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Kinread / Kinraide Genealogy

(Updated or Revised July 2017)

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We have clear and documented connections back to John Kinread and Isabel Gawn. Since both these names were common at that time in the Isle of Man, we have searched the official Transcripts of Baptisms, Burials, and Marriages for all possible connections. Cases with obvious conflicts were eliminated. The families listed as the first three generations are the most likely ancestors to John Kinread and Isabel Gawn based on age and place.

The information about the line down from William Kinread and Margaret Lamb (the 7th child of George Henry Kinread and Ann Ford) mostly comes from The Kinread's of Kent County New Brunswick compiled by Barry Kinread Glencross in December 2000. Rexton, New Brunswick continues to be a beautiful a farming community along the Richibucto River and descendents of George Henry Kinread still live there.

Kinread Ancestry in the Isle of Man

William Kinread (~1700 - ? ) and Margaret Wayde

First Generation
Parish Registers: Father William Kinread, Mother Margt Wayde
Philip Kinred christening 23 Feb 1722, Bride, Isle of Man

The only other record of a Philip Kinread in Isle of Man Registers is the following which would make him about 13 years old when John was born. Phillip Kinred baptised on 20 October 1726, Bradden, Parents John Kinred & Ann Quilliam (MS09073/1/2)

Philip Kinread (1722 - ? )

Second Generation
John Kinread baptised on 09 Sept 1739 in Lezayre, Parent Philip Kinread. (L22542/1/1)

John Kinread (1739 - ? ) and Anne Cowin (~1740 - 1767)

Third Generation
John Kinread and Anne Cowin are listed in the Isle of Man Baptism Transcripts as parents of
John Kinread baptised 30 November 1760 in Bradden Parish, Isle of Man.
(Record MS09073/1/2 in Isle of Man Baptism Transcripts)
There is a record of John Kinrade buried 23 November 1837, Bradden, Isle of Man, 77 years old.

There are two references to Anne Cowin baptisms but both are followed by a burial within a short time in the same parish and with the same parents.

There is record of Anne Cowin, buried 3 April 1767 in Braddan Parish (MS09073/1/2)
This would imply that Anne died less than 7 years after John was born.
There are no records of other children born to John Kinread and Anne Cowin between 1755 and 1767.

John Kinread (1760 - 1837) and Isabel Gawn (1756 - 1784)

Fourth Generation
(Dates for John are those of the John Kinread born to John Kinread and Anne Cowen -- the best fit)
John Kinread married Isabel Gawn on 01 July 1781 in Malew Parish, Isle of Man
(Isle of Man Marriage Record MS09767/4/1)
They had a son George Henry Kinread who was baptised on 5 May 1782 in Malew Parish.
Malew Parish is NE of Castletown in the SE corner of the Isle of Man.

Search for more information about John Kinread:
If John were about 20 years old when George Henry Kinread was born then John must have been born about 1762.
There are two possibilities among the baptismal records:

The first is John Kinread baptised 30 November 1760 in Bradden Parish, Isle of Man.
Parents: John Kinread and Anne Cowin, listed in the Isle of Man Baptism Transcripts

The second possibility is John Kinrade baptised 24 Nov 1756, parents Ewan Kinrade & Elizabeth Cottier, Lezayre Parish.
This family is listed in an extensive "Direct Kinrade Line" genealogy as 2.4 in Volume 1 and as 1.3 in the Volume 3 section. In the Volume 3 Section it says "no further details available", which seems to imply that this John did not marry and have children on the Isle of Man.

Search for more information about Isabel Gawn:
The likeliest possibility appeared to be Isabel Gawn baptised on 9 April 1758, Rushen Parish, Parents Henry Gawn and Isabel Taylor. (MS11663/1/1) This Isabel is closest in age to John Kinread and she might have named her son after her father. However, we found the following burial record: Isabel Gawn on 26 Nov 1747, Rushen, Infant daughter of Henry

Burial: Isabel Kinread buried 25 Feb 1784, Lezayre, Isle of Man (Relict of Gilbert).
This would mean that Isabel died less than two years after her son George Henry Kinread was born.

Gawn Ancestry in Isle of Man

Parents of Isabel Gawn
Thomas Gawn (1725 - ?) and Mary Nelson (1725 - ?)

Third Generation
Baptism: Isabel Gawn on 16 Jan 1756, Rushen Parish, Parents Thos Gawn & Mary Nelson
Marriage: Thomas Gawn and Mary Nelson on 28 Dec 1754, Rushen Parish

1) Isabel Gawn baptism 16 Jan 1756, Parents Thos Gawn & Mary Nelson (MS10400/1)
2) Eleanor Gawn baptism 30 Apr 1758, Parents Thomas Gawn & Mary Nelson
3) Jane Gawn baptism 06 Oct 1760, Parents Thomas Gawn & Mary Nelson (MS10400/1)
4) John Gawn baptism 07 Aug 1763, Parents Thomas Gawn & Mary Nelson (MS10400/1) (MS11663/1/1)
Burial John Gawn 11 Apr 1765, smallpox, Son of Thomas
Burial Jane Gawn 16 Apr 1765, smallpox, Dau of Thomas
5) John Gawn baptism 07 Jul 1766, Parents Thomas Gawn & Mary Nelson (MS10400/1)
6) Jane Gawn baptism 26 Nov 1769, Parents Thomas Gawn & Mary Nelson
7) Isabl Gawn baptism 1770, Parents Thos Gawn & Mary Nelson (MS10400/1)

Paternal Grandparents of Isabel Gawn
Harry Gawn and Isabel Kermod

Second Generation
Baptism: Thomas Gawn on 2 May 1725, Rushen, Parents Harry Gawn & Isabel Kermod
Marriage: Henry Gawn and Isabel Kermod on 14 Nov 1710, Rushen

1) Elinor Gawn baptism 08 Sep 1713, Parents Harry Gawn & Isabel Kermod
Burial Elinor Gawn 09 Sep 1714, smallpox Dau of Harry (Ron)
2) Elinor Gawn baptism 16 Jun 1715, Parents Harry Gawn & Isabel Kermod
Burial Elinor Gawn 20 Jun 1715, Dau of Harry
3) Elinor Gawn baptism 08 Oct 1721, Parents Harry Gawn & Isabel Kermod
Burial Elinor Gawn 25 Jul 1725, smallpox Dau of Harry
4) Katharine Gawn baptism 16 Jun 1715, Parents Harry Gawn & Isabel Kermod
Burial Katharine Gawn 24 Jun 1715, Dau of Harry
5) Marjery Gawn baptism 14 Oct 1716, Parents Harry Gawn & Isabel Kermod
Burial Marjery Gawn 22 Jan 1723, Dau of Harry
6) Harry Gawn baptism 22 Feb 1718, Parents Harry Gawn & Isabel Kermod
7) Thomas Gawn baptism 02 May 1725, Rushen, Parents Harry Gawn & Isabel Kermod
8) Isabel Gawn baptism 17 Sep 1727, Parents Harry Gawn & Isabel Kermod
9) Elizabeth Gawn baptism 08 Feb 1729, Parents Harry Gawn & Isabel Kermod

Maternal Grandparents of Isabel Gawn
Harry Nelson and Jane Corris

Second Generation
Baptism: Mary Nelson on 11 April 1725, Rushen, Parents Harry Nelson & Jane Corris
Marriage: Harry Nelson married Jane Corris on 17 May 1719, Rushen

1) Thomas Nelson baptism 01 Nov 1721, Rushen, Parents Harry Nelson & Jane Corris
2) John Nelson baptism 08 Mar 1723, Rushen, Parents Harry Nelson & Jane Corris
Burial John Nelson 29 Apr 1724, Rushen, Son of Harry
3) Mary Nelson baptism 11 Apr 1725, Rushen, Parents Harry Nelson & Jane Corris
4) Elinor Nelson baptism 12 Nov 1727, Rushen, Parents Harry Nelson & Jane Corris
5) Harry Nelson baptism 02 Aug 1730, Rushen, Parents Harry Nelson & Jane Corris

Possible Pedigree Chart for George Henry Kinread
Born in Malew Parish, on the Isle of Man
Immigrated to Rexton, New Brunswick, Canada

