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New Dancers and Beginner Parties

Hello to all those looking for information about dance opportunities!

Beginner Dance Parties

If your group is looking for a group participation activity, consider a Beginner Dance Party.
Learn names for a few simple actions and the caller will direct you through dance patterns using those actions.
Within the first ten minutes you will be dancing!

"Circle Left, Circle Right, Forward and Back, Dosado, Promenade."
You can guess what the first three moves mean so you only need to learn how to Dosado and Promenade.

Contact Dottie to arrange an opportunity to experience the joy of moving to music with old friends and new.

New Dancer Opportunities

There are several regular dances that welcome new participants.
Couples and Singles are welcome although most dances involve partners so it is helpful if you bring a friend.
Follow the links below for more information about various clubs where beginners are welcome.

Lake City Swingers, Thursday afternoons and evenings
Contra Time Dancers, one Saturday evening per month
Nova Scotia Square & Round Dance Website - Try Dancing

Links to Videos about Learning to Square Dance

Live Lively -- Square Dance
You 2 Can Dance -- Information about dance forms within the Modern Square Dance World
ARTS First Video -- Emotional and Psychological Benefits of Square Dancing
ARTS Second Video -- Helps Fight Insulin Resistance