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Sugg and Ford Genealogy

(Updated or Revised September 2016)

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Sugg Ancestry

(Much of this information has been extensively researched by Julia Casperson Hendy.)

First, Second and Third Generations

Martha Edmondson (1815 - 1884)

Note that Edmondson is spelled as Edmonson in some documents. There is an Edmonson County in Kentucky where Mammoth Cave is located. Some of the first settlers in Kentucky were Edmondsons.

Martha (Patsy) Edmundson was born 09 December 1816 in Scott County, Kentucky; and died after 03 June 1880. She married (1) ____ Edmundson before 1836. He was born about 1800 in England? and died about 1842. After her first husband died, Martha and her two daughters lived at Shakertown from 1842 to 1852.

Children of Martha Edmundson and her first husband are:

1) Pauline Edmondson, born 23 Aug 1836 in Grant County, Kentucky (1850C) (Shakertown records).
Pauline arrived at Shakertown on 31 May 1842 and departed on 18 August 1852.
Child of Pauline Edmondson is:
-- i. Belle Edmondson, born about 1854 in Grand County, Kentucky, died before 1910. She married Thomas W. Foster. (See Belle Edmondson below.)

2) Josephine Edmondson, born 05 Jun 1842 in Jessamine County, Kentucky (1850C)(Shakertown)(1860C)(1870C)(1880C); died 14 April 1886 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (age 43 years), reburied 28 May 1902 in Westminster, Philadelphia, PA.

On 30 July 1857 Josephine Edmondson married (1) Joseph M. Geers, born 1837 in Fayette County, Kentucky.
Before 1870 Josephine married (2) John T. Chandler. He was born 1845 in Kentucky. In 1870 census he is listed as a House Painter.

Joseph M. Gears enlisted 19 Oct 1861 in Company A, 21st Regiment, Kentucky Infantry, was promoted to Corporal on 21 Nov 1861, and reduced in rank 15 Dec 1862. He muster out and reenlisted as private 3-4 Jan 1864 at Shellmound at which time records say "26 years of age, occupation carpenter, description: black hair, black eyes, fair complexion, 6 feet tall". Appinted recruiting officer in Lexington, Kentucky on 11 March 1864. The last record we have is that he deserted 17 June 1865 in Nashville, Tennessee.

Children of Josephine and Joseph Geers are:

-- i. Betty Frances (Fanny) Geers, born 27 Sept 1858, Lexington, Madison, Kentucky; died 05 Sep 1901 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (43 years). On 03 June 1876 in Philadelphia, PA she married Walter Yarwood. (See Betty Frances Geers below.)

-- ii. Joseph M. (Bud) Geers, born 10 Feb 1861 in Fayette County, Kentucky; died 09 May 1948 in Jessamine, Kentucky. Listed in 1900 Census as a boarder with Elliout Goforth, age 30, occupation agricultural worker, tobacco. Census records show the following residences: 1870 Philadelphia Ward 24 Dist 77 (2nd Enum); 1880 with James Bell Gaines and Sallie; 1890 2414 Philadelphia Street, Philadelphia; 1900 with a Goforth family in Lee, Jessamine, Kentucky; 1910 and 1920 Wilmore, Jessamine, Kentucky. Bud also may have worked with moonshiners in Kentucky, and was working as a cook on a chuck wagon out west when his sister died.

Thomas Sugg (~1801 - 1880) and Martha Edmondson (1815 - 1884)

Thomas Sugg was probably born about 1801 in Devonshire, England; and died after 03 Jun 1880. Thomas Sugg first married Sarah Thornton. Sarah was born about 1801 and died about 1851. He is listed in the 1840 census with Sarah in Jessamine County, Kentucky. The 1850 census lists "Thomas Suggs, boot and shoemaker, born England, age 49 and Sarah (Thornton) age 49 at Harrodsburg, Mercer County, Kentucky".

Thomas Sugg was listed as a widower when he married Martha Edmondson on 3 June 1852 in Indiana (the registry office was just across the state line from their home in Kentucky). Martha Edmondson was a seamstress who came from Scott County, Kentucky and had lived with the Shakers for the preceeding ten years since the death of her first husband.

In the June 1880 census Thomas is listed as labourer, age 78 years, born England, living with James B. and Sallie (Sarah) Gaines. Thomas and Martha Edmondson are buried in the Lexington, Kentucky Cemetery.

Children of Thomas Sugg and Martha Edmondson are:

1) Mary Elizabeth Sugg born 25 Feb 1853 in Jessamine County, Kentucky; died 25 July 1902 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (Breast Cancer, 58 years).
In 1875 she married Edward W. Pepper, born Oct 1847 in Philadelphia; died 20 Aug 1906 in Philadelphia. Edward is list on a June 1890 Special Schedule of Surviving Soldier, Sailors, and Marines, which probably implies that he was a soldier during the Civil War. In 1860 he is listed as inmate of Girard College, in 1880 census he is listed as machinist; in 1900 census as a letter carrier.
Mary and Edward Pepper are buried in West Laurel Hill Cemetery, Bala Cynwyd, PA (Lot 523).

