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Moore Genealogy

(Updated or Revised January 2016)

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Moore Ancestry in Londonderry and Candia, New Hampshire

Deacon James Moore (1702 - 1773) and Agnes Colbreth

Deacon James Moore was born in 1702 in Northern Ireland.
He married Agnes Colbreth and they came to Boston in 1727.
They were the second family to settle in Londonderry, New Hampshire.
Indians helped them raise their barn. They had 10 children. Deacon James Moore died on 11 March 1773.

Children born to Deacon James Moore and Agnes Colbreth:
1) James Moore, born in Londonderry, New Hampshire
2) William Moore, married Hannah
3) Hannah Moore, born 5 August 1732
4) Ephriam Moore, married Hannah Rogers, then Jennie Moore on 27 February 1783.
5) John Moore
6) Daniel Moore, born 21 June 1738, married Margaret White and Elizabeth White (not a sister)
7) Robert Moore, born May 1741, married Ruhanah Mitchell on 5 December 1765, died 21 January 1829
8) A daughter who married Robert Kelsea
9) A daughter who married Ephraim Foster
10) Eunice Moore, married James Merrill of Chichester on 24 September 1781.

In 1745 a battery supported by Moore's N.H. regiment fired on Dauphin-Demi Bastion from a hill 300 yards from Louisberg Fortress in Nova Scotia. This is probably a relative but the connection isn't clear.

These notes were made by Vertie May Moore:
"Deacon James Moore was of Scotch descent, born in the North of Ireland in 1702. He sailed with his bride Agnes Colbreth to boston in 1727. They spent one year in Concord, Massachusetts before setting in Londonderry. He went to Londonderry on a tour of inspection, then secured a refusal of the right of Joseph Farrar in Suncook on June 5, 1729. On November 24 of that year Joseph Farrar on Concord, one of the grantees from Capt. Lovewell's company (who dispersed the Indians early in the seventeen hundreds from New Hampshire, and were granted the land of New Hampshire for their services) deeded to James Moore, for twenty-four pounds, lawful money, all his right, title and interest to land in Suncook, or Lovewell's township. This deed is recorded in the office of the Registrar of Deeds for Middlesex County, Massachusetts. The price surely was not unreasonable, as it secured 365 acres, possible of the best land in the township.

James Moore claimed his family was the second to settle in town and the first to build a frame house. The few Indians remaining in the vicinity were friendly or indifferent, occasionally calling on the settlers, and somettimes helping them. A few Indians as well as neighbors from Concord assisted in the raising of the frame house and a barn. According to tradition, one of them was worsted in a friendly trial of strength, and became very angry, threatening vengenance, but was pacified by the contents of a "little brown jug" which had thus early come into use. Moore gained the friendship of the Indians by his considerate treatment of them, and during the hostilities of after years, though fortified to repel attack, was unmolested. (Note: In the early twentieth century the frame house in modified form was occupied by Moore's great-grandson Samuel Emery and the barn was till standing.)"

Robert Moore (1741 - 1829) and Ruhanah Mitchell

Robert Moore was born in 1741 in Londonderry, New Hampshire, the 7th child of Deacon James Moore and Agnes Colbreth.
Robert married Ruhanah Mitchell (daughter of Rev. Daniel Mitchell) on 5 December 1765.
They lived in Londonderry, New Hampshire and had 10 children between 1769 and 1790.
Robert faught under his brother Colonel Daniel Moore during the Revolution
(mustered into the regiment in 1776 from Capt. Samuel McConnell's Company).
Robert died on 21 January 1829.

Children born to Robert Moore and Ruhanah Mitchell:
1) Esther Moore, born 6 October 1769, married 22 November 1788
2) Margaret Moore, born 5 February 1772, married Daniel Martin of London on 27 January 1814
3) Ruhanah Moore, born 13 February 1775, married William Robertson of London
4) Daniel Mitchell Moore, born 25 April 1777, married Sally McConnell
5) Nathaniel B. Moore, born 7 November 1779, married Dorothy Bamford of Sanbornton in april 1805.
Nathaniel and Dorothy lived in Ryegate, Vermont, Nathaniel died September 1845.
6) Robert Moore, born 20 May 1783, married Mary Ann Knox, died after age 88
7) James Moore, born 27 July 1785, married Nancy Moore (his cousin & Daniel Moore's daughter)
James was a Captain in the War of 1812
8) Benjamin Moore, born 26 December 1788, married Susan Lane
9) Hugh Kelsea Moore, born 7 November 1790, married Mary Fife of Pembroke on 15 December 1825, died 29 October 1827
10) John Moore, born 7 November 1792, married Mary Taylor of Candia

Robert Moore (1783 - after 1870) and Mary Ann Knox (1780 - ? )

Robert Moore was born 20 May 1783 in New Hampshire, the 6th child of Robert Moore and Ruhanah Mitchell.
He married Mary Ann Knox (born July 10, 1780 in Pembroke, N. H. and a daughter of John Knox who faught in the Revolution).
They lived in Candia Village, New Hampshire and they had 6 children.
Robert was recorded in the 1870 census as living with John Knox Moore's family (age 88).

