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Contra Prompting

(Updated or Revised January 2016)

This page contains links to documents written for presentations at various contra workshops.
They are all in .pdf format.


Contra Definitions (2016)

Reading and Prompting

Proper Contras for Schools (BDBLS 2009)
Contras for Callers (US National 2011)
Contras 101 (BDPLS 2013)

Writing Contras

Reading and Writing Contras (Contralab 2013)

Mostly Choroeography

Simple Sicilians (BDPLS 2011)
Alternate Duples Beginning Up and Down (Contralab 2010)

Also see extensive choreography collection in Contra Choreography

Teaching and Program Planning

Difficulty of Contras (Contralab 2010)
Learning Styles for Dancing (Callerlab 2013)

Beginner Dance Parties and Community Dancing

Beginner Dance Formations (BDPLS 2007)
Beginner Dance Terminology (BDPLS 2007)