2) Rachel Ann Sugg, born 25 April 1856 in Wilmore, Kentucky; died 20 Feb 1922 in 363 Walnut Street, Newton, Middlesex, Massachusetts (age 65 years, 9 months, 26 days); buried 22 Feb 1922 in West Laurel Hill Cemetery, Bala Cynwyd, Pennsylvania (Lot SU-537). She met (1) Dr. Fitzgerald. She married (2) Robert H. Ford on 22 Feb 1888 in Unity Parsonage, Camden, Camden, New Jersey.
Rachel met Thomas Burton Kinraide in 1891 and as a result she moved to 550 Columbus Avenue, Boston to run a boarding house (listed as Mary A. Ford in census).

Robert H. Ford is the son of Franklin Ford and Anne Jones. Robert was born about Dec 1853 in New York, died 14 May 1892 in Denver, Colorado (suicide from overdose of whiskey and morphine because unable to find work). Robert H. Ford was a journalist and newspaperman, He wrote for the New York World, was northwestern agent of the North American Review, and was connected with the Northwestern Financier. Rachel and Robert Ford are buried in West Laurel Hill Cemetery, Bala Cynwyd, PA (Lot SU-537).

Child perhaps born to Rachel Ann Sugg and Dr. Fitzgerald is:
-- i. Walter Thomas (Foster) born 22 May 1882 in Philadelphia, PA. (Please see Belle Edmondson below.)

Child born to Rachel Ann Sugg and Robert H. Ford is:
-- i. Ethel Sugg Ford, born 13 April 1888 in 1718 Christian Street, Philadelphia, PA; died 13 May 1933 in New England Baptist Hospital, Boston, Suffolk, MA. She married (1) Thomas Burton Kinraide. (See Ethel Sugg Ford below.)
She married (2) William Thomas Casperson. (See Ethel Sugg Ford Kinraide below.)

3) Sarah (Sallie) David Sugg, born 20 Jun 1857 in Woodford, Kentucky; died 04 March 1921, in Paulsboro, Gloucester, New Jersey (63 years), buried 07 March 1921 in Eglington Cemetery, Clarksboro, New Jersey (ECLot 59B) Cause of death: Gangrene of left leg following phlebitis; Medical information: Diabetes..

She married James Bell Gaines on 13 December 1876 in Woodford County, Kentucky. James Bell Gaines is the son of Madison Gaines and Nancy Parker. He was born in 1850 in Lexington, Kentucky, was an iron construction worker, and died before 1900. (In the 1900 census Sarah is listed as widowed.) James Bell Gaines abandoned his family in 1885 when Mamie was two years old.

According to the 1910 census, Sarah was living with her daughter Anna and son-in-law Charles. Myrtle Ewen Bartlett said Sarah was psychic. She described her as tall and willowy, a Kentucky belle.

Children of Sarah David Sugg and James Bell Gaines are:
-- i. Boy twin Gaines, born before 1877 in Kentucky; died young.
-- ii. Girl twin Gaines, born before 1877 in Kentucky; died young.
-- iii. Thomas Gaines, born before 1877 in Kentucky; died young.

-- iv. Anna (Nannie) Eldridge Gaines, born 25 Jun 1877 in Clover Bottom, Woodford, Kentucky; died 07 Aug 1918 in Paulsboro, Goucester, New Jersey. She married Charles H. Fish Jr.. (See Anna Eldridge Gaines below.)

-- v. Margaret (Maggie) Gilbert Gaines, born 28 Feb 1880 in Clover Bottom, Woodford, Kentucky; died 28 Nov 1940 in Camden, Camden, New Jersey. She married Harry Henry Mount. (See Margaret Gilbert Gaines below.)

-- vi. Mary Thomas (Mamie) Gaines, born 1884 in Clover Bottom, Woodford, Kentucky; died Sep 1956 in Lady of Lourdes, Camden, Camden, New Jersey (72 years). On 12 Oct 1901 she married William Thomas Casperson. They were divorced 07 Mar 1925. (See Mary Thomas Gaines below.)

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Third, Fourth and Fifth Generations

Belle Edmondson (~1854 - before 1910) and Thomas W. Foster (1850 - ? )
Daughter of Pauline Edmondson (1836 - ? )

Belle Edmondson, born about 1854 in Grand County, Kentucky, died before 1910.

She married Thomas W. Foster, son of Thomas Foster and Rebecca. He was born in 1850 in Chester, Pennsylvania. Thomas W. Foster fought in the Indian Wars -- he enlisted on 06 July 1870 and served until 06 July 1875. He was in Camp Supply in Indian Territory (now Oklahoma) with the 6th US Cavalry. In the 1880 census Belle and Thomas Foster are listed as living in Chester, Delaware, Pennsylvania.

Belle was invalided and could not have children. She was thrilled to have Walter left on her doorstep to raise. She also cared for Alice Yarwood when Betty went into a hospital for consumptive patients in Chestnut Hill, Pennsylvania.

