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Sicilian Circles - Square Calls
Elm River Sicilian
Dottie Welch, Palma Heming, and Alan Parker, August 2015
Formation:  Sicilian Circle
Music:  Jigs

A1  (8)  Ladies Dosado
      (8)  Gents Dosado
A2  (8)  Star Right
      (8)  Star Left 

B1  (8)  Ladies Right Arm Turn (back to place)
      (8)  Gents Left Arm Turn
B2  (8)  Pick up partner Half Promenade
      (8)  Wheel Around on to the next and Bow 

Ladies Chain Sicilian
Dottie Welch, November 28, 2009
Formation:  Sicilian Circle or Alternate Duple, begin facing up and down 
Music: "Get on My Love Train" on Red Boot 178

A1  (8)  Circle Left
      (8)  Circle Right
A2  (8)  Ladies Chain
      (8)  Chain Back

B1  (8)  (Left hands in) Star Left
      (8)  Star Right
B2  (8)  Opposite Dosado
      (8)  Pass Thru and Move On

Square Exchange
By Dottie Welch, February 2011
Formation:  Sicilian Circle or Alternate Duple
Music: "Bob's Clog and Doodler's Hornpipe"

A1  (8)  Turn Opposite Left
      (8)  Partner Dosado
A2  (8)  Circle Left
      (8)  Circle Right

B1  (8)  Ladies 2-hand Switch Places
      (8)  Gents 2-hand Switch Places
B2  (8)  Opposite Dosado
      (8)  Square Thru 3 and move on to next

Alberta Bound Sicilian
By Dottie Welch, for Canadian National in Calgary, July 2004
Formation: Sicilian Circle
Music: "Alberta Bound" on Blue Star 2393 slowed down

A1  (8)  Circle Left
      (8)  Circle Right
A2  (8)  Star Right
      (8)  With Couple behind, Star Left back to the same two 

B1  (8)  Right and Left Thru and Veer Left
      (8)  Ladies Chain Down the Line
B2  (8)  Slide Thru  (or Star Thru)
      (8)  Dosado Opposite and Pass Thru to the next

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