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Singing Call Figures

(Updated or Revised July 2017)
This is a collection of .pdf documents of singing call figures.
The figures are mostly my creations but do include some commonly used figures.

Program means the Callerlab Program being used.
Application means Callerlab Standard Applications or Extended Applications.
Order indicates the sequence of presentation. Teaching means the Callerlab Teaching Order.


Program Application Order Download
Community Traditional Random Traditional Singers
Basic Part 1 Standard Teaching Basic Part 1 Teaching
Basic Part 2 Standard Teaching Basic Part 2 Teaching
Basic Standard Teaching Not Zero Box
Basic Different Random Basic Dancing
Mainstream Standard Teaching Mainstream Teaching
Mainstream Standard Alphabetical Mainstream Dancing
Plus Standard Teaching Plus Teaching
Plus Standard Alphabetical Plus Dancing
Advanced 1 Standard Teaching A1 Teaching
Advanced 1 Standard Difficulty A1 Dancing
Advanced 2 Standard Difficulty A2 Dancing
Mixed Standard Random Rectangle Dancing