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Welch Genealogy

(Updated or Revised January 2016)

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Pedigree Chart for Floyd Edmund Welch

Great Grandfather (FFF):
(?) maybe J. M. Welch
Born North Carolina
1840 J.M. living in Weakley, Tennessee
Paternal Grandfather:
Richard Welch
Born 1840, Tennessee
Farmer in Dallas County, Missouri
Died 1885, Buffalo Missouri
Siblings: Rebecca, Malinda, Josiah, Robert, Daniel, Nancy, Richard
Robert Allan Welch
Born 27 Sept 1874
Died 29 Dec 1957
Siblings: William, Mary, Robert, James, Jesse, Marion, Floyd
Tried to homestead in Nebraska.
Self-educated through Sawyer's Business College.
Sold real estate and insurance. Owned Orange Grove in Charter Oak, California
Floyd Edmond Welch
Born 9 August 1907, Covina, California
Died 13 July 1999, San Diego, California
Buried in Glen Haven Cemetery
Sibling: Alvin Welch (1905-1983)
Wife: Janette Bryden Stewart
Son: Gary A. Welch
Son: Michael D. Welch
Great Grandmother (FFM):
Margaret ______
Born ~1800, North Carolina
Lived in Missouri (?)
Great Grandfather (FMF):
Robert Cowden
Born ~1814, Georgia
Lived in Benton, Missouri
Paternal Grandmother:
Nancy Jane Cowden
Born 1845, Benton, Missouri
Died 1915, South Pasadena, California
Siblings: James M, Martha A, Nancy J., Cynthia, Mary L., Josephine, William A. George R.
Great Grandmother (FMM):
Mary _____
Born ~1813, South Carolina
Lived in Benton, Missouri
Great Grandfather (MFF):
S. T. Lucas
Born ~1837, Ohio
Parents from Virginia
Maternal Grandfather:
Boslow Lucas
Born ~1857, Sydney, Ohio
Died ~1917, Sydney, Ohio
Died from an accident at spoke factory where he was boss.
Siblings: Boslow, William, Frank, R.B.
Mabel Gertrude Lucas
Born 12 March 1883, Sydney, Ohio
Died 11 March 1976, Tarzana, California
Siblings: Mabel, Webb, Pearl
When 10 years old she went to live with her father's brother R.B. in Denver.
Later she lived in Wheatland, California with a sister.
Great Grandmother (MFM):
Sarah ______
Born ~1831, Ohio
Father from New York
Mother from Tennessee
Great Grandfather (MMF):
James Rupert
Born ~1829, Ohio
Father Henry Rupert
(a wagonmaker born ~1804 in Germany)
Maternal Grandmother:
Josephine Rupert
Born 1860, Ohio
Died 1888 at age 28 giving birth.
Siblings: Henry, Jennie, Josephine, Ida
Great Grandmother (MMM):
Elizabeth ____
Born ~1832, Ohio
Mother Maria age 63 in 1870 census

J. M. Welch (~1790 - ~1845) and Margaret _____ (1800 - after 1860)

This family description is based on the census records shown below.
J. M. Welch was born about 1790. He married Margaret Welch probably between 1810 and 1820 perhaps in Kentucky. Margaret was born in North Carolina about 1800.
J. M. and Margaret lived in Weakley, Tennessee in 1840. Weakley County is in northwestern Tennessee. It was founded on 23 October 1823 from Chickasaw Indian lands. The county was named in honor of U. S. Representative Robert Weakley (1764-1845).
They moved to Jackson, Tennessee in the southwestern part of the state between 1840 and 1850. Jackson was founded in 1821 and incorporated in 1845 (named for Andrew Jackson).

Then they moved on to Webster County, Missouri (southwestern Missouri) by 1860. Webster County was organized in 1855 and named for U. S. Senator and U. S. Secretary of State Daniel Webster.

Children of J. M. Welch and Margaret:
1-2) Maybe two sons born between 1820 and 1825
3) Rebecca Welch, born about 1827 in Kentucky
4) Malinda Welch, born about 1828 in Kentucky
5) Josiah Welch, born about 1830, became a farmer
6) Robert Welch, born about 1832 in Tennessee
7) Daniel Welch, born about 1834
8) Nancy H. Welch, born about 1838 in Tennessee
9) Richard Welch, born about 1840 in Tennessee; married Nancy Cowden; died about 1885 in Buffalo, Missouri

From the 1840 Census in Weakley, Tennessee
J. M. Welch
2 age 5-10 (maybe Robert and Daniel)
1 age 10-15 (maybe Josiah)
2 age 15-20 (maybe grown and gone by 1850)
1 age 50-60 (probably J. M.)