Child of Belle Edmondson and Thomas W. Foster is:

1) Walter Thomas Foster (adopted) born 22 May 1882 in Philadelphia, PA; died Jun 1967 in Narberth, (Bala Cynwyd), Montgomery, PA. Walter married Jennie Crystle about 1910.
Jennie was the daughter of James Crystle and Mary Brunton. Jennie was born 23 Aug 1884 in Nether Providence, Delaware, Pennsylvania. and died in 1963 in Media, Delaware, PA.
Children of Walter Thomas Foster and Jennie Crystle are:
-- i. Frances Yarwood Foster born 11 June 1914 in Norfolk, Virginia; died 01 Nov 2007 in Riddle Memorial Hospital, Media, Delaware, PA.
-- ii. William Yarwood Foster, born 18 Apr 1916 in Pennsylvania; died 18 Mar 2001 in Media, Delaware, PA.

Betty Frances Geers (1858 - 1901) and Walter Yarwood (1851 - 1923)
Daughter of Josephine Edmondson (1842 - 1886) and Joseph M. Gears (1837 - after 1865)

Betty Frances (Fanny) Geers, born 27 Sep 1858, Lexington, Madison, Kentucky; died 05 Sep 1901 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, (Cause of Death: Phthisis, Galloping consumption/TB). (43 years)

On 03 June 1876 in Philadelphia, PA she married Walter Yarwood. He is the son of Joseph Yarwood and Frances Smith. Walter was born 20 Nov 1851 in Hulme, Lancashire, England; and died 19 Mar 1923 in Philadelphia, PA from Cancer. Walter arrived in New York, NY from Manchester, England on 14 Mar 1872 at the age of 19. He went to Boston and then to Philadelphia where he worked as a carriage blacksmith. He was also a musician and baritone singer, and in 1904 opened a music store on Frankford Avenue (there until about 1920). He soon had his brother and sister-in-law, George and Jennie Yarwood, to keep house and care for Edna and Alice. Betty and Walter Yarwood are buried in Westminster Cemetery, Philadelphia, PA (Lot 1040 No. 10th).

Children of Betty Frances Geers and Walter Yarwood are:

1) George Joseph Yarwood, born 23 Sep 1877 in Brooklyn, New York; died 14 April 1928 in Philadelphia, PA. He married Laura L. Spamer on 27 Feb 1901, by Rev. John B. Gough-Pidge (family Bible). Laura is the daughter of William Spamer and Hermine Ernst. She was born 10 May 1876 in Philadelphia, PA; and died 27 Oct 1951 in Cape Charles, Virginia; buried Oakland Cemetery, Philadelphia, PA. George was a carpet designer specializing in peacock design.

Children of George Joseph Yarwood and Laura Spamer are:

-- i. William Walter Yarwood, born 29 Aug 1902 in Philadelphia, PA; died 23 Mar 1986 in Tacoma Park, Maryland.
Married Elizabeth (Betty) Mary Kiss on 05 Oct 1935 in Philadelphia, PA. She is the daughter on Albert Kiss and Elizabeth Vanko. Elizabeth was born 09 Jun 1908 in Szeged, Hungary; and died 28 Apr 1996 in Chambersburg, PA.

-- ii. George Joseph Yarwood, Jr., born 12 Aug 1906 in Philadelphia; died 05 Jan 1993 in Sun City West, Maricopa, Arizona.
He married (1) Esther Curtis Sep 1944. Esther was born 20 Jun 1906.
He married (2) Sonia Kunen White about 1955 in Jewish Ceremony.
He married (3) Ann Anderson 02 Feb 1962 in Imperial, California. Ann was born 1898.
He married (4) Mary Aiko Hamguchi 24 Feb 1968 in Knox Presbyterian Church, Pasadena, California, daughter of Yoshetaro Hamaguchi and Fuku. Mary Aiko was born 30 Oct 1928 in Longview, Washington.

2) Joseph James Yarwood, born 25 Sep 1881 in Philadelphia, PA; died after 1901 when he went to Alaska, sent several postcards and then disappeared. His father hired detectives in Alaska but Joseph was not found.

3) Alfred Eugene Yarwood, born 30 May 1884 in Philadelphia, PA; died 20 Feb 1940 in Maple Shade, New Jersey, buried Mt. Moriah Cemetery, Philadelphia, PA. In the 1900 census Alfred is listed on 1 June 1900 as age 16 living at House of Refuge for Boys for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania in Thornbury, Delaware County, PA. Alfred had four wives:
(1) In 1907 he married Frieda U. in Lancashire, England.
(2) In Mar 1911 he married Anna (Annie) Culbertson in Lancashire, England. She was born about 1880 probably in England, and died 1918.
(3) In 1921 he married Hattie (Hettie) Green Gorham, daughter of John Gorham and Isabella Horn. She was born 25 Jun 1899 in Nicholsville, Kentucky, and died 04 Jan 1931 of Tuberculosis, in Jeffersontown, Jefferson, Kentucky.
(4) After 1931 he married Florence Corlett. His occupation was US Navy for 20 years.

Children of Alfred Yarwood and Anna Culbertson are:

-- i.Alfred Eugene Yarwood, Jr., born 21 Jul 1912 in Pennsylvania, died 30 Sep 1940 in St. Thomas, Virgin Islands, buried 11 Oct 1940, Philadelphia National Cemetery, Section A Site 318, cause of death: Septicemia in St. Thomas while in USN.

