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Pedigree Charts for Welch and Kinraide Genealogy

(Updated or Revised January 2016)

Pedigree Chart for Floyd Edmund Welch

Great Grandfather (FFF):
(?) maybe J. M. Welch
Born North Carolina
1840 J.M. living in Weakley, Tennessee
Paternal Grandfather:
Richard Welch
Born 1840, Tennessee
Farmer in Dallas County, Missouri
Died 1885, Buffalo Missouri
Siblings: Rebecca, Malinda, Josiah, Robert, Daniel, Nancy, Richard
Robert Allan Welch
Born 27 Sept 1874 Died 29 Dec 1957 Siblings: William, Mary, Robert, James, Jesse, Marion, Floyd
Tried to homestead in Nebraska
Self-educated through Sawyer's Business College.
Sold real estate and insurance. Owned Orange Grove in Charter Oak, California
Floyd Edmond Welch
Born 9 August 1907, Covina, California
Died 13 July 1999, San Diego, California
Buried in Glen Haven Cemetery
Sibling: Alvin Welch (1905-1983)
Wife: Janette Bryden Stewart
Son: Gary A. Welch
Son: Michael D. Welch
Great Grandmother (FFM):
Margaret ______
Born ~1800, North Carolina
Lived in Missouri (?)
Great Grandfather (FMF):
Robert Cowden
Born ~1814, Georgia
Lived in Benton, Missouri
Paternal Grandmother:
Nancy Jane Cowden
Born 1845, Benton, Missouri
Died 1915, South Pasadena, California
Siblings: James M, Martha A, Nancy J., Cynthia, Mary L., Josephine, William A. George R.
Great Grandmother (FMM):
Mary _____
Born ~1813, South Carolina
Lived in Benton, Missouri
Great Grandfather (MFF):
S. T. Lucas
Born ~1837, Ohio
Parents from Virginia
Maternal Grandfather:
Boslow Lucas
Born ~1857, Sydney, Ohio
Died ~1917, Sydney, Ohio
Died from an accident at spoke factory where he was boss.
Siblings: Boslow, William, Frank, R.B.
Mabel Gertrude Lucas
Born 12 March 1883, Sydney, Ohio
Died 11 March 1976, Tarzana, California
Siblings: Mabel, Webb, Pearl
When 10 years old she went to live with her father's brother R.B. in Denver.
Later she lived in Wheatland, California with a sister.
Great Grandmother (MFM):
Sarah ______
Born ~1831, Ohio
Father from New York
Mother from Tennessee
Great Grandfather (MMF):
James Rupert
Born ~1829, Ohio
Father Henry Rupert
(a wagonmaker born ~1804 in Germany)
Maternal Grandmother:
Josephine Rupert
Born 1860, Ohio
Died 1888 at age 28 giving birth.
Siblings: Henry, Jennie, Josephine, Ida
Great Grandmother (MMM):
Elizabeth ____
Born ~1832, Ohio
Mother Maria age 63 in 1870 census

Pedigree Chart for Janette Bryden Stewart

Great Grandfather (FFF):
William Stewart
Born 1816 Ayrshire, Scotland
Died 26 July 1870
Father: Hugh Stewart (a miller)
Mother: Janette Forsythe
Paternal Grandfather:
William Bryden Stewart
Born 1 November 1856,
in Raven Rock, Ohio (by Portsmouth)
Worked as Stonemason
Died 22 October 1940,
in Santa Monica, California
Siblings: William Bryden, Walter Penman, Jane Alice, Margaret Ann (Silcox), Ella Forsythe (Smith), Gilbert, Willie
Jay Gilbert Stewart
Born 3 February 1886,
in Los Angeles, California
Married 24 December 1908
in Pomona, California
Died 18 May 1959
in San Fernando, California

