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Facing Trios
(All of these have triplet versions which can be found in the triplet section.)

Inside Weave Out Trio
By Dottie Welch, 2005 for DANS CD
Music:  "Road to Boston"

A1  (8)  All six Circle Left
      (8)  Circle Right
A2  (8)  Inside Dancer Weave Out (in front and then behind)
      (8)  Lines of three Forward and Back

B1  (8)  All six Star Right
      (8)  All six Star Left back to place
B2  (8)  With your opposite Dosado
      (8)  Pass Thru, move on and Bow to the next

Contra Corners Trio
By Dottie Welch, December 2005 (Idea from Rio Trio and Sackett's Harbour)
Formation:  Facing Lines of 3 dancers each in a big circle like spokes of a wheel.
For Proper Contra feel, place all ladies facing CCW and all gents facing CW.
Music:  "Lighted Sconce (March of St. Timothy)" on Lloyd Shaw 338

A1  (8)  Opposite Dosado
      (8)  Outsides (Actives) down the center of the trio 
A2  (8)  Actives turn alone and come back then Cast Off to the middle of trio
      (8)  Lines of three Forward and Back

B1  (16)  Center Dancers turn Contra Corners (Centers right, right opposite left, 
          centers right, left opposite left, centers use right hand to cross back
          to original spot)
B2  (8)  Lines of three Forward and Back
      (8)  All turn right and Single File Promenade around other trio and on to the
          next trio (Outside dancers become inside dancers and vice versa.)

Toots' Dosado Trio 
By Dottie Welch, June 2008 (Idea from Toots Trio by Bob Howell)
Music: "Jack's Life and Ah! Les Fraises et les Framboises" on Southerner's Plus Two

A1  (16) Six Circle Left full around
A2  (8)  Centers with their diagonal right Dosado and Right end Slide Into Center
      (8)  New Centers Dosado

B1  (8)  Ends Dosado Opposite and Centers Slide Left
      (8)  Lines of three Forward and Back
B2  (16) Trios Weave By Two (left by the first and right by the second)

Dosado and Slide:  Centers look to diagonal right end and Dosado with them 
backing into the end spot while the end dancer slides to the left into the middle.

New Centers Dosado straight across

Left end dancers Dosado with their Opposite while the Center slides to their left 
making space in the center for the Left End dancer to back into.

Trios Weave first to their left passing right end to right end.

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