1 age 5-10 (maybe Nancy or another girl)
1 age 10-15 (maybe Malinda)
1 age 15-20 (maybe Rebecca)
1 age 40-50 (maybe Margaret)

From the 1850 Census in Jackson, Tennessee, District 7
Margaret Welch, age 50, born North Carolina
Rebecca Welch, age 23, F, born Kentucky
Malinda Welch, age 22, F, born Kentucky
Josiah Welch, age 20, M, born Tennessee, farming
Robert Welch, age 18, M, born Tennessee
Daniel Welch, age 16, M, born Tennessee
Nancy Welch, age 12, F, born Tennessee
Richard Welch, age 10, M, born Tennessee

From the 1860 Census in Washington Township, Webster, Missouri
Margaret Welch, age 63, farming
Malinda Welch, age 32
Robert Welch, age 28
Nancy H. Welch, age 22
Richard Welch, age 20

Robert Cowden (1815 - after 1870) and Mary _____ (1815 - after 1870)

From the 1850 Census in Dist. 71, Polk, Missouri
Robert Cowden (age 35) farmer, born in Georgia
Mary Cowden (age 35) born in South Carolina
Nancy J. Cowden (age 7) born in Missouri
Mary E. (age 2) born in Missouri
Cynthia (age 8) born in Missouri
James M (age 13) born in Tennessee
Martha A. (age 11) born in Tennessee

From the 1860 Census in Benton, Dallas, Missouri
Robert Cowden (age 46) farmer
Mary Cowden (age 47) Tailer
Nancy J. Cowden (age 15)
Mary L. (age 12)
Josephine (age 9)
William A. (age 7)
George R. (age 4)
William (age 22) farm hand, born in Alabama

From the 1870 Census in Benton, Dallas, Missouri
Robert Cowden, (age 54) born in Georgia
Mary (age 56)
Mary E. (age 22)
William A. (age 17)
Robert A. (age 14)

Richard Welch (1840 - ~1886) and Nancy Jane Cowden (1845 - after 1900)

Richard Welch was the son of Margaret Welch and probably J. M. Welch. He was born about 1840 in Tennessee.

Some searching in 2015 at the Civil War library at Wilson's Creek Battlefield near Springfield, Missouri indicates that Richard did not enlist in either army. If he was involved, he may be the Welch Richard J. listed in record 608 of Cochran's 6 mos. Reg't E. M. M., Co. (EEM = Enrolled Missouri Militia) Enrolled Aug 13, 1864, Dallas, Missouri, Relieved from duty, Feb 24, 1865, served 195 days. If so, he would have been a part time "private".

About 1865 he married Nancy Jane Cowden who was born about 1843 in Missouri. They settled as farmers in Benton Township, Dallas County, Missouri (north of Springfield). Richard died about 1886 in Buffalo, Missouri. Since Floyd was born in the same year, Nancy was left with at least four young sons to raise on her own. Nancy continued to live in Benton Township until after the 1900 census. Nancy died in South Pasadena, California and was remembered by Mabel for smoking a corn cob pipe.

Children of Richard and Nancy Welch:
1) William Welch, born about 1869 in Missouri
2) Mary Welch, born about 1871 in Missouri, died about 1890 in South Pasadena, California
3) Robert Allan Welch, born 27 Sept 1874, married Mabel Gertrude Lucas about 1903, died in 1957 (age 83) in California
4) James Welch, born about 1877 in Missouri. James worked in South America drilling oil. He later worked for General Petroleum in Vernon, California.
5) Jesse Welch, born April 1880 in Missouri
6) Marion Welch, (boy), born in Missouri, married Helen and had a son, worked on a dairy farm in Alaska. Later lived in Washington state where Gary met him when at University.
7) Floyd Welch, born 11 June 1886 in Dallas County, Missouri.
Floyd had three children -- an engineer, a doctor, and Shirley.
Died between 1979 and 1982 in Palm Springs, California.