Siblings: Jay Gilbert, Amy (Murphy), Wallace Bryden, Donald, Walter Penman

Jay worked for Southern California Edison Company. Also volunteer fireman at San Francisco earthquake.
Family lived for about ten years in Big Creek, California (1919-1927) while dames were built to generate hydroelectricity.
Janette Bryden Stewart
Born 18 September 1910,
in Pomona, California
Died 5 April 1994,
in San Marcos, California
Buried in Glen Haven Cemetery
Brother: Richard Wallace Stewart
Sister: Donna Margaret Stewart
Husband: Floyd Edmund Welch
Son: Gary A. Welch
Son: Michael D. Welch
Great Grandmother (FFM):
Janette Bryden
Born 1844, Publishire, Scotland
(raised by a family named Penman)
Died 14 July 1901
Great Grandfather (FMF):
Harman G. Utley *
Married: 29 September 1852,
in Rome, New York
Father: David Utley
Mother: Amy Beckwith
Paternal Grandmother:
Mary Denison Hathaway Utley
Born 13 May 1856,
in Rome, New York
Siblings: Amy (Boardman), Mary Denison, Jay Hathaway, George Hermon, Elizabeth, Susan Cleveland (Biggs)
Great Grandmother (FMM):
Sarah Augusta Hathaway *
Born 9 October 1828,
in Rome, New York
Father: Jay Hathaway
Mother: Zeruiah Cleveland
Great Grandfather (MFF):
John Bryden (1810-1880)
Father: William Bryden
Maternal Grandfather:
Adam Bryden
Married 18 November 1864,
in Township of Kallador, County of Lenox & Addington, Canada
(became Ontario in 1867)
Ann Elizabeth Bryden
Born ~1883, Ontario, Canada
Died ~1956, Santa Monica, California
Siblings: Margaret (Jefferson), Susan B. (Pickett), Ann Elizabeth, Isabel (Gerry), Sarah (Gillmoor), Will, Adam, Robert George, (+4)
Trained as a nurse in Los Angeles General Hospital
Great Grandmother (MFM):
Isabella Bookless (1815-1884)
Born in Scotland
Great Grandfather (MMF):
William Weir
Born in Ireland
Maternal Grandmother:
Elizabeth A. Weir
(1845- )
Great Grandmother (MMM):
Margaret ____
Born in Ireland

Pedigree Chart for Robert Burton Kinraide

Great Grandfather (FFF):
George Henry Kinread
Born ~1782 in Ballough, Isle of Mann
Died ~1860 in Rexton, New Brunswick
Parents: John Kinread and Isobel Gawn
Paternal Grandfather:
Thomas Kinread
Born 22 December 1820
in Rexton, New Brunswick
Married 26 January 1854
Died 5 October 1892
in Moncton, New Brunswick
Owned sawmill and lumberyard.
Thomas Burton Kinraide
Born 1 July 1864,
in Moncton, New Brunswick
Married 15 February 1905
Died 29 June 1927,
in San Jose, California
Siblings: Olivia Peers (Davidson), John Wesley, Julia Ann Amelia, William Thomas Black, Martha Ada (Stanley), Mary Annetta (Carpenter), Thomas Burton, Ruby (Ripley), James, Ira, Violetta May
Robert Burton Kinraide
Born 26 July 1908,
in Sandwich, Massachusetts
Grew up in Newton and lived in Westwood
Died 31 August 1995,
in Norwood, Massachusetts
Buried in Westwood Cemetery
Graduate of M.I.T., a Metallurgist
Siblings: Cecil (Mockler), Robert, Thomas, Leona (Kugler), Julia (half sister - Casperson)(Hendy)
Wife 1: Doris Dalton
Wife 2: Dorothy Dickson
Daughter: Dorothy May (Welch)
Great Grandmother (FFM):
Ann Ford
Great Grandfather (FMF):
William G. Tuttle
Born 15 December 1803 Wallace, NS
Died 6 November 1865, Amherst, NS
Buried in Old West Amherst Cemetery
Paternal Grandmother:
Hannah Elizabeth Tuttle
Born 15 September 1829,
in Wallace, Nova Scotia
Died 19 March 1899
Buried in Forest Hills, Massachusetts Siblings: Hannah, Thomas, William, John, Martha, Mary, James, Jane, Stephen, Rebecca, Abraham, Peter, Roxanna
Great Grandmother (FMM):
Olivia Roblee Peers
Born 1812, Died 1874
Buried: Old West Amherst Cemetery
Great Grandfather (MFF):
Franklin Ford
Maternal Grandfather:
Robert H. Ford
Born December 1853
in New York
Died: 15 May 1892 (suicide)
Buried: West Laurel Hill Cemetery, PA
Journalist with New York World.
Ethel Sugg Ford
Born 13 April 1888 in Philadelphia
Married 1: Thomas Burton Kinraide
Married 2: William Thomas Casperson
Died 13 May 1933, Boston, Massachusetts
Buried: West Laurel Hill Cemetery, PA
Sibling: Walter (illegitimate and believed to be Rachel's before Ethel)
Great Grandmother (MFM):
Anne Elizabeth Jones
Parents: Uriah Jones & Anna Minchner
Great Grandfather (MMF):
Thomas Sugg
Born ~1800 (?) Devonshire, England
Married 1: Sarah Thornton
M 2: Martha, 3 June 1852, Kentucky
Died after 1880, A boot & shoe maker
Maternal Grandmother:
Rachel Ann Sugg
Born 25 May 1856, in Wilmore, Kentucky
Died 20 February 1922
in Newton, Massachusetts
Siblings: Mary Elizabeth (Pepper), Rachel, Sarah Davis (Gaines)
Great Grandmother (MMM):
Martha ______Edmondson
Born 9 December 1816 in England Married 1: _ Edmondson (died ~1842)
With Kentucky Shakers 1842-1851
Married 2: Col. Thomas Sugg in 1852
Died: after 1880