-- ii. Frances Yarwood, born 11 Jun 1914 in Norfolk, Virginia; died 01 Nov 2007 in Riddle Memorial Hospital, Media, Delaware, PA. She married Malcolm W. Riddle, son of James Riddle and Suzanne (Susanna). Malcolm was born 29 Aug 1909 in Pennsylvania, and died Jun 1975 in Waterville, Kennebec, Maine. Dr. Malcolm Riddle was an expert in algebraic topology teaching at Minnesota State University at Mankato.

-- iii. William Yarwood, born 18 Apr 1916 in Philadelphia, PA; died 18 Mar 2001 in Wawa, PA. He married Marie Shields on 09 Aug 1941 in Crumpton, Maryland, daughter of William Shields and Neva Walls. She was born 24 May 1923 in Pennsylvania and died Jan 1970.

Child of Alfred Yarwood and Hattie Gorham is:
-- i. Thomas Marion Yarwood, born 22 Jun 1921 in Lexington, Fayette, Kentucky; died 08 Feb 2008 in Whittier, Los Angeles, California, buried Riverside National, Los Angeles. He is listed in the 1930 census with his grandmother Isabella Horn Gorham Crump and her second husband, Thomas M. Crump. He joined Military 17 Jan 1941, St. Matthews, Kentucky and was honorably discharged Dec 1945. He was staff photographer for 47 years for City of Santa Fe Springs, California.
He married (1) Inita Marcille Walker in 1953. Inita was born 25 Apr 1919 in Oklahoma; died 12 Jul 1990 in Westminster, Orange, California. They were divorced Jan 1977, Orange, California.
He married (2) Doris J. (Hamra) Shaw on 22 Jul 1977 in Los Angeles, California.

4) (Mary) Edna Frances Yarwood, born 23 Jan 1893 in Philadelphia, PA; died 01 Feb 1995 in Lutheran Home, Moorestown, New Jersey.
After her mother died, Edna spent 3 years living in the Episcopal Church Home of Children at 58th and Baltimore Avenues. She married (1) Charles Sheble Brown 15 Jan 1919 in Boston (Jamaica Plain), Suffolk, Massachusetts. Charles is the son of Charles Brown and Mary Young. He was born 13 Sep 1891 in Philadelphia, PA; and died 08 May 1955 in Cape May, New Jersey of lung cancer, buried 12 May 1955, New St. Marys, Bellmawr, New Jersey. She married (2) Charles F. Kappler on 08 Apr 1958. He was born 06 Sep 1891 in Pennsylvania, and died Sep 1968 in automobile accident. Edna was driving when Charles died and badly injured her legs in the accident. Mary Edna was a teacher and elementary school principal. Edna and Charles are buried in New St. Mary's, Bellmawr, New Jersey.

Children of Edna Yarwood and Charles Brown are:

-- i. Dorothea (Dolly) Edna Brown, born 21 Jul 1922 in Philadelphia (Tacony), PA; died 06 Feb 2005 in Neshaminy Manor Nursing Home, Doylestown, Bucks, PA. She married Frank Hecht, Jr. on 24 Jun 1945 in Woodbury, Gloucester, New Jersey, son of Frank Hecht and Ethel Ireland. He was born 15 May 1920 in Woodbury, Gloucester, NJ and died 03 Dec 2003 in Orangeburg, South Carolina.

-- ii. Ethel Mary Brown, born 09 Nov 1923 in Newton, Middlesex, Massachusetts. She married John William Milroy, Jr. 04 Mar 1944 in Trinity Lutheran Church, Woodbury, New Jersey, son of John Milroy and Ellen Frank. He was born 06 Apr 1921 in Philadelphia, PA.

5) Alice Victoria Yarwood, born 04 Oct 1897 in Philadelphia, PA; died 01 Sep 1974 in Willow Grove, Montgomery, PA. While her mother was sick and for three years after her mother died, Alice was cared for by Belle Edmondson and Thomas Foster. She married Arthur Milton Draving on 27 Feb 1918 in Philadelphia, PA. Arthur is the son of John Draving and Clara Rieck. He was born 06 Aug 1896 in Philadelphia, PA; and died 04 Jan 1970 in Cape May, New Jersey.
Alice and Arthur Draving are buried in Whitemarsh Memorial Park, Whitemarsh, Pennsylvania.

Children born to Alice Yarwood and Arthur Draving are:

-- i. Arthur Milton Draving, Jr., born 18 Mar 1919 in Massahcusetts; died 08 Jan 2001 in Boca Raton, Palm Beach, Florida. He married Oxanna (Ann) Lillian Cherney 03 Jun 1950 in Philadelphia. She was born 11 Sep 1924, and died Mar 1987 in Manahawkin, Ocean, New Jersey.

-- ii. Walter John Draving, born 10 Dec 1920 in Philadelphia, PA; died 08 Oct 1994 in Pinellas Park, Florida. He married Maria Catherine Nerz 03 Jul 1943 in Bremerton, Washington, daughter of Joseph Nerz and Josephine Grossweller. She was born 10 Oct 1920 in Philadelphia, PA.