From the 1880 Census Benton Township, Dallas County, Missouri, June 7, 1880
p. 14, Dist. #4, Enum. Dist. #26, Enum. John Frehan
Welch, Richard, white male, age 40, Farmer, Born in Tennessee.
His father born in North Carolina and his mother born in Tennessee.
Welch, Nancy, white female, age 35, Keeping House, Born in Missouri.
Her father and mother were both born in Tennessee.
1) William Welch, white male, age 11, son born in Missouri, in school
2) Mary Welch, white female, age 9, daughter born in Missouri, in school
3) Robert Welch, white male, age 6, son born in Missouri, in school
4) James Welch, white male, age 3, son born in Missouri
5) Jesse Welch, white male, 2/12, (April) son born in Missouri

From the 1900 Census: Benton Township, Dallas County, Missouri
Nancy Welch, Female, Widowed, Age 55, White, Head of Household
Birth Date 1845 in Missouri, March 1835 in Tennessee, Mother of 7 children, 7 children living
Father's birthplace Tennessee, Mother's birthplace (blank)
Residence 1900: Benton Township (excl. Buffalo City), Dallas, Missouri, U. S.

Robert Allen Welch (1874 - 1957) and Mabel Gertrude Lucas (1883 - 1976)

Robert Allen was born 27 September 1874 in Buffalo, Missouri. His parents were Richard Welch and Nancy Jane Cowden.
About 1903 he married Mabel Gertrude Lucas in Sacramento, California.

Mabel Gertrude Lucas was born 12 March 1883 in Sidney, Ohio. Her parents were Boslow Lucas and Josephine Rupert. (See the Pedigree Chart for Floyd Edmund Welch above.) When she was 10 years old she went to live with her father's brother R. B. in Denver, Colorado. Later she lived in Wheatland, California with a sister.

Robert and Mabel tried to homestead in Nebraska before going back to California. Robert was self-educated through Sawyer's Business College and worked selling real estate and insurance. He also had orange groves in Charter Oak, California.

Robert died at age 83 in 1957 and Mabel died 11 March 1976 in Tarzana, California. Mabel is buried in Inglewood Park Cemetery.

Children of Robert Allen and Mabel Welch:

1) Alvin Welch, born 24 April 1905 in North Platte, Nebraska. Alvin married Mildred Long. Gary remembers his Uncle Al operating a gas station (perhaps Texaco) on Montana Avenue in Santa Monica about 1950. Alvin died 5 May, 1983 in Canoga Park, California.
Children of Alvin and Mildred Welch:
-- Robert Allen Welch, born 02 July 1935, Los Angeles, California
-- William Alvin Welch, born 3 March 1940, died 10 July 2007.
Bill had a long and impressive career with the Los Angeles Police Department from 1964 to 1985. He first served as helicopter pilot, flight instructor, command pilot and homicide detective. In 1978 he was promoted to officer in charge of homicide in the San Fernando Valley. Following retirement he became president and owner of Bill Welch Investigations working with corporate, civil and criminal investigations throughout the country.

2) Floyd Edmund Welch, born 9 August 1907 in Corvina California.
Floyd married (1) Bertha Sessions from Salt Lake City in 1936 in Los Angeles, California.
(2) Janette Bryden Stewart, 26 October 1938 in Santa Monica, California.
Janette was the daughter of Jay Gilbert Stewart and Ann Elizabeth Bryden. She was the 41st generation in a detailed geneology passed down to her (see the note below).

Floyd worked for Firestone after graduating from USC (University of Southern California) in 1929. In 1931 he started working at Beneficial for $90/month. Floyd and Jeanne lived in Brentwood (West L.A.) from 1938-1943. Then they moved to California Avenue in Santa Monica until 1945. Next they moved to the San Fernando Valley to help Gary's asthma living first on 8th Street and later at 922 De Haven Street in San Fernando. After the 1971 San Fernando earthquake, they retired to San Marcos, California.

Jeanne died 5 April 1994 in San Marcos, California from an aneurysm. Floyd died 13 July 1999 and is buried with Jeanne in Glen Haven Cemetery, San Gabriel Mtns, California.

Children of Floyd and Jeanne Welch:
-- Gary Alan Welch
-- Michael Dean Welch

See the Stewart and Hathaway-Cleveland, and Harlakenden genealogies for more information on the ancestors of Janette Bryden Stewart.
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