Pedigree Chart for Dorothy Dickson

Great Grandfather (FFF):
Richard W. Dickson
Born 1825, Cambridge, Mass.
Died 10 August 1907 (Gasfitter)
Buried in Cambridge Cemetery
Mother: ___ Monk
Paternal Grandfather:
George Franklin Dickson
Born 1847

Died 5 September 1917, (Gasfitter)
Buried Mt. Auburn Cemetery, Cambridge, Massachusetts
Paul Richard Beresford Dickson
Born 18 January 1878,
in Cambridge, Massachusetts
Married 1: Vertie May Moore
Married 2: Clair Geneva Rand
Died 5 November 1957
in Cambridge, Massachusetts
Buried in Mt. Auburn Cemetery
Siblings: Anna Maude (Legg) , Paul, Carita (Ladd)
Dorothy Dickson
Born 20 August 1911,
in Olangapo, Philippine Islands
Grew up in Watertown and Belmont
Graduate of Simmon's College in 1932
Legal secretary for Prudential
Married Robert Burton Kinraide
on 3 May 1947 in Belmont, Mass.
Lived in Westwood, Massachusetts
Died 23 April 2006, in Lawrencetown,
Halifax County, Nova Scotia
Buried in Westwood Cemetery

Siblings: John R. (premature), Dorothy, Margaret

Daughter: Dorothy May (Welch)
Great Grandmother (FFM):
Mary Ann Stevens
Born 1820 in New Hampshire
Died after 1880
Great Grandfather (FMF):
William Mooney
Born in England, Taylor in Boston
Father: Richard White Mooney
Mother: Irene Elizabeth Cumming
Paternal Grandmother:
Blanche Maude Mooney
Born 1852 in Boston
Died ~1932
Siblings: William II, Power, Frank S., Blanche, Anna Elizabeth, +3
Great Grandmother (FMM):
Mary Ann Power (see note)
Born ~1819 in Nova Scotia
Great Grandfather (MFF):
John Knox Moore
Born 2 September 1829
Died 11 April 1912 (Shoemaker)
Maternal Grandfather:
John Herbert Moore (see Moores)
Born May 1854 in Massachusetts
M 1: Etta M. Thorne, 12 June 1878
M 2: Addie Thorne, 31 March 1889
M 3: Nellie
Died: 1928, Candia, New Hampshire
Farmed across from Blacksmith.
Vertie May Shaw Moore
Born 30 June 1879
in Candia, New Hampshire
Died 30 January 1920
in Watertown, Massachusetts
Buried: Mt. Auburn Cemetery
Sibling: Guy Herbert
Great Grandmother (MFM):
Maria J. Shaw (see note)
Born 15 August 1831 Yarmouth, NS
Died September 1898
Great Grandfather (MMF):
William B. Thorne (see note)
Born ~1817 in Candia, New Hampshire
Maternal Grandmother:
Etta M. Thorne
Born ~1858 in New Hampshire
Siblings: Arthur L, Etta Mary, Addie J.
Great Grandmother (MMM):
Mary H. Hall
Born ~1826 in New Hampshire

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