Great Grandfather (FFF):
Philip Kinread
Christening 23 Feb 1722, Bride
Father William Kinread Mother Margt Wayde
Paternal Grandfather:
John Kinread
Born 09 September 1739
in Lezayre
John Kinread
Born 30 November 1760, Bradden
Married Isabel Gawn
01 July 1781, Malew Parish
Died 23 November 1837, Bradden

George Henry Kinread
Baptised 05 May 1782 in Ballough
Married Ann Ford
Children born in England: Ann, Isabella, John, Elizabeth, Margaret, George, William
Children born in New Brunswick: Thomas, Martha, (Boy)
Died after 1861 in Rexton, New Brunswick
Great Grandmother (FFM):

Great Grandfather (FMF):

Paternal Grandmother:
Anne Cowin
Buried 3 April 1767, Bradden
Great Grandmother (FMM):

Great Grandfather (MFF):
Harry Gawn
Married Isabel Kermod
14 Nov 1710, Rushen
Maternal Grandfather:
Thomas Gawn
Born 2 May 1725
Married: Mary Nelson
28 December 1754, Rushen
Siblings: Elinor (3), Elizabeth, Harry, Isabel, Katharine, Marjery
Isabel Gawn
Born 16 January 1756, Rushen
Married: John Kinread
Buried: 25 February 1784, Lezayre
Siblings: Jane (2), John (2), Isabl
Great Grandmother (MFM):
Isabel Kermod
Married Harry Gawn
Great Grandfather (MMF):
Harry Nelson
Married Jane Corris
17 May 1719
Maternal Grandmother:
Mary Nelson
Baptism 11 April 1725, Rushen
Married Thomas Gawn
Siblings: Thomas, John, Elinor, Harry
Great Grandmother (MMM):
Jane Corris
Married Harry Nelson

Kinread and Kinraide Ancestry in North America

George Henry Kinread (1782 - ~1865) and Ann Ford

Fifth Generation
George Henry Kinread was born in May 1782 in Castletown, Rushen Parish, Isle of Man, England. He was baptised on 05 May 1782 in Malew Parish. He is the only known child of John Kinread and Isabel Gawn. About 1805 George Henry Kinread and Ann Ford (born about 1782 in England) were married in England. They had seven children before leaving Whitehaven, England for New Brunswick in 1820. They settled at Rexton in Richibucto Parish, Kent County, New Brunswick, Canada. George died about 1865 in Kent County and is believed to have been buried at the Old Methodist Point Cemetery. This was partially lost to a flood and no trace of a headstone has been found.

Children and Grand-Children of George and Ann Kinread:

1) Ann Kinread was born 07 May 1806 in Whitehaven, England.
On 04 October 1824 she married Meracious Atkinson, who was born in Nova Scotia and died 25 April 1867 at age 61 years. Ann died 07 or 08 July 1883, age 77 years, near Rexton, New Brunswick.

Son of Ann and Meracious Atkinson:
-- Meracious Atkinson; born in 1832; died 29 January 1853, age 20.
All three members of the Atkinson family are on headstone in St. John's Presbyterian Church, Buctouche, Kent County.
Note: Several families with connections to Shediac are buried at St. John's Cemetery. Atkinsons are also in Saint Martin's-in-the-Woods Cemetery in Shediac Cape, Westmorland.

2) Isabella Kinread was born 1809 in Cornwall, England. In 1829 she married David Gray (1805-1880, born in Nova Scotia). David was a teamster in Rochester New York. Isabella died in 1884, Garden City, Delta, Michigan, USA

Children of David and Isabella Gray:
-- John Kinread Gray (1829 - 1907), married Jane Trueblood, lived in Indiana
-- George K. Gray (1831 - 1872) married Rebecca Trueblood (sister of Johnathon Trueblood) and lived on Garden Bay for a time.
-- Mary Jane Gray (1834 - 1904) married a man by the name of Clark and lived in lower Michigan.
-- Margaret Gray (1836 - 1904), married Reuben Allen in 1851 in Rochester, New York. They moved to Garden City, Michigan and had a large family.
-- Harriet Isabella Gray (1837 - 1906), married Simon Bouschor.
-- Charles Wesley Gray (1842 - 1872), married another Trueblood sister, Maria Trueblood in 1866. He died in 1872 and his remains were reinterred to Kate's Bay Cemetery in 1914. His widow married Thomas Tracy.
-- Anne Gray( ? - ? ) married John Maxwell and lived on the Maxwell place at Valentine Creek northeast of Garden.

From Obituary: Gray, Isabella (Schoolcraft County Pioneer, Aug. 6, 1884):
Mrs. Isabella Gray, aged 79 years died on Saturday morning last, at the residence of her daughter near Kate's Bay. Mrs. Gray was one of the pioneers of this peninsula, having lived near Garden creek for 24 years. She lived to see that wilderness opened up into one of the finest agricultural districts in the northwest; to see villages, churches and school houses spring up and flourish all around her. Mrs. Gray leaves quite a family of grown up children, who are married and settled in the immediate neighborhood, to mourn her loss. Mother Gray was a good woman with no enemies, but hosts of friends. Her loss will be deeply felt by her many friends and relatives on the peninsula. A kind mother and friend has gone to rest. Her funeral took place on Sunday last and was attended by a large concourse of citizens. Rev. Mr. Williams of this village attended and preached a splendid discourse. Mrs. Gray was the oldest settler on the Bay shore. One by one the old pioneers are called from labor to reward.

Family Story from mundia.com "The David Gray Family" -- Our Heritage: Garden Peninsula
(Delta County, Michigan, The Garden Peninsula Historical Society, 1982), 226.
David Gray met Isabelle Kinrad in England and followed her to Nova Scotia where they were married. T hey moved to Rochester, New York where he worked on the construction of the Erie Canal. They had seven children. David Gray bought land on Garden Bay. He returned to South Bend, Indiana where the family was living at that time. Five years later he came back to Garden Bay and purchased more land. He walked from Garden to Marquette to obtain the proper deeds. David Gray died May 15, 1880 and his wife Isabelle died August 2, 1884. Both were buried in a private family cemetery on the Gray farm. Their remains were reinterred to the Kate's Bay Cemetery on the Tracy lot ikn 1914.

3) John Kinread was born 08 August 1810 in Whitehaven, England. On 23 December 1838 he married Ann Peters in Richibucto. Ann was born 10 July 1817 in Folkstone, Kent, England. Her parents were Henry Peters and Mary Standing. (Ann's brother, Stephen Peters, married John's sister, Martha.) For more information about the Peters line see
(Please see details of their life below. J. & A. Kinread ) John died 20 December 1886 and Ann died 18 November 1895, both in Moncton, New Brunswick, and both are buried in Elmwood Cemetery, Moncton.

Children of John Kinread and Ann Peters:
-- Mary Ann Kinread (1839 - 1899), married Alfred Edward Peters (1852 - 1925)
-- Isabella Kinread (1840 - 12 January 1876)
-- Amelia Kinread (1842 - 1856), married Hiram Brown (1840 - ? )
-- George Kinread (1843 - 29 December 1866)
-- Sarah Kinread (1844 - ? )
-- Hannah Pickard Kinread(1846 - 1911), married John Nugent (1844 - 1911) in Saint John, New Brunswick.
-- John R. Kinread (1847 - 1911), John is buried in Elmwood Cemetery,
-- Margaret Caroline Kinread (1850 - after 1921), in 1870 she married Frederick John Gorbell (Born Stepney, London, England; Died Moncton)
-- Stephen Kinread (1852 - August 1854)
-- Edith A. Kinread (1856 - 1944), buried in Elmwood Cemetery, Moncton, NB
-- Fred M. Kinread (1858 - ? ), a baker in Moncton in 1881
-- Ella Kate Kinread (1861 - 1949), in 1906 married Alfred Edward Peters (1852 - 1925).

4) Elizabeth Kinread was born in 1812 in Carlisle, Cumberland, England. In 1834 she married Daniel Stewart Dougherty born 1814 in Ireland). Daniel was a teamster in New Brunswick. Daniel died on 27 June 1883 in Kings, New York (age 69). Elizabeth died in 1876 and is buried in Saint John City, New Brunswick.