Children born to Robert Moore and Mary Ann Knox:
1) Herbert Moore, born June 20, 1804 in Candia married Sally S. Hall, Hannah Brown, Kate Jones
2) John Knox Moore, born August 1802 married Nancy Baker of Bow, N. H.
(Nancy's Grandparents Capt. Joseph Baker and Hannah Lovewell were also the grandparents of Mary Baker Eddy, founder of the Christian Science Church.
3) Mary Knox Moore, married Joseph Duren
4) Joseph Knox Moore
5) Eliza Ann Knox Moore, married Samuel Fiske
6) Daniel McClintock Knox Moore

Herbert Moore (1804 - after 1870) and Sally S. Hall

Herbert Moore was born 20 June 1804, the 1st child of Robert Moore and Mary Ann Knox.
He married Sally S. Hall of Pembroke, New Hampshire.
He worked as a shoemaker, and they lived in Candia, New Hampshire.
Herbert Moore died sometime after the 1870 census.

Children born to Herbert Moore and Sally S. Hall:
1) Mary Ann Moore, born 20 June 1821, married Thomas Bond, children Horace and Ella (adopted)
2) Salenda Taylor Moore, born 1 October 1824, died 22 October 1854
3) Samuel Gale Moore, born 29 May 1826, died 22 October 1854
4) John Knox Moore, born 2 September 1829, married Maria J. Shaw, died 11 April 1912
5) Caroline H. Moore, born ~1836, married Edmund Morrill
6) George Everett Moore, born 5 May 1837
7) Betsey Cofran Moore, born 5 October 1840, died August 1867
8) Lewis D. Moore, born 31 July 1843, Soldier in Civil War 1861-1865,
Lewis married Jennie M. Quimby of Candia on 25 February 1865, Child Lewis Elmer born 7 August 1870
9) Sara Richardson Moore, born 26 July 1845
10) Annie Ella Moore

John Knox Moore (1829 - 1912) and Maria J. Shaw

John Knox Moore was born 2 September 1829, the 4th child of Herbert Moore and Sally S. Hall.
John Knox Moore married Maria J. Shaw from Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, on 26 November 1851 at Danvers, Massachusetts.
John Knox was a shoemaker, and he was a soldier in the Civil War 1862-1863.
At the time of the Civil War, they lived at Candia, New Hampshire in the Moore family home.
John Knox died 11 April 1912

Children born to John Knox Moore and Maria J. Shaw:
1) George Everett Moore, born 14 October 1852
2) John Herbert Moore, born 22 May 1854
3) Nathan Idelbert Moore, born 9 April 1856, taught school
4) Maria Florence Moore, born 15 March 1860, married Warren E. Rand, died ~1895
Their child was Claire Geneva Rand born 15 December 1884, who was Paul R. Dickson's second wife.
5) Joseph Shaw Moore born 20 January 1864, married Susie Bean from Candia, no children, shoe business in Haverhill, Mass.
The specialized in wooden heels and did well enough to own a Pierce Arrow with tourquoise leather seats and the family crest hand-painted on the door.
Susie and Joe brought up Claire (Joe's niece and Dorothy Dickson's step-mother).
Joe and Susie were both readers in the Christian Science Church.

John Herbert Moore (1854 - 1928) and Etta M. Thorne

John Herbert Moore was born 22 May 1854 in Candia New Hampshire, the 2nd child of John Knox Moore and Maria J. Shaw.
Married 1: Etta M. Thorne, also from Candia, on 12 June 1878
Married 2: Addie Thorne, 31 March 1889
Married 3: Nellie
A jolly framer with a large garden. Home was in Candia across the street from the Blacksmith.
John Herbert died in 1928 in Candia, New Hampshire and was buried there.

Children born to John Herbert Moore and Etta M. Thorne:
1) Vertie May Moore, born 30 June 1879 in Candia, married Paul R. Dickson, died 30 January 1920
2) Guy Hebert Moore, born 28 June 1881, married Marion Sanders, died 17 September 1946

Vertie May Moore (1879 - 1920) and Paul R. Dickson (1878 - 1857)

Vertie May Moore was born 30 June 1879 in Candia, New Hampshire, the 1st child of John Herbert Moore and Etta M. Thorne.
Vertie May Moore married Paul R. Dickson (1878-1957) of Cambridge, Massachusetts on 15 June 1908.
They immediately left for the Philippine Islands where Paul worked in the U. S. Navy Yard for four years.
After returning to Massachusetts they lived in Cambridge, Watertown, and Belmont.
Vertie died 30 January 1920 in Watertown, Massachusetts after a long decline due to Rhumatic Fever earlier in her life.
Vertie is buried in Mount Auburn Cemetery.
After Vertie's early death, Paul married Claire Geneva Rand (born 1 December 1854, died 21 July 1960).
Claire was Vertie's cousin and had been living with the family and working in the Boston Navy Yard.

Children born to Vertie May Moore and Paul R. Dickson:
1) John R. Dickson, born 1909, premature, died soon
2) Dorothy Dickson, born 20 August 1911, Philippines, married Robert B. Kinraide on 3 May 1947, died 23 April 2006, buried in New Cemetery, Westwood, Massachusetts.
3) Margaret Dickson, born 19 October 1913, Cambridge, Massachusetts, died 9 December 1997 buried in Mt. Auburn Cemetery

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