-- iii. Ruth Clara Draving, born 03 Aug 1925 in Philadelphia, PA; died 11 Sep 2002 in Cape May, New Jersey. She married George Dorylis 05 Aug 1950 in Mount Carmet United Presbyterian Church, Glenside, PA, son of John Doryulis and Lydia Martin. He was born 17 Nov 1927 in Bryn Mawr, PA.

-- iv. Ethel Doris Draving, born 20 Nov 1928 in Philadelphia, PA; died 26 Jun 1999 in Feasterville Trevose, Bucks, PA. She married John Paul (Jack) Regan. He was born 24 May 1928.

-- v. Robert Charles Draving, born 19 Jun 1931 in Philadelphia, PA; died 17 Aug 2007 in Austin, Texas. He married Alice I. Durfee 29 Jun 1953. She was born 02 Dec 1932.

-- vi. Alice Elsie Draving, born 06 Jul 1934 in Philadelphia, PA. She married (1) Edward Henry Breitbach before 1955. He was born 12 Dec 1930, and died Dec 1969. She married (2) Franklin Alfred Kales, Jr. after 1963, son of Franklin Kales and Marie Tyson. He was born 23 Aug 1920 in San Francisco, California, and died 19 Apr 1998 in Placerville, El Dorado, California.

Ethel Sugg Ford (1888 - 1933) and Thomas Burton Kinraide (1864 - 1927)
Daughter of Rachel Ann Sugg (1856 - 1922) and Robert H. Ford (1853 - 1892)

Ethel Sugg Ford, born 13 April 1888 at 1718 Christian Street, Philadelphia, PA; died 13 May 1933 in New England Baptist Hospital, Boston, Suffolk, MA. On 15 Feb 1905 she married Thomas Burton Kinraide in St. Stephens Episcopal Church, Savannah, Georgia.

Thomas Burton Kinraide was the son of Thomas Kinread and Hannah Elizabeth Tuttle of Moncton, New Brunswick. (Please see the Kinread-Kinraide Genealogy for more information.) He was born 01 July 1864 in Moncton, New Brunswick and died 29 June 1927 in San Jose, California (age 62), buried along Oxallis Path in Forest Hills Cemetery, Jamaica Plain, MA. Burton Kinraide emigrated to Massachusetts in 1882 and changed the spelling of his surname. According to voter registration in Sandwich, he was naturalized on 18 Nov 1893 . He settled in Waltham and worked in the Waltham Watch factory. One hot night T.B.K. went for a long ride on the street cars. In Jamaica Plain he could smell water, got off and walked toward it. Stopping at a house to ask for a glass of water, he met Mrs. Reid. Her husband was Mr. Gideon Reid, the head of Tiffany's Paris office. She was able to provide financial support so that T.B.K. could spend time on scientific research. By 1900 he was settled in a newly-built large house at 38 Spring Park Avenue in Jamaica Plain with a laboratory. He first invented a series of acoustical forks for measuring sound waves. He later focused on electrical experiments which lead to the invention of the Kinraide coil. This high-frequency coil was used in x-ray photography, and also allowed him to photograph and study electrical discharges. He obtained several related patients between 1899 and 1910.

About 1905 T.B.K. was fishing on Cape Cod when he found some land on Spectacle Pond in Sandwich for sale. He purchased the land and began adding on to the original Quaker building and barn until it had 12 rooms and a screened porch. The separate log cabin came from New Brunswick for a 1910 sportsman's show. The beach cottage began as a 14 x 14 foot widow's walk on the Spring Park Avenue house but was later dismantled and moved to the Cape. Between 1905 and 1920, the family spent the winters in Jamaica Plain and the summers in Sandwich at "the Hermitage" on Spectacle Pond.
Ethel and Thomas separated in 1920 and the children went to live with their mother and grandmother in Newton Center. After Thomas Burton Kinraide died, Ethel married William Thomas Casperson. (see section below.)

Children of Ethel Sugg Ford and Thomas Burton Kinraide are:

1) Cecil Rachel Louise Kinraide, born 05 Jan 1906 in Boston (Jamaica Plain), Massachusetts; died 08 July 1967 in Leevis, Quebec, Canada attending Expo, Cecil was named after Cecil Tilton, a famous woman doctor and close friend of Thomas Burton Kinraide. Cecil graduated from Burdett School, Boston, Massachusetts. On 16 June 1928 she married Robert Douglas Mockler in 363 Walnut Street, Newtonville, Massachusetts.

Robert Mocker was the son of George Mockler and Annie Adair. Robert (Bob) was born 27 Dec 1904 in Columbia Falls, New Brunswick, Canada, and died 21 Mar 1982 in San Diego, California.

Cecil and Robert Mockler are buried in Hillside Cemetery, Lisbon Falls, Maine.
Adopted child of Cecil and Robert Mockler is:
-- i. Nedd Dean Mockler (adopted) married (1) Barbara Carol Thompson and (2) Pauli .