Children of Daniel and Elizabeth Dougherty:
-- William Alexander Dougherty (1841 - 1927)
-- Mary Ann Dougherty (1843 - ?)
-- Daniel Dougherty (1845 - 1878)
-- James Dougherty (1847 - ? )
-- Sarah Dougherty (1851 - ? )
-- Florence Dougherty (1857 - ? )

5) Margaret Kinread was (born in 1813 in Folkstone, England. In 1837 she married Henry Johnston(e) "a seafaring man" who was also born in Folkstone, Kent, England. According to family stories Henry made ships in bottles in his later years while living at Columbia Farm in Chartersville, the Peters homestead. Captain Henry Johnson (also spelled Johnston) is known to have been responsible for bringing Kinread and Peters families to New Brunswick, Canada, in the 1820's or 30's. Margaret Kinread Johnston died in August 1856.

Children of Henry and Margaret Johnston:
-- Martha Ann Johnston (1839 - 1927), married William J. Keswick
-- Susanna Johnston (1842 - 1925)
-- William D. Johnston (1845 - 1920) looked like his father.
-- Elizabeth Jane Johnston (1849 - ? )
-- Margaret Elsie McDonald Johnston (1853 - ? ), married Henry Henderson

6) George Kinread was born in 1815 in the United Kingdom.

7) William Kinread was born in 1818 in Whitehaven, England. He was a carpenter. He married (1st) Margaret Lamb about 1847 in New Brunswick, and (2nd) Eleanor Simmons. William died 05 January 1898 in Richibucto, New Brunswick, Canada. (Please see details of their life below. W. & M. Kinread)

Children of William Kinread and Margaret Lamb (1825 - 1861):
-- William Rainsford Kinread (1847 - 1934)
-- Thomas Kinread (1850 - )
-- Albion Kinread (1857 - 1922)
-- John Kinread (1861 - )
Child of William Kinread and Eleanor J. (Fitz) Simmons (1873 - 1922):
-- Minnie Jane Kinread (1874 - 1909)

8) Thomas Kinread was born 22 December 1820 in Richibucto Parish, Kent County, New Brunswick, Canada) He was also a carpenter. On 26 January 1854 in Moncton, New Brunswick he married Hannah Elizabeth Tuttle (1829-1899, born Nova Scotia. Thomas died 05 Oct 1892 in Moncton, Westmorland County, New Brunswick, Canada. (Please see details of their life below. T. & H. E. Kinread)

Children of Thomas Kinread and Hannah Elizabeth Tuttle (1829-1899):
-- Olivia Peers Kinread (1855 - 1931)
-- John Wesley Kinread (1856 - 1926)
-- Julia Ann Kinread 1857 - 1889)
-- William Thomas Black Kinread (1859 - 1862)
-- Martha Ada Kinread (1860 - 1932)
-- Mary Annetta Kinread (1862 - ? )
-- Thomas Burton Kinread (1864 - 1927)
-- Rubina (Ruby) Kinread (1866 - ? )
-- James Kinread (1867 - 1870)
-- Ira Kinread (1868 - 1870)
-- Violetta May Kinread (1870 - 1872)

9) Martha L. Kinread was born in 1822 (or 1823) in New Brunswick, Canada. In 1840 she married Stephen Peters (born 14 March 1822 (or 23) in Folkstone, England; died 11 May 1900). Stephen's parents were Henry Peters (1781-1867) and Mary Standing (1780-1880). Stephen's siblings were Ann Peters (1817-1895), Henry Peters (1820 - ? ), and Rachel Peters (1825-1900). (Stephen's sister, Ann Peters, had married his wife Martha's brother John Kinread). On the 1891 census Stephen is listed as a farmer. Martha died 30 Jan 1890 (age 66), at Colombia Farm, Moncton. They are buried in Elmwood Cemetery, Moncton, New Brunswick.

Children of Stephen and Martha Peters:
-- George Clopper Peters (1843 - ? )
-- Emma Peters (1848 - ? )
-- Joshua Peters (1850 - ? )
-- Alfred Edward Peters (1853 - 1925)
-- Seymour A. Peters (1858 - ? )
-- Franklin F. Peters (1859 - ? )
-- Oswald J. Peters (1860 - ? )
-- Anna Ford Peters (1862 - 1933)
-- Ephraim S. Peters (1865 - 1901)
-- Mabel A. Peters (1870 - ? )

Also listed on Elmwood Cemetery Peters Gravestone:
-- Harold Roy Peters, 29 Jan 1881 - 21 Sep 1942
-- Alfred Cameron Peters, 20 Jan 1909 - 22 July 1952
For more information about the Peters line see

10) A boy born about 1824. The only indication of this son is a mention in the 1839 petition of a boy now 15 years of age who is seriously incapable of assisting himself and will require support.

George Henry Kinread Land Grants:
The original Richibucto land grant map shows the George Kinread 200 acre grant to be inland from the river upon Upper Mill Creek. This had been granted to Edmund Hudson. Edmund gave up his right when he wanted to move to Upper Canada. George petitioned to settle and improve a wilderness trail to this land on 27 May 1820. This petition was granted by King George the Fourth on 3 January 1926. In the meantime George Henry Kinread arrived in New Brunswick in May 1820.

His second petition of February 27th, 1827 stated: After seeing the land he had been granted and attempting to farm it, he concluded that it was "unfit for tillageable purposes" and that "he cannot maintain a large and young family thereon." He stated that "your petitioner having spent the most part of his life at sea a Portion of which in the Royal Navy of Great Britain was not a sufficient judge of land and now finds by experience that he made an unjudicious choice in the selection of land granted to him." He was requesting an exchange for "a proper lot of lands adjoining lands granted to John McClellan on the north side of Richibucto River parish aforesaid it being directly in front of the lot now occupied by your petitioner and good land for tillage."

His third petition of February 2nd, 1839 stated: "There being an excellent farm lying on the bank of the river directly in front of him, by a choice of others your petitioner purchased and received in quiet claim, devoid of same improvements already made thereon. This was a school lot reserved on the west side of the river and included in McLellans grant. Application was made for this lot - but no answer received. After afsurances from the Deputy Surveyor at this place, your petitioner made still greater improvements and at this time has thirty acres cleared, half of which has been stumped and ploughed."

Also he had "received afsurance that when sold he would be allowed to compete for it and in addition to which you commifsioner advised petitioner to continue to work and make improvements. These are the reasons why for nine years past your petitioner has expensed all his labour to this lot. Your petitioner has also erected a comfortable dwelling house and has a barn capable of containing all that is produced off the land."

"Having received information that this lot is now grant to the Rector, Church Warden & Deputy of the Church in this place and immediate possession acquired. Your petitioner cannot suppose but that erroneous statements have been made and that your Excellence is unacquainted with the circumstances of the case & therefore prays that one hundred acres of said land may be grant to him from that part wheron he resides or that the Grantors may be ordered to pay for the improvements made thereon."

Documents by the Warden indicate that the Rector had authorized to propose a 20 year lease to Kinread for the portion of the land where he had made improvements. He states that Kinread has never agreed to that offer.

Barry Kinread Glencross sums up the situation with this comment:
There was some indication in early findings that George had tried to get land that had been set aside for a school, and later a church, as indicated on the land grand map. It is felt that George may have succeeded. The lot is question is in the area of the Ross Girvan home which is on land known to have been owned by Kinreads in earlier years. (Ross Girvan is the son of Teresa Kinread (daughter of Percy Kinread). In 2014 this land is still rural farm land with no nearby church or school.

3rd Child of George Henry Kinread and Ann Ford
John Kinread (1810 - 1886) and Ann Peters (1817 - 1895)

Sixth Generation
John Kinread was born 08 August 1810 in Whitehaven, England. On 23 December 1838 he married Ann Peters in Richibucto. Ann was born 10 July 1817 in Folkstone, Kent, England. Her parents were Henry Peters and Mary Standing. (Ann's brother, Stephen Peters, married John's sister, Martha.) John was listed on census records as a carpenter, a miller, and a farmer. They lived in Mill Creek, Kent County, NB, Saint John, NB, and Moncton, NB. Grant documents have been found stating that John W. Kinread and Thomas Kinread were each granted 100 acres in Moncton and close to the McLaughlin Road. 1881 Census lists John Kinread as a carpenter and a Methodist. John died 20 December 1886 in Moncton, New Brunswick. Ann died 18 November 1895 in Moncton, New Brunswick. Both Ann and John are buried in Elmwood Cemetery, Moncton, NB.

