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Dickson - Mooney Genealogy

(Updated or Revised January 2016)

Pedigree Chart for Dorothy Dickson

Great Grandfather (FFF):
Richard W. Dickson
Born 1825, Cambridge, Mass.
Died 10 August 1907 (Gasfitter)
Buried in Cambridge Cemetery
Mother: ___ Monk
Paternal Grandfather:
George Franklin Dickson
Born 1847

Died 5 September 1917, (Gasfitter)
Buried Mt. Auburn Cemetery, Cambridge, Massachusetts
Paul Richard Beresford Dickson
Born 18 January 1878,
in Cambridge, Massachusetts
Married 1: Vertie May Moore
Married 2: Clair Geneva Rand
Died 5 November 1957
in Cambridge, Massachusetts
Buried in Mt. Auburn Cemetery
Siblings: Anna Maude (Legg) , Paul, Carita (Ladd)
Dorothy Dickson
Born 20 August 1911,
in Olangapo, Philippine Islands
Grew up in Watertown and Belmont
Graduate of Simmon's College in 1932
Legal secretary for Prudential
Married Robert Burton Kinraide
on 3 May 1947 in Belmont, Mass.
Lived in Westwood, Massachusetts
Died 23 April 2006, in Lawrencetown,
Halifax County, Nova Scotia
Buried in Westwood Cemetery

Siblings: John R. (premature), Dorothy, Margaret

Daughter: Dorothy May (Welch)
Great Grandmother (FFM):
Mary Ann Stevens
Born 1820 in New Hampshire
Died after 1880
Great Grandfather (FMF):
William Mooney
Born in England, Taylor in Boston
Father: Richard White Mooney
Mother: Irene Elizabeth Cumming
Paternal Grandmother:
Blanche Maude Mooney
Born 1852 in Boston
Died ~1932
Siblings: William II, Power, Frank S., Blanche, Anna Elizabeth, +3
Great Grandmother (FMM):
Mary Ann Power (see note)
Born ~1819 in Nova Scotia
Great Grandfather (MFF):
John Knox Moore
Born 2 September 1829
Died 11 April 1912 (Shoemaker)
Maternal Grandfather:
John Herbert Moore (see Moores)
Born May 1854 in Massachusetts
M 1: Etta M. Thorne, 12 June 1878
M 2: Addie Thorne, 31 March 1889
M 3: Nellie
Died: 1928, Candia, New Hampshire
Farmed across from Blacksmith.
Vertie May Shaw Moore
Born 30 June 1879
in Candia, New Hampshire
Died 30 January 1920
in Watertown, Massachusetts
Buried: Mt. Auburn Cemetery
Sibling: Guy Herbert
Great Grandmother (MFM):
Maria J. Shaw (see note)
Born 15 August 1831 Yarmouth, NS
Died September 1898
Great Grandfather (MMF):
William B. Thorne (see note)
Born ~1817 in Candia, New Hampshire
Maternal Grandmother:
Etta M. Thorne
Born ~1858 in New Hampshire
Siblings: Arthur L, Etta Mary, Addie J.
Great Grandmother (MMM):
Mary H. Hall
Born ~1826 in New Hampshire

Mary Ann Power
Father: William Power (a sea captain of Waterford, Ireland; later a fisherman in Herring Cove, Nova Scotia)
Mother: Mary Roche from Bristol, England (She ran away with sea captain leaving her sister in a faint on the floor).

Maria J. Shaw
Vertie May Moore recorded this: "I am a descendent of Farquehar Shaw who was born in Highland Scotland.
The eldest son was Joseph Shaw and so on down and one Joseph Shaw - about 1790 or 1800 came to Yarmouth, Nova Scotia.
Maria J. Shaw married John Knox Moore on 26 November 1851 at Danvers, Massachusetts.
At the time of the Civil War, they lived at Candia, New Hampshire in the Moore family home.
As a child I can just remember my great, grandmother Shaw, she came to the United States to live with her daughter in her old age.
Her youngest son was Joseph Shaw, but he had no boys, although well known in Massachusetts as Fire Marshall of the State."

William B. Thorne
Perhaps the son of Amos and Hannah (age 64 and 66 and living with him in 1850).
And perhaps the grandson of Nathan (age 91 and living with William in 1850 census, farmer).
Siblings: George Everett, John Herbert, Nathan Idelbert, Maria Florence (Rand), Joseph Shaw

Look at the Moore page for more information.
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