2) Robert Burton Charles Augustus Kinraide, born 26 July 1908 in Sandwich, Barnstable, Massachusetts; died 31 August 1995 in Charlwell House, Norwood, Norfolk, Massachusetts. He married (1) Doris K. Dalton on 09 June 1934 in Newton, Middlesex, Massachusetts.
He married (2) Dorothy Dickson on 03 May 1947 in Belmont, Massachusetts.

Dorothy Dickson was born 20 August 1911 in Olangapo, Philippine Islands where her father was stationed at the US Navy Base. She died 23 April 2006 in Lawrenctown, Halifax County, Nova Scotia. Her parents were Paul Richard Beresford Dickson and Vertie May Moore. (Please see the Dickson and Moore Genealogy.)
Dottie graduated in 1932 from Simmons College and worked as a legal Secretary for Prudential Insurance Company for 15 years.

Robert lived for 60 years at 85 Bayley Street, Westwood, Massachusetts. He graduated in 1933 with a B.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering from Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He worked as a metallurgist for 35 years for Clifford Manufacturing which became Standard Thompson Corporation.

He was a avid fisherman, fly tyer, hunter, mountain climber, square dancer, and National Ski Patrolman. Dottie was also an avid fisherwoman, mountain climber, skier, and she square danced regularly for 60 years. They both climbed the Sherburne Ski Trail up to Tuckerman's Ravine on Mount Washington on 16 April 1939. That was the memorable day when Tony Matt schussed the headwall to win the Inferno Race from the summit to Pinkham Notch. Also they both climbed all 46 of the mountains over 4000 feet high in New Hampshire along with their daughter (finishing in 1967). Robert and Dorothy Kinraide are buried in the new section of the Westwood Cemetery, Westwood, Norfolk, Massachusetts.

Child of Robert and Dorothy Kinraide is:
-- i. Dorothy May Kinraide married Gary Alan Welch.

3) William Thomas Reed Kinraide, born 11 Feb 1914 in Boston (Jamaica Plain), Suffolk, Massachusetts; died 21 April 1998 in Shrewsbury, Worcester, Massachusetts. In 1969 he had heart bypass surgery and was given 5 years to live, but his prior and later healthy lifestyle obviously overcame that prediction. Thomas Reed Kinraide married Claudia Severance Bassett on 23 Oct 1937 in the Episcopal Church, Centre Street, Newton Centre, Middlesex, Massachusetts. Thomas graduated from Newton High School and from Massachusetts Institute of Technology with a Masters degree in engineering. He was an engineer at Remington Arms Co. in Bridgeport, Connecticut; worked for E.I. DuPont & Company, and then was president of Bassett-Kinraide Consulting in Cambridge, retiring in 1985. His last job was with his father-in-law in Bassett and Kinraide, Inc. in Massachusetts. It was a Domestic Profit Corporation from 28 December 1979 to 31 December 1990. (He was doing consulting work on air-purification systems and Dorothy Dickson Kinraide was typing his notes which Tom dictated onto a tape recorder while driving.)

Claudia was the daughter of Claude Bassett and Harriet Severance. She was born 25 Jan 1917 in Spokane, Washington; died 06 Nov 2010 in Shrewsbury, Massachusetts. Preceding her fifteen year residence at Southgate of Shrewsbury retirement community, Claudia was active in the Episcopal Church, as a Girl Scout troop leader, and as a community volunteer. Claudia was an expert dress maker and seamstress, and, with her husband, she was a gardener, small boat sailor, and National Ski Patrol, and square dancers.

Tom and Claudia lived in Fairfield, Connecticut; moved about 1949 to Waynesboro, Virginia; moved about 1952 to Wheeler Road, Bolton, Massachusetts; moved about 1957 to 113 Virginia Road, Waltham, Mass; in 1974 moved to 13 Winthrop Road, Wayland, Mass.; and finally moved to the retirement community at Southgate in Shrewsbury, Mass.

Children of Thomas and Claudia Kinraide are:
-- i. William Thomas Bassett Kinraide, Dr. married Beverly Brookfield
-- ii. Pamela Sage (born Claudia Severance Kinraide) married (1) Wallace Perry (Sandy) Dunlap and (2) Stephen Dahl Hadley.

4) Ethel Leona Kinraide, born 15 April 1916 in Boston (Jamaica Plain), Suffolk, Massachusetts; died 29 June 2001 in Winsted, Litchfield, Connecticut. She met (1) Benjamin Harlow Morrow, son of Wallace Morrow and Mabel Lavers. He was born 14 Mar 1913 in Sandwich, Barnstable, Massachusetts; and died 29 Apr 1992 in Sandwich.

She married (2) Merlyn Dean Kugler on 06 Jun 1944. Merlyn was born on 26 Oct 1920 in Riverton, Franklin, Nebraska; and died on 17 Feb 2001 in Orleans, Harlan, Nebraska; buried in Orleans Cemetery.