Children and Grand-Children of John Kinread and Ann Peters:

1) Mary Ann Kinread (1839 - 1899), married Alfred Edward Peters (1852 - 1925) Mary Ann was born 27 Aug 1839 in New Brunswick and died 23 Sept 1899 in Moncton, New Brunswick.
Alfred Edward Peters was born 12 Mar 1852 in Rexton, Kent Co. New Brunswick and died 1 Feb 1925 in Moncton, New Brunswick. Children of Alfred and Mary Ann Peters:
-- Harold Royal Peters (1881 - 1942), married Margaret Edith Cameron (1884 - ? ) from Moncton, New Brunswick
-- Mary Alfred Peters (1884 - 1952), married Everett Thomas Cain (1883 - ? ) from Sanford, Ontario

2) Isabella Kinread (1840 - 12 January 1876)

3) Amelia Kinread (1842 - 1856), married Hiram Brown (1840 - ? ). Amelia died in Moncton, NB.
Child of Amelia and Hiram Brown:
-- Annie E. Brown (1866 - 1895).

4) George Kinread (1843 - 29 December 1866)
5) Sarah Kinread (1844 - ? )

6) Hannah Pickard Kinread(1846 - 1911), married John Nugent (1844 - 1911) in Saint John, New Brunswick. Hannah died in 1911 in Moncton, NB.
Children of John and Hannah Nugent:
-- John Nugent (1869 - ? )
-- Robert Moore Nugent (1872 - 1938)
-- Walter O Nugent (1881 - ? )
-- Edith A. Nugent (1885 - ? )

7) John R. Kinread (1847 - 1911), John is buried in Elmwood Cemetery,

8) Margaret Caroline Kinread (1850 - ? ), in 1870 she married Frederick John Gorbell (Born Stepney, London, England; Died Moncton). Margaret died after 1921 in New Brunswick.
Children of Frederick and Margaret Gorbell:
-- Grace Gorbell (1872 - ? )
-- Alfred P. Gorbell (1875 - ? )
-- John Gorbell (1882 - ? )
-- George Harry L. Gorbell (1883 - ? )
-- Hazel Gorbell (1889 - ? )
-- Eunice Kathleen Gorbell (1890 - ? )

9) Stephen Kinread (1852 - August 1854)
10) Edith A. Kinread (1856 - 1944), buried in Elmwood Cemetery, Moncton, NB
11) Fred M. Kinread (1858 - ? ), a baker in Moncton in 1881

12) Ella Kate Kinread (21 June 1861 - 1949), in 1906 married Alfred Edward Peters (1852 - 1925). Alfred was previously married to Ella's sister Mary Ann. Ella died on 14 October 1949, Magnetic Hill, Green Acres Nursing Home and is buried in Elmwood Cemetery, Moncton, NB.

7th Child of George Henry Kinread and Ann Ford
William Kinread (1818 - 1898) and Margaret Lamb (1825 - 1861)

Sixth Generation
William Kinread was born in 1818 in Whitehaven, England. In 1820 he immigrated with his parents to Richibucto Parish, Kent County, NB. He was a carpenter (1871 census) and a farmer (1881 census). On 27 March 1844 he married Margaret Lamb in Shediac Parish and they had eight children.

About 1861 Margaret Lamb Kinread died. Family oral history says that she drowned crossing the Richibucto River on the ice in the winter. In those days it was common to travel on the river ice because all the farm houses were built along the river allowing convenient access for travel by boat or horse drawn sleigh.

On 01 December 1873 William married Eleanor Simmons (1873 - 1922) who was several years younger and sister to Albion's wife. They hade one child, Minnie, who married Alexander Gifford and they had four children.

William had a brick mill on the bank of the Richibucto River at Brick Point. The bricks were used for building chimneys in both Rexton, Reichibucto and the surrounding area.

William died 05 January 1898 in Richibucto, New Brunswick, Canada. He is buried in the Old Methodist Point Cemetery. It is believed his father George Henry Kinread and his first wife Margaret Lamb are were also buried there. William's headstone was recoverd from the river during the restoration of the cemetery. William's name is engraved on the headstone in Rexton's St. Andrews Church Cemetery where his second wife, Eleanor (Simmons) Kinread, is buried.

Children and Grand-Children of William and Margaret Lamb Kinread:

1) William Rainsford Kinread (1847 - 1934). (remembered as Renford by Robert B. Kinraide, grandson of William's brother Thomas). William Rainsford was born in 1847 in New Brunswick and died in 1934. He married Naomi Van Tassel in 1871. Naomi was born in March 1847 in Nova Scotia and died in 1930. They were living in Westmorland, New Brunswick in 1871; living in Moncton, New Brunswick in 1881; living in Belmont, Middlesex, Massachusetts in 1900, and living in Waverly, Massachusetts in 1916.
Children of William Rainsford and Naomi Kinread:
-- Fred Elmore Kinread (10 March 1871 - about 1905)
Fred married Ellen Jane Stephenson (daughter of Thomas Stephenson and Margaret) on 24 January 1894 in Newton, Middlesex, Massachusetts. Ellen Jane was born in December 1872 in Ireland and died in 1927 in Massachusetts.
-- Children of Fred and Ellen Kinread:
-- -- a. Elmore Rainsford Kinread born on 05 Dec 1894 in Newton, Massachusetts. He died on 13 Feb 1979 in Santa Cruz, California. He married Jeannette Renee Green on 31 July 1915 in Vancouver, BC. She was born on 22 Nov 1895 in Grand Manan, Charlotte, New Brunswick.
-- -- b. Edith Kinread born in May 1896 in Massachusetts
-- -- c. George Robert Kinread born on 23 Aug 1897 in Newton, Middlesex, Massachusetts.
He died on 24 Dec 1988 in Scotts Valley, Santa Cruz, California. He married Ethel E. Kilpatrick. She was born on 09 Oct 1893 in Cambridge, Middlesex, Massachusetts. She died on 11 Nov 1963 in Jenkintown, Pennsylvania.

-- George Kinread (1872-1874)
-- Emma Kinread (1874-1875)
-- A. Joshua Kinread (1876-1891)

-- Lilly Naomi Kinread (1878-1959) Lilly was born on 10 December 1878 in New Brunswick and died on 18 August 1959 in Alameda, California (age 80). She married Walter W. Ingram on 24 April 1901 in Belmont, Massachusetts. He was born in Moncton in 1881. They lived at 30 Walnut Street, Holden, Massachusetts in July 1955.

-- Robert Ross Kinread (05 Nov 1881-1958), living in Belmont, Massachusetts in 1900.
Robert was born on 05 Nov 1881 in Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada. He died on 11 May 1958 in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. He married Edith Letitia Mitchell. She was born in Jun 1880 in New Brunswick, Canada. She died on 28 Feb 1951 in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.
-- Child of Robert and Edith Kinread:
-- -- a. Annie Ring Kinreadwas born on 08 Feb 1908 in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. She died on 28 Mar 1978 in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

-- Eunice A. Kinread (Nov 1883-1903) (born in New Brunswick)

-- Bessie Taylor Kinread (1890-1987) Bessie was born in July 1890 in Massachusetts and died 25 May 1987
Bessie married Herbert Pelham Larrabee He was born 20 November 1888 in Medford, Middlesex, Massachusetts. He died on 22 Sep 1951 and is buried in Woodlawn Cemetery, Acton, Middlesex, Massachusetts.
-- Children of Bessie Kinread and Herbert Larrabee:
-- -- a. Walter Ingram Larrabee was born on 07 Feb 1914 in Canada. He died on 27 Nov 1981 in Huntington Beach, Orange, California (Age at Death: 67).
He married (1) Lillian B. Pelletier on 23 Aug 1934 in Greenfield, New Hampshire. She was born in Baldwinsville, Massachusetts.
He married (2) Dorothy M. Gray in 1961 in California. She was born about 1918.
-- -- a. Jack Carleton Larrabee born 10 Jun 1916 in Worcester, Massachusetts, died 23 Feb 1974 in Sunnyvale, Santa Clara, California, buried in Woodlawn Cemetery, Acton, Massachusetts.
-- -- b. Robert Kinread Larrabee (born 15 March 1919 in Worcester, Massachusetts). Robert was living at Avery Heights Drive in Winnipeg, Manitoba in 1955. He died 3 May 2001 at 82 years in Danville, Contra Costa County, California, buried in Hope Cemetery, Worcester, Massachusetts.
-- -- c. William R. Larrabee born 25 Apr 1928 in Worcester, Massachusetts. He died on 13 Sep 2009 in Redlands, San Bernardino, California (age 81).

