy Lord born 30 Nov 1626 in Towcester, England, died 8 Jan 1691 in Harford; on 6 May 1647 married John Gilbert in Hartford
-- Dorothy Lord born 1 July 1629 in Towcester, England, died 3 Jan 1657 in Northampton, Mass; married John Ingersoll

Richard Lord I (1612 - 1662) and Sarah Graves

Richard Lord I was born before 5 January 1612 in Towcester, Northamptonshire, England. He died 20 May 1663 in Hartford, Connecticut.
Children of Richard Lord I and Sarah Graves:
-- Richard Lord II born 1636 in Hartford; died at sea 5 Nov 1685; married Mary Smith;
-- Sarah Lord born 1638 in Hartford; died 15 Nov 1705 in Hartford; married Joseph Haynes; (see below)

Richard Lord II (1636 - 1685) and Mary Smith

Richard Lord II born 1636 in Hartford; died at sea 5 Nov 1685; on 15 April 1665 married Mary Smith in Connecticut.
Mary Smith born 7 March 1643 in Hartford, died 17 May 17002 in Hartford, daughter of Henry Smith and Ann Pynchon; in 1686 married (2) Thomas Hooker.
-- Children of Richard Lord II and Mary Smith:
-- Richard Lord born 1 Feb 1669 in Hartford, died Jan 29 1712 in Hartford; married on 14 Jan 1692 Abigail Warren, Hartford;
-- Abigail Warren born 10 May 1676 in Hartford, died 1 Jan 1754 in Farmington, Connecticut; daughter of John William Warren (1623-1689)and Elizabeth Crow (1644-1695) (married (1) Phineas Wilson, (2) John Warren)
-- Children of Richard Lord and Abigail Warren
-- -- Abigail (Shurtleff), Richard, Mary, Jerusha (Whiting), Richard, Mary (Pitkin), Elizabeth (Curtis), Ephaphras, Ichabod, and
-- -- Elisha Lord born about 15 March 1701 in Hartford; died 15 April 1725 in Hartford; on 4 May 1723 married Mary Haynes
-- -- Child of Elisah Lord and Mary Haynes: John Haynes Lord
(See Generation 34 of Harlakenden Genealogy above. John Haynes Lord

Sarah Lord (1638-1705) and Joseph Haynes (1641 - 1679)

Sarah was born in 1638 in Harford, Connecticut. She married Joseph Haynes in 1668 in Hartford. Sarah died 15 Nov 1705 in Hartford.
Children of Joseph Haynes and Sarah Lord:
-- John Haynes born 1669 in Hartford, died 25 Nov 1713 in Hartford; married Mary Glover
-- Sarah Haynes born Sept 1673; died 27 Oct 1696 in New Haven, Connecticut; married James Pierpont II; mother of Abigail (Pierpont) Noyes.

(See Generation 32 of Harlakenden Genealogy above. Joseph Haynes )

William Lord (1618 - 1678) and Dorothy Nickerson (1621 - 1696)

William Lord born 17 Dec 1618 in Towcester, England; died 17 May 1678 in Lyme; married (1) Dorothy Nickerson, (2) Harriet Nickerson, (3) Lydia Buckland
Dorothy Nickerson born 1621 in Saybrook, died 3 June 1664 in Connecticut, daughter of William Nickerson and Anne Busby.
Children of William Lord and Dorothy Nickerson;
-- William Lord (1643-1696); in 1678 married Sarah Brooks in East Haddam
-- -- Children:: Mary, William, Sarah, Nathaniel, Hannah,John, Dorothy
-- Thomas Lord born Dec 1645 in Saybrook, died 22 June 1730 in Lyme; on 22 Dec 1693 married Mary Lee
-- -- Children: Thomas, Mary, Joseph, Theophilus, Elizabeth, Daniel, Samuel, Abigail, Martha, Daniel
-- Richard Lord born 16 May 1647 in Saybrook, died 20 Aug 1727 in Lyme; married Elizabeth Hyde
-- -- Children: Elizabeth (Watrous), Jane (Ely), Deborah (Jewett), Mary (Pearson)
-- Mary Lord born 6 May 1649 in Saybrook, died 14 Sept 1736 in East Haddam; on 14 Apr 1675 married Samuel Olmstead in Hartford
-- -- Children: Samuel, John, Elizabeth (Church)
-- Robert Lord born 16 Aug 1651 in Saybrook, died 1739 in Fairfield, Connecticut; married Hester Ward;
-- -- Child: Abigail Lord born 5 April 1700, married Eliphalet Stephens
-- John Lord born 1653 in Middletown, Connecticut
-- Joseph Lord born Sept 1656 in Saybrook, died 25 Nov 1687 in Lyme
-- Sarah Lord born 1658 in Saybrook, died 2 Dec 1746 in Lyme, on 13 Nov 1695 married John Colt
-- -- Child: Benjamin Colt
-- Daniel Lord born 1660 in Saybrook, died 1673
-- Samuel Lord born 1664 in Saybrook, died 6 Oct 1702 in Saybrook
-- Benjamin Lord born 30 March 1666 in Saybrook, died 29 Nov 1713 in Saybrook; married Elizabeth Pratt
-- -- Children: Eleazer, Hester, Anne (Lynde)
-- James Lord born 2 April 1668 in Saybrook, died 10 Feb 1730 in Saybrook, married Elizabeth Hill
-- -- Children: Hezekiah, Lydia (Buckingham)
-- Hannah Lord born 1670 in Saybrook, died 1727 in New Haven; on 13 Aug 1696 married John Maltbie in Saybrook
-- -- Children: John, Nathaniel, William, Hannah (Hodgkin), Mary (Lewis), Jane, Dorothy (Johnson)
-- Daniel Lord born 1673 in Saybrook, died 1754 in Old Saybrook

Lieut. Richard Lord (1647-1727) and Elizabeth Hyde

Richard Lord born 15 May 1647 in Saybrook, died 20 Aug 1727 in Lyme
Elizabeth Hyde born Aug 1660 at Norwich; eldest daughter of Samuel Hyde and Jane Lee
Richard and Elizabeth both buried in the cemetery at Old Lyme, below the hill (where his brother, Thomas Lord and Mary Lee were also buried.)
Children of Richard Lord and Elizabeth Hyde:
-- Richard Lord, born about 1690 at Lyme; married Elizabeth Lynde
-- John Lord, born about 1703 at Lyme; married (1) Hannah Rogers, (2) Sarah
-- Elizabeth Lord, born 28 Oct 1683 at Lyme; married Isaac Watrous
-- Phebe Lord, born about 1686 at Lyme; married Joseph Sill
-- Jane Lord, born about 1688 at Lyme; married Samuel Ely
-- Mary Lord, born about 1692 at Lyme; married Peter Pearson
-- Lydia Lord, born about 1694 at Lyme; married John Reynolds
-- Deborah Lord, born about 1698 at Lyme; married Nathan Jewett
-- Abigail Lord, born about 1700 at Lyme; married Stephen Lee

(See Lee Genealogy with Beckwiths)
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