Merlyn and Leona moved to The Hermitage on spectacle Pond, Sandwich in 1946 after he served in the US Navy. He joined the Navy in 1942 where he served during the invasion of Africa. He was discharged in 1945. He was active in the farming community, working at Roberti's Dairy before starting up his own farm in what is now known as Lakewood Hills (the land surrounding the Hermitage property). He raised turkeys, beef cattle, and was the first farmer on Cape Cod to grow milo sorghum. A fire burned their home on 23 March 1952 and they moved into the large log cabin also on the property. They left Sandwich in 1955, moving to Connecticut where he worked for Susan Bates and Alma Sale Barn as a carpenter.

Child of Leona Kinraide and Benjaman Morrow is:
-- i. Nedd Dean Mockler (see Cecil Kinraide above)

Children of Leona Kinraide and Merlyn Kugler are:
-- i. Susan Lee Kugler married Dominic John Incerto
-- ii. Paul Kinraide Kugler (twin) married Karen Jean Wolff
-- iii. Peter Noble Kugler (twin) married Dr. Deanna Mclaren
-- iv. Nancy Dean Kugler married Thomas Albert Dyer

Anna Eldridge Gaines (1877 - 1918) and Charles H. Fish Jr. (1854 - 1932)
First daughter of Sarah David Sugg (1857 - 1921) and James Bell Gaines (1850 - before 1900)

Anna (Nannie) Eldridge Gaines, born 25 Jun 1877 in Clover Bottom, Woodford, Kentucky; died 07 Aug 1918 in Paulsboro, Goucester, New Jersey.

She married Charles H. Fish, Jr. on 20 Apr 1895 in Thorofare, Gloucester, New Jersey.
Charles H. Fish is the son of Charles Fish and Mary Tussey. He was born 28 Oct 1854 in New Jersey, and died Feb 1932.

Anna and Charles took in Myrtle Henrietta Mount soon after she was born on 12 Sep 1902 since her mother and father were separated and could not care for her. In 1900 they lived in Greenwich, Gloucester, New Jersey; 1920 they lived at Swedesboro Avenue, Paulsboro, New Jersey and his father Charles H. Fish Sr., lived with them. Listed on one stone in Eglington Cemetery, Clarksboro, New Jersey is: Fish: Charles Jr., wife Anna, and son Burton.

Child of Anna Gaines and Charles Fish is:
1) Burton Kinraide Fish born 04 Dec 1895 in Paulsboro, Gloucester, New Jersey; died Dec 1960. He married Lillian Bates. She was born 1894 in New Jersey.
Children of Burton Fish and Lillian Bates are:
-- i. Alissa Nanetta Fish, born Aug 1919 in New Jersey
-- ii. Barbara Dona Fish, born 1922 in New Jersey

Margaret Gilbert Gaines (1880 - 1940) and Harry Henry Mount
Second daughter of Sarah David Sugg (1857 - 1921) and James Bell Gaines (1850 - before 1900)

Margaret (Maggie) Gilbert Gaines, born 28 Feb 1880 in Clover Bottom, Woodford, Kentucky; died 28 Nov 1940 in Camden, Camden, New Jersey, buried 02 Dec 1940 in Eglington Cemetery, Clarksboro, New Jersey (DC)(Lot 59B).

She married (1) Harry Henry Mount 1900 in St. John's Church. He was born Apr 1878 in New Jersey. Henry and Margaret were separated after Myrtle Henrietta was born.
She married (2) Samuel Higgenbotham after 1910 in St. John's Church. He was born about 1876 in New Jersey. He was a bender in a shipyard.
She married (3) J. William Embick 31 Dec 1918 in Presbyterian Church, Elkton, Maryland. He was born in Pennsylvania and died after Nov 1940.

Children of Margaret Gaines and Harry Mount are:

1) Samuel Higgins Mount

2) Myrtle Henrietta Mount born 12 Sep 1902 in 352 Cherry Street, Camden, New Jersey; died 06 Mar 1999 in Mount Laurel, Burlington, New Jersey. She was raised by Anna Gaines and Charles Fish. She married (1) Maurice Garwood Ewen on 25 Sep 1920 in St. Marys Episcopal Church, Camden, New Jersey. Maurice is the son of ___ Ewen and Carrie ____. Maurice was born 18 Jul 1898 in Pennsylvania, and died 27 Aug 1975 in Collingswood, Camden, New Jersey.
She married (2) Russell G. Bartlett on 22 Nov 1958 in St. Marys Episcopal Church, Haddon Heights, New Jersey. Russell was born 18 Jun 1903 in Camden, New Jersey, and died 15 Oct 1989 in West Jersey Hospital, Voorhees, Camden, New Jersey.

Children of Myrtle and Maurice Ewen are:
-- i. Maurice Garwood Ewen, Jr., born 17 Sep 1921 in New Jersey; died 15 Aug 1975 in Collingswood, Camden, New Jersey.

-- ii. Evelyn Edwina Ewen, born 15 Mar 1923 in 126 North King Street, Gloucester City, New Jersey; died 27 Jul 1986 in Collingswood, Camden, NJ. She married (1) George Brown about 1941. He was born in East Camden, NJ. She married (2) Carl William Reiman after 1942, son of Frank Reiman and Mable Edith. He was born 03 Mar 1920, and died 13 Mar 2001 in Bellmawr, Camden, New Jersey.