2) Thomas Kinread (1850 - ? )

3) Albion P. Kinread (1857 - 1922) Albion P. Kinread was born on 18 October 1858(?) (says 1857 on tombstone) in Rexton, New Brunswick, Canada. Albion married Teresa Simmons (also known as Mary Teresa or Tessa (Fitz) Simmons) (1858 - 1916). (Please see details of their life below. A. & T. Kinread)
Children of Albion and Teresa Kinread:
-- Percival "Percy" Kinread (1884 - 1963), married Annie Elward (1889 - 1969).
-- Bertha Kinread (1886 - 1934), married first Will Fraser, lived in Springhill, Nova Scotia. Later she marreid Sam Terris who owned a team of horses and delivered coal to homes.
-- Alice Kinread (1888 - 1916) who had one son Harold Kinread employed by Baxter Laboratories.
-- Mabel Louise Kinread (1890 - 1951), married Thomas Warrel and lived in Toronto.
-- Mary (Mini) Kinread (1895 - 1959), married Lyndon Bowie, lived in Portland, Maine and Toronto, Ontario.
-- Annie Laura Kinread (1897 - 1958?), married James Aubrey Orchard ( ? - 1958?) and lived in Malden, Massachusetts.
-- Ella (Eleanor) Kinread (1902 - 1983), married William "Bill" Brennan, lived in Boston, Massachusetts.
-- Lillian Kinread (1906 - 1971), lived in Springhill, Nova Scotia with her sister Bertha.

4) John Kinread (1861 - ? )

Children and Grand-Children of William Kinread and Eleanor J. (Fitz) Simmons:

1) Minnie Jane Kinread (1874 - 1909), married Alexander Gifford on 26 April 1894. Minnie died in 1909 in Saint John, New Brunswick. Record shows she died of heart failure, age 34, after heart ailment for 3 years. She is buried at St. Andrew's United Church Cemetery, Rexton, NB.
Children of Alexander and Minnie Jane Gifford:
-- Elizabeth Gifford (1898 - 1993), married Johnathan Dickinson, a veterinarian, remained in Rexton.
-- Ruth Margaret Gifford (1900 - 1960), nurse in the USA.
-- Mary Ella "Mayme" Gifford (1903 - 1959), lived with Elizabeth.
-- William "Billy" Gifford, worked on merchant boats and was a survivor of the sinking of the Sand Merchant on Lake Erie in 1936. Married Ida May McMurray and lived in Newcastle. Died at age 93, buried in the Miramichi Cemetery.
-- Children of William and Ida May Gifford:
-- -- Marion Gifford of Newcastle
-- -- Dorothy Gifford Pystt or Limehouse, Ontario

3rd Child of William Kinread and Margaret Lamb
Albion Kinread (1857 - 1922) and Teresa Simmons (1858 - 1916)

Seventh Generation
Albion P. Kinread was born on 18 October 1858 in Rexton, New Brunswick, Canada. Albion Kinread married Teresa Simmons (also known as Mary Teresa or Tessa (Fitz) Simmons) (1858 - 1916). Teresa Simmons was born on 26 January 1861 in Moncton, New Brunswick. She was a sister of Eleanor Simmons, who was the second wife of Albion's father William. Albion was a steam engineer. He lived and worked in several different communities where the lumber mill trade was a thriving business. In 1885 they were in Nelson, New Brunswick, in 1892 in Calhouns Mills (Uncles operated the lumber mill), and later in Rexton, New Brunswick. Albion died in 1922 while working in Newcastle when a steam pipe broke causing severe burns. Albion and Teresa are buried in Rexton United Church Cemetery (left side, straight back).

Children and Grand-Children of Albion and Teresa Kinread:

1) Percival "Percy" R. Kinread was born 11 January 1884 in Upper Rexton, NB. On 11 January 1908 he married Annie Mary Elward (25 August 1889 - 20 March 1969) in Rexton, NB. Percy died 24 June 1963.
Children of Percy and Annie Kinread:
-- Gladys Mary Kinread born 15 July 1908 in Rexton, NB; died 28 March 1982 in Winchester
-- George Lawrence Kinread (10 June 1909 - 20 October 1909), Rexton, NB
-- Kenneth Percival Kinread (19 July 1910 - 21 February 1984), married Pearl Viola Stothart (born 20 September 1909 in Galloway, Kent, NB - died 10 August 1995 in Rexton, NB). They had one child, Juanita Kinread. Kenneth and Pearl are buried Rexton United Church Cemetery.
-- Teresa Marion Kinread (11 August 1913 - 2002), married Kenneth James Girvan (1911-1997), buried in Rexton United Church Cemetery. Their son, Ross Girvan, married Paula, living on Brick Point Road in 2013 on the land originally cleared by George Henry Kinread.
-- Doris Eleanor Kinread (13 April 1915 - 19 August 1998), married Robert Glencross. Robert's parents were Theodore A. Glencross (1881-1953) and Alice M. Crossman (1890-1935). Their son, Barry Kinread Glencross, was Rexton Town Clerk in 2013 and provided much of this information. Doris is buried in Rexton United Church Cemetery.
-- Walter Albert Kinread (20 April 1916 - 18 August 1923), Rexton, NB.
-- Alice Elizabeth Kinread (15 June 1918 - ? )
-- Olla Rita Kinread (13 January 1920 - 1 October 1994)
-- Hilda Anita Kinread (22 June 1921 - 1 April 1923)
-- Audrey Lillian Kinread (3 September 1922 - 6 December 1922)
-- Ruth Annie Kinread (5 May 1924 - ? )
-- Vernon Richard Kinread (4 May 1926 - 5 July 1926)
Headstone at Rexton United Church lists Percy R. Kinread (1890-1969) and Annie M. Elward (1884-1963). On the back: George (1909-1909), Audrey (1922-1922), Hilda (1921-1923), Walter (1916-1923), Vernon (1926-1926), Cheryl (1951-1951).

2) Bertha Kinread (1886 - 1934), married first Will Fraser. They lived in Springhill, Nova Scotia. Will and Bertha Fraser had six children -- Lewis, Stuart, Edith, Pearl, Beaulah, and Laura
Stuart was a proprietor of a grocery store for many years. Bertha married second Sam Terris who owned a team of horses and delivered coal to homes of townspeople.

3) Alice Kinread (29 March 1888 - 1916) had one son Harold Kinread who was educated in Boston, Massachusetts. He married Elsie Humeston in 1936. They had one daughter, Maureen, who married Walter Wilson. Harold was one of the first employees hired by Baxter Laboratories in November 1937. He was with the company for 39 years. Harold was a Charter Member with Acton Rotary Club, an associate member of the Acton Legion, and a member of the Curling Club. He died of pneumonia and/or a heart attack in his 66th year and is buried in Alliston, Ontario

4) Mabel Louise Kinread (10 February 1890 - 13 June 1951); married Thomas Warrel. While living in Toronto, Mable ran a busy corner grocery store. She lived in a lovely old brick home on Church Street.
Children of Mable and Thomas Warrel:
-- Virginia Warrel was killed in a car accident at an early age
-- Audrey Warrel married Wilfred Carol and they had one sone Teddy.
-- Buster Warrel married Connie and had one daughter, Gail.
Mable is buried in Mount Pleasant Cemetery, Lot 17, Plot 16, Section 15.

5) Mary (Mini) Kinread (24 January 1895 - 13 November 1959), married Lyndon Oscar Bowie. Lyndon was born on 02 October 1905 in Durham, Maine and died in May 1985 in Virginia. After a honeymoon at Niagara Falls, they lived for awhile in Portland, Maine. Later they lived in Toronto and had a business selling sewing machines and special gadgets for hemstitching and embroidery work. Mary and Lyndon are buried in Arlington Cemetery, Virginia, USA.
Children of Lyndon and Minnie Bowie:
-- Byron Bowie died leaving one son Mark, who at one time owned a fleet of trucks.
-- Lois Bowie groomed animals and provided grief counseling for those losing their precious pets.

6) Annie Laura Kinread (02 June 1897 - 15 September 1969). As a young woman Annie went to the USA to work. As a young worman, Annie went to the USA to work. On 14 May 1914 in Maine she married James Aubrey Orchard (23 April 1896 - 24 October 1980) (born in Portland, Cumberland, Maine; son of James Orchard and Rosetta). Aubrey and Annie Laura Orchard settled in Malden, Massachusetts and they had two sons. Note: Undated obituary notices say visitation on Wednesday, September 17 for Annie and on Monday October 27 for James who died after Annie.
Children of Annie Laura and Aubrey Orchard:
-- Wesley E. Orchard
-- Vernon Orchard of Old Orchard Beach, Maine

7) Ella (Eleanor) Kinread (1902 - 1983), married William "Bill" Brennan. They moved to Boston, Massachusetts where they had a large family. The obituary notice for Annie Laura Kinread Orchard mentions Mrs. Ella Brennan of Hull, Massachusetts.

8) Lillian Kinread (1906 - 1971), lived in Springhill, Nova Scotia with her sister Bertha. She eventually suffered ill health and died in in Pugwash, Nova Scotia.

8th Child of George Henry Kinread and Ann Ford
Thomas Kinread (1820 - 1892) and Hannah Elizabeth Tuttle (1829 - 1899)

Sixth Generation
Thomas Kinread was born 22 December 1820 in Richibucto Parish, Kent County, New Brunswick or perhaps born at sea on his father (or Uncle's) fishing boat headed for Canada). In the 1852 census he is listed as living with is brother William in Westmorland County, New Brunswick. He married Hannah Elizabeth Tuttle (1829-1899) on 26 January 1854 in Moncton, New Brunswick. Hannah was born 12 September 1829 and died 14 (18 or 19) March 1899. Her parents were William G. Tuttle and Olivia Roblee Peers. She is buried in Forest Hills Cemetery, Boston, Massachusetts. Please see the Tuttle Genealogy for more details.

Thomas Kinread was a carpenter. Grant documents have been found stating that John W. Kinread and Thomas Kinread were each granted 100 acres in Moncton and close to the McLaughlin Road. In the 1871, 1881, and 1891 census he is listed as living in Moncton, NB. Thomas built a mill on Lutz Street in Moncton, where he made storm windows and doors. He also built horse drawn carriages. He was asked by the town of Moncton to build a hearse and bury the dead; called an undertaker. During Barry Kinread's research in 2000, Olive Tuttle told him that there was no embalming then. They used a skirt around the coffin stand under which large tubs of ice were placed. The undertaker would measure the corpse and build the casket accordingly. None of the children were interested in the funeral home business, therefore Thomas Kinread employed Hannah's brother Abraham Tuttle and the funeral home eventually was carried on by the Tuttle family. Abraham took over the business in 1882. Thomas died on 05 October 1892 as a result of an accidental fall from a roof he was shingling. (Family story says in has a mouth full of nails and still had all his own teeth at age 72.)

October 6, 1982, Moncton, Westmorland, New Brunswick, Canada: The Times
"The community was shocked yesterday afternoon by the report that Thomas Kinread, an old resident was dying from injuries received in a fall from a roof of a house owned by him near the corner of St. George and Lutes Streets. Mr. Kinread was on a ladder on the roof making repairs. The accident was not seen by any person but it is supposed that in pulling a part of the old stage bracket, Mr. Kinread who has only one arm, lost his balance and fell to the ground, a distance of 25 feet. When discovered, he was assisted into the house. He died just after 2 o'clock. The deceased was born in Richibucto, Kent County, New Brunswick in 1820 and was a carpenter by trade. In 1857 he moved to Moncton where he engaged for several years in the undertaking business. In 1872 he started a sash and door factory which he carried successfully on until last spring when the building was destroyed by fire. He leaves a widow and six children, four daughters and two sons. His daughters are Mrs. W E Davidson, Mrs R Ripley and Mrs J L Stanley, all of Monction and Mrs F Carpenter of Concord, NH. His sons are Wesley Kinread of Monction and Bert Kinread, now of Boston."

He is buried in Elmwood Cemetery in Moncton, NB with a geometric tombstone probably erected by his son Thomas Burton Kinraide.

Children and Grand-Children of Thomas and Hannah Elizabeth Kinread:

1) Olivia Peers Kinread was born 03 December 1855 in Moncton, Westmorland County, New Brunswick. Olivia married William E. Davidson who was born 26 November 1850 in New Brunswick and died in 1919. Their son William Davidson); Olivia died 12 January 1932 in Melrose, Massachusetts and is buried in Wyoming Cemetery, Melrose, Middlesex, Massachusetts.
Children of Olivia and William Davidson:
-- Edna R. Davidson born 1874 in New Brunswick. She died on 06 Feb 1891 in Roxbury, Suffolk, Massachusetts.
-- William K. Davidson born on 26 Feb 1876 in Moncton, NB. He married Beryl DeVeuve on 03 May 1906 in Boston, Massachusetts. She was born in Cambridge, Massachusetts.
-- Harry Adrian Davidson was born on 16 Jan 1881 in Moncton, Westmorland, New Brunswick, Canada. He died on 28 Jan 1960 in Tidnish Bridge, Cumberland, Nova Scotia, Canada.
-- Edger Davidson was born in Feb 1881 in New Brunswick, Canada.
-- Marian E. Davidson was born on 27 Apr 1883 in Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada. She died on 06 Oct 1920 in Millis, Norfolk, Massachusetts. She married James LaCroix on 27 Sep 1916 in Westmorland County, New Brunswick, Canada (PANB Vital stats). He was born on 03 Nov 1884 in Medway, Norfolk, Massachusetts. He died on 18 Feb 1960 (Age: 75).
-- Bessie Davidson was born on 28 Feb 1884 in Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada. She married William Fraser Jr. on 24 Dec 1907 in Medfield, Norfolk, Massachusetts. He was born on 06 Aug 1884 in Warren, Worcester, Massachusetts.
-- Charles T. Davidson was born in 1887 in New Brunswick, Canada.
-- Roland Davidson was born on 18 Jan 1893 in New Brunswick, Canada. He died in 1914.
-- Edmond R. Davidson was born in 1895 in New Brunswick, Canada. He died in1898.

2) John Wesley Kinread born 1856 in Rexton, NB, married Sadie Amos who was a dressmaker. John Wesley was a jeweller, crippled in one leg. There were no children. In 1891 they were living in Moncton, NB. John Wesley died October 1926 and is buried in Elmwood Cemetery, Moncton, NB.

3) Julia Ann Kinread born 04 November 1857 in Moncton, NB. Julia was a deaf mute. She died 19 October 1889, and is buried in Elmwood Cemetery, Moncton, NB.

4) William Thomas Black Kinread born 11 January 1859 in Moncton, NB. He died 29 August 1862 from burns received when his clothes caught fire from the kitchen range. Newspaper article indicates he was "deaf & dumb".

5) Martha Ada Kinread born 1860 in Moncton, NB; married James Stanley (born in 1855 in Prince Edward Island, Canada); died 08 March 1932 in New York City; buried in Mount Hope Cemetery.
Children of James and Martha Ada Stanley:
(DMKW record from RBK says Nettie, Wesley, Garnet, Dorsey, and Roy and 2 boys and 1 girl who died from diptheria.) -- Garnet Stanley, born in 1883 in New Brunswick, she married Alma M. Stanley, born in 1896 in Virginia. Garnet died in 1935.
-- John D. Stanley, born in 1888, (died from diptheria?) -- Daisey (maybe Dorsey?) Stanley, born in 1889 in New Brunswick
-- Wesley B. Stanley, born in 1891 in New Brunswick, married Julia Lyan, child Jean M. Rodriques
-- Edward Stanley, born in 1891, (died from diptheria?) -- James R. (maybe Roy) Stanleyborn in 1893 in New Brunswick
-- Nettie R. Stanley, born in 1900 in New Brunswick

6) Mary Annetta "Nettie" Kinread born October 1862 in Moncton, NB; married 1892 LaForest Carpenter (1859 - 1926). LaForest John Carpenter was born on 10 July 1859 in Surry, New Hampshire. Mary Annetta and LaForest were married on 29 February 1892 in Concord, Merrimack, New Hampshire.
www.mundia.com/ca/Person/45259168/6700806726 lists the following: LaForest John Carpenter
birth: 1859, Surry, Cheshire, New Hampshire, United States
siblings: 8 brothers and 7 sisters
Marriage: 1892, Concord, Merrimack, New Hampshire, US
Residence 1910: Shirley, Middlesex, Massachusetts
Residence 1920: Sandwich, Barnstable, Massachusetts
Death: 1926, age 67, Surry, Cheshire, New Hampshire, USA
Burial: New Hampshire
Father: William Carpenter (1814 - 1890)
Mother: Abigail White (1820 - 1887)

RBK said: Uncle LaForest and Aunt Nettie lived for several years at the Hermitage in Sandwich taking care of the farm year round. Census 1900: living at 550 Columbus Avenue, Boston with Mary A. Ford. La Forest: border, day laborer, born in New Hampshire as were parents. Anetta: border, nurse, immigrated from Canada in 1887, married 8 years, 2 children, 1 living. In 1930-1940 they are listed as living in New Britain new Hartford, Connecticut.
Mary Annetta died died in 1951 in Middletown, Connecticut, age 88 years.
Children of LaForest and Mary Annetta Carpenter:
-- Lillian Tilton Carpenter, born 1893 and died 1893 -- Ethel (changed name to Shirley) White Carpenter born in 1908 in Massachusetts, died ~1990)
-- Rachel "Ray" Stanley Carpenter born on 01 October 1894 in Malden, Middlesex, Massachusetts
Census: Rachel Stanley Carpenter Living in Hartford, Connecticut in 1930, in New Britain, Connecticut in 1935.