-- iii. William Gilbert Ewen born 27 Jan 1927 in 343 Mercer Street, Gloucester City, Camden Co, New Jersey; died Feb 1931 (4 years).

Mary Thomas Gaines (1884 - 1956) and William Thomas Casperson (1877 - 1945)
Third daughter of Sarah David Sugg (1857 - 1921) and James Bell Gaines (1850 - before 1900

Mary Thomas (Mamie) Gaines, born 1884 in Clover Bottom, Woodford, Kentucky; died Sep 1956 in Lady of Lourdes, Camden, Camden, New Jersey (72 years), buried in Eglington Cemetery, Clarksboro, NJ.
She lost the sight of one eye because the doctor mistakenly put both drops in one eye. She had a beautiful voice and loved to read.

She married William Thomas Casperson on 12 Oct 1901 in Camden, New Jersey. He is the son of Thomas Casperson (born in New Jersey) and Julia Ferrell (born in Pennsylvania or New Jersey). He was born 05 Jul 1877 in Greenwich Township, Gloucester, New Jersey and died 29 Oct 1945 in Sandwich, Barnstable, Massachusetts. In the 1910 census they were living at 524 Billings Avenue, Paulsboro, New Jersey. His occupation was machinist at the Powder Mills. They separated on 1 December 1919 when Mary took her two daughters and went to live with Mrs. William Embick at 1462 Haddon Avenue, Camden, New Jersey. They were divorced 07 Mar 1925.

Children of Mary Thomas Gaines and William Thomas Casperson are:

1) Ethel Martha (Joan) Casperson born 08 Dec 1902 in Willow Grove, Pennsylvania; died 23 Sep 1939 in Delaware Twp., Camden Co, New Jersey (suicide by carbon monoxide gas from auto, 36 years old). She used the name Joan because she hated the name Ethel after WTC left her mother and married Ethel Kinraide. She lived with her mother at 31 Waldo Avenue, Bloomfield, New Jersey, she graduated from Banks Business College and worked as a secretary. Her suicide was due to her unhappy childhood, and love for a college professor whose parents did not approve. She is buied at Eglington Cemetery, Clarksboro, NJ (ECLot59B).

2) Sara LaClare Casperson, born 04 Jul 1905 in Paulsboro, Gloucester, New Jersey; died 21 Jun 1983 in Our Lady of Lourdes, Camden, New Jersey.
She married (1) Charles Raymond Meister on 04 Jul 1924 in Camden, New Jersey. Charles is the son of August Meister and Anna Genrich. He was born 28 Nov 1898 in Philadelphia, PA; and died 02 Jun 1953 in West Collingswood, Camden, New Jersey (54 years). Charles was a Public Service Investigator.
She married (2) Harrison M. Barford, Sr. after 1953. Harrison is the son of Samuel Barford and Ruth Doan. He was born 15 Jan 1901 in Philadelphia, PA; and died 17 Sep 1982 in 409 Conley Avenue, Collingswood, Camden, New Jersey. Harrison was a Machinist, US Navy Yard, Philadelphia. One stone in Eglington Cemetery lists: Meister -- Charles, and Sara L. (Sara has the Order of Eastern Star symbol).

Child of Sara Casperson and Charles Meister is:
-- i. Joan Anna Meister, born 14 Oct 1931 in Camden, New Jersey; married Ralph Truby on 03 Apr 1970 in St. Lukes Lutheran Church, Collingswood, New Jersey. Ralph was born 02 May 1916 in Sigel, Jefferson, PA; died 15 Apr 2000 in Arvada, Jerrerson, PA. Ralph was an electrical engineer.

Ethel Sugg Ford Kinraide(1888 - 1933) and William Thomas Casperson (1877 - 1945)
Second marriage of daughter of Rachel Ann Sugg and Robert H. Ford

On 10 October 1927 Ethel Sugg Ford Kinraide married William Thomas Casperson. Both had been previously married to others as discussed above. Ethel was separated from Thomas Burton Kinraide in 1920 and he died in 1927.

William Thomas Casperson was divorced from Mary Thomas Gaines in 1925. Robert Burton Kinraide remembered Will as working on the farm at the Hermitage. Will Casperson died 29 Oct 1945 while driving a school bus with several children aboard. He pulled over to the side of the road and slumped over the wheel. One of the students shut off the engine. He was buried 01 Nov 1945 at Bay View Cemetery, Sandwich, Barnstable, Massachusetts. Ethel died 13 May 1933 in New England Baptist Hospital, Boston, Suffolk, MA; (caused by septicemia following cellulitis in her right thigh). This was only three months after Julia's birth.

William eventually married (3) Peggy Ohlmstead who died 29 October 1954 in Sandwich, Massachusetts.

Children of Ethel Sugg Ford and William Thomas Casperson are:

1) William K. Casperson, born 15 Apr 1930 in Boston, Suffolk, MA; died 15 April 1930, buried 28 Apr 1930, West Laurel Hill Cemetery, Bala Cynwyd, PA.

2) Julia Claire Casperson, born 02 Feb 1933 in New England Baptist Hospital, Boston, Suffolk, MA; married William Rodney Hendy, Jr.

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