7) Thomas Burton Kinread was born 01 July 1864, Moncton, New Brunswick and died 29 June 1927 in San José, Santa Clara, California. He was named after their Minister: Thomas Burton Smith. He married Ethel Sugg Ford (1888 - 1933). (Please see details of their life below T. B. & E. S. Kinraide and the Sugg and Ford Genealogy for details about Ethel's ancestors.)
Children of Thomas Burton and Ethel Kinread:
-- Cecil Ray Louise Kinraide (1906 - 1967), married Robert Douglas Mockler (1904 - 1982)
-- Robert Burton Kinraide (1908 - 1995), married Dorothy Dickson (1911 - 2006)
-- Thomas Reed Kinraide (1914 - 1998), married Claudia Severance Bassett (1917 - 2010)
-- Ethel Leona Kinraide (1916 - 2001), married Merlyn Dean Kugler (1920 - 2001)

8) Rubina (Ruby) Kinread was born 28 June 1866 in Moncton, New Brunswick. On 11 July 1888 she married Robert Peel Ripley (1864 - 1939). They are listed as living in Moncton, NB in the 1871, 1881, 1891 and 1901 census. Robert died in 1939.
Children of Robert and Ruby Ripley:
-- Alberta Maria Ripley (1890 - ? )
-- Arthur Robert Ripley (1891 - 1917), killed at Vimy Ridge
-- Percy William Ripley (1893 - ? )
-- Lloyd Kinread Ford Ripley 1900 - ? ), married Louise (Lula) Gifford

9) James Kinread (11 September 1867 - 7 November 1870), buried in Elmwood Cemetery, Moncton, NB
10) Ira Kinread (27 October 1868 - 18 May 1870), buried in Elmwood Cemetery, Moncton, NB
11) Violetta May Kinread (22 December 1870 - 5 April 1872), buried in Elmwood Cemetery, Moncton, NB

7th Child of Thomas Kinread and Hannah Elizabeth Tuttle
Thomas Burton Kinread/Kinraide (1864 - 1927) and Ethel Sugg Ford (1888 - 1933)

Seventh Generation

Thomas Burton Kinraide was the son of Thomas Kinread and Hannah Elizabeth Tuttle of Moncton, New Brunswick. He was born 01 July 1864 in Moncton, New Brunswick; died 29 June 1927 in San Jose, California (age 62); and was buried along Oxallis Path in Forest Hills Cemetery, Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts. Burton Kinraide emigrated to Massachusetts in 1882 and changed the spelling of his surname. According to voter registration in Sandwich, he was naturalized on 18 Nov 1893 . He settled in Waltham and worked in the Waltham Watch factory. One hot night T.B.K. went for a long ride on the street cars. In Jamaica Plain he could smell water, got off and walked toward it. Stopping at a house to ask for a glass of water, he met Mrs. Reid. Her husband was Mr. Gideon Reid, the head of Tiffany's Paris office. She was able to provide financial support so that T.B.K. could spend time on scientific research. By 1900 he was settled in a newly-built large house at 38 Spring Park Avenue in Jamaica Plain with a laboratory. He first invented a series of acoustical forks for measuring sound waves. He later focused on electrical experiments which lead to the invention of the Kinraide coil. This high-frequency coil was used in x-ray photography, and also allowed him to photograph and study electrical discharges. He obtained several related patients between 1899 and 1910.

On 15 Feb 1905 Thomas Burton Kinraide married Ethel Sugg Ford in St. Stephens Episcopal Church, Savannah, Georgia.
Ethel Sugg Ford was born 13 April 1888 at 1718 Christian Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; and she died 13 May 1933 in New England Baptist Hospital, Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts. About 1905 T.B.K. was fishing on Cape Cod when he found some land on Spectacle Pond in Sandwich for sale. He purchased the land and began adding on to the original Quaker building and barn until it had 12 rooms and a screened porch. The separate log cabin came from New Brunswick for a 1910 sportsman's show. The beach cottage began as a 14 x 14 foot widow's walk on the Spring Park Avenue house but was later dismantled and moved to the Cape. Between 1905 and 1920, the family spent the winters in Jamaica Plain and the summers in Sandwich at "the Hermitage" on Spectacle Pond. Thomas and Ethel separated in 1920 and the children went to live with their mother and grandmother in Newton Center. After Thomas Burton Kinraide died, Ethel married William Thomas Casperson. (Please see Ethel Sugg Ford in the Sugg-Ford Genealogy.)

Children and Grand-Children of Ethel Sugg Ford and Thomas Burton Kinraide:

1) Cecil Rachel Louise Kinraide, born 05 Jan 1906 in Boston (Jamaica Plain), Massachusetts; died 08 July 1967 in Leevis, Quebec, Canada attending Expo, Cecil was named after Cecil Tilton, a famous woman doctor and close friend of Thomas Burton Kinraide. Cecil graduated from Burdett School, Boston, Massachusetts. On 16 June 1928 she married Robert Douglas Mockler in 363 Walnut Street, Newtonville, Massachusetts.

Robert Mocker was the son of George Ray Mockler and Annie Belle Adair. Robert (Bob) was born 27 Dec 1904 in Columbia Falls, New Brunswick, Canada, and died 21 Mar 1982 in San Diego, California.

Cecil and Robert Mockler are buried in Hillside Cemetery, Lisbon Falls, Maine.
Child of Cecil and Robert Mockler is:
-- i. Nedd Dean Mockler (adopted) born 29 Nov 1934 in Riverside, Los Angeles, California. He married (1) Barbara Carol Thompson, daughter of Dorothy on 17 Dec 1955 in Milford, Connecticut. She was born on 09 Aug 1935. She died on 07 Feb 2007 in Lilburn, Georgia. Nedd married (2) Pauli .

2) Robert Burton Charles Augustus Kinraide, born 26 July 1908 in Sandwich, Barnstable, Massachusetts; died 31 August 1995 in Charlwell House, Norwood, Norfolk, Massachusetts. He married (1) Doris K. Dalton on 09 June 1934 in Newton, Middlesex, Massachusetts. Doris was the daughter of Harold Lorne Dalton and Marie Pountney Applebee. She was born about 1911 in Massachusetts. He married (2) Dorothy Dickson on 03 May 1947 in Belmont, Massachusetts.

Dorothy Dickson was born 20 August 1911 in Olangapo, Philippine Islands where her father was stationed at the US Navy Base. She died 23 April 2006 in Lawrenctown, Halifax County, Nova Scotia. Her parents were Paul Richard Beresford Dickson and Vertie May Moore. (Please see the Dickson and Moore Genealogy.)
Dottie graduated in 1932 from Simmons College and worked as a legal Secretary for Prudential Insurance Company for 15 years.

Robert lived for 60 years at 85 Bayley Street, Westwood, Massachusetts. He graduated in 1933 with a B.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering from Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He worked as a metallurgist for 35 years for Clifford Manufacturing which became Standard Thompson Corporation.

He was a avid fisherman, fly tyer, hunter, mountain climber, square dancer, and National Ski Patrolman. Dottie was also an avid fisherwoman, mountain climber, skier, and she square danced regularly for 60 years. They both climbed the Sherburne Ski Trail up to Tuckerman's Ravine on Mount Washington on 16 April 1939. That was the memorable day when Tony Matt schussed the headwall to win the Inferno Race from the summit to Pinkham Notch. Also they both climbed all 46 of the mountains over 4000 feet high in New Hampshire along with their daughter (finishing in 1967). Robert and Dorothy Kinraide are buried in the new section of the Westwood Cemetery, Westwood, Norfolk, Massachusetts.

Child of Robert and Dorothy Kinraide is:
-- i. Dorothy May Kinraide married Gary Alan Welch.

3) William Thomas Reed Kinraide, born 11 Feb 1914 in Boston (Jamaica Plain), Suffolk, Massachusetts; died 21 April 1998 in Shrewsbury, Worcester, Massachusetts. In 1969 he had heart bypass surgery and was given 5 years to live, but his prior and later healthy lifestyle obviously overcame that prediction. Thomas Reed Kinraide married Claudia Severance Bassett on 23 Oct 1937 in the Episcopal Church, Centre Street, Newton Centre, Middlesex, Massachusetts. Thomas graduated from Newton High School and from Massachusetts Institute of Technology with a Masters degree in engineering. He was an engineer at Remington Arms Co. in Bridgeport, Connecticut; worked for E.I. DuPont & Company, and then was president of Bassett-Kinraide Consulting in Cambridge, retiring in 1985. His last job was with his father-in-law in Bassett and Kinraide, Inc. in Massachusetts. It was a Domestic Profit Corporation from 28 December 1979 to 31 December 1990. (He was doing consulting work on air-purification systems and Dorothy Dickson Kinraide was typing his notes which Tom dictated onto a tape recorder while driving.)

Claudia was the daughter of Claude Oscar Bassett and Harriet (Hallie) LaVaughn Severance. She was born 25 Jan 1917 in Spokane, Washington. She died 06 Nov 2010 in Shrewsbury, Massachusetts. Preceding her fifteen year residence at Southgate of Shrewsbury retirement community, Claudia was active in the Episcopal Church, as a Girl Scout troop leader, and as a community volunteer. Claudia was an expert dress maker and seamstress, and, with her husband, she was a gardener, small boat sailor, and National Ski Patrol, and square dancers.

Tom and Claudia lived in Fairfield, Connecticut; moved about 1949 to Waynesboro, Virginia; moved about 1952 to Wheeler Road, Bolton, Massachusetts; moved about 1957 to 113 Virginia Road, Waltham, Mass; in 1974 moved to 13 Winthrop Road, Wayland, Mass.; and finally moved to the retirement community at Southgate in Shrewsbury, Mass.

Children of Thomas and Claudia Kinraide are:
-- i. William Thomas Bassett Kinraide, Dr. married Beverly Brookfield
-- ii. Pamela Sage (born Claudia Severance Kinraide) married (1) Wallace Perry (Sandy) Dunlap and (2) Stephen Dahl Hadley.

4) Ethel Leona Kinraide, born 15 April 1916 in Boston (Jamaica Plain), Suffolk, Massachusetts; died 29 June 2001 in Winsted, Litchfield, Connecticut. She met (1) Benjamin Harlow Morrow, son of Wallace Morrow and Mabel Lavers. He was born 14 Mar 1913 in Sandwich, Barnstable, Massachusetts; and died 29 Apr 1992 in Sandwich.

She married (2) Merlyn Dean Kugler on 06 Jun 1944. Merlyn was born on 26 Oct 1920 in Riverton, Franklin, Nebraska; and died on 17 Feb 2001 in Orleans, Harlan, Nebraska; buried in Orleans Cemetery.

Merlyn and Leona moved to The Hermitage on spectacle Pond, Sandwich in 1946 after he served in the US Navy. He joined the Navy in 1942 where he served during the invasion of Africa. He was discharged in 1945. He was active in the farming community, working at Roberti's Dairy before starting up his own farm in what is now known as Lakewood Hills (the land surrounding the Hermitage property). He raised turkeys, beef cattle, and was the first farmer on Cape Cod to grow milo sorghum. A fire burned their home on 23 March 1952 and they moved into the large log cabin also on the property. They left Sandwich in 1955, moving to Connecticut where he worked for Susan Bates and Alma Sale Barn as a carpenter.

Child of Leona Kinraide and Benjaman Morrow is:
-- i. Nedd Dean Mockler (see Cecil Kinraide above)

Children of Leona Kinraide and Merlyn Kugler are:
-- i. Susan Lee Kugler married Dominic John Incerto
-- ii. Paul Kinraide Kugler (twin) married Karen Jean Wolff
-- iii. Peter Noble Kugler (twin) married Dr. Deanna Mclaren
-- iv. Nancy Dean Kugler married Thomas Albert Dyer

Pedigree Chart for Robert Burton Kinraide

Great Grandfather (FFF):
George Henry Kinread
Born ~1782 in Ballough, Isle of Mann
Died ~1860 in Rexton, New Brunswick
Parents: John Kinread and Isobel Gawn
Paternal Grandfather:
Thomas Kinread
Born 22 December 1820
in Rexton, New Brunswick
Married 26 January 1854
Died 5 October 1892
in Moncton, New Brunswick
Owned sawmill and lumberyard.
Thomas Burton Kinraide
Born 1 July 1864,
in Moncton, New Brunswick
Married 15 February 1905
Died 29 June 1927,
in San Jose, California
Siblings: Olivia Peers (Davidson), John Wesley, Julia Ann Amelia, William Thomas Black, Martha Ada (Stanley), Mary Annetta (Carpenter), Thomas Burton, Ruby (Ripley), James, Ira, Violetta May
Robert Burton Kinraide
Born 26 July 1908,
in Sandwich, Massachusetts
Grew up in Newton and lived in Westwood
Died 31 August 1995,
in Norwood, Massachusetts
Buried in Westwood Cemetery
Graduate of M.I.T., a Metallurgist
Siblings: Cecil (Mockler), Robert, Thomas, Leona (Kugler), Julia (half sister - Casperson)(Hendy)
Wife 1: Doris Dalton
Wife 2: Dorothy Dickson
Daughter: Dorothy May (Welch)
Great Grandmother (FFM):
Ann Ford
Great Grandfather (FMF):
William G. Tuttle
Born 15 December 1803 Wallace, NS
Died 6 November 1865, Amherst, NS
Buried in Old West Amherst Cemetery
Paternal Grandmother:
Hannah Elizabeth Tuttle
Born 15 September 1829,
in Wallace, Nova Scotia
Died 19 March 1899
Buried in Forest Hills, Massachusetts Siblings: Hannah, Thomas, William, John, Martha, Mary, James, Jane, Stephen, Rebecca, Abraham, Peter, Roxanna
Great Grandmother (FMM):
Olivia Roblee Peers
Born 1812, Died 1874
Buried: Old West Amherst Cemetery
Great Grandfather (MFF):
Franklin Ford
Maternal Grandfather:
Robert H. Ford
Born December 1853
in New York
Died: 15 May 1892 (suicide)
Buried: West Laurel Hill Cemetery, PA
Journalist with New York World.
Ethel Sugg Ford
Born 13 April 1888 in Philadelphia
Married 1: Thomas Burton Kinraide
Married 2: William Thomas Casperson
Died 13 May 1933, Boston, Massachusetts
Buried: West Laurel Hill Cemetery, PA
Sibling: Walter (illegitimate and believed to be Rachel's before Ethel)
Great Grandmother (MFM):
Anne Elizabeth Jones
Parents: Uriah Jones & Anna Minchner
Great Grandfather (MMF):
Thomas Sugg
Born ~1800 (?) Devonshire, England
Married 1: Sarah Thornton
M 2: Martha, 3 June 1852, Kentucky
Died after 1880, A boot & shoe maker
Maternal Grandmother:
Rachel Ann Sugg
Born 25 May 1856, in Wilmore, Kentucky
Died 20 February 1922
in Newton, Massachusetts
Siblings: Mary Elizabeth (Pepper), Rachel, Sarah Davis (Gaines)
Great Grandmother (MMM):
Martha ______Edmondson
Born 9 December 1816 in England Married 1: _ Edmondson (died ~1842)
With Kentucky Shakers 1842-1851
Married 2: Col. Thomas Sugg in 1852
Died: after 1880

Look at the Tuttle-Peers and Roblee, and Sugg-Ford pages for more information.
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