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Proper Duples - Contra Calls
Nova Scotia
Traditonal from 1758 (reserched for Canada 150 in 2017)
Formation: Duple-minor longways
Music: "Thompson I" or other Reel

A1   (16)  Partners Set twice and change sides;
          (Set = Right, Touch, Left, Touch or Right, 2, 3; Left, 2, 3) 
A2   (16)  Partners Set again; and change back;

B1   (8)  Active couples down the center and turn alone;
       (8)  Come back and Cast Off as others move up;
B2   (16)  Right and Left Four (4 dancer Right and Left Grand and end facing in); - ;

Cincinnati Hornpipe
Traditional, from American Dancing Master, by Elias Howe, Boston, 1862, page 86
Formation:  Proper Duple
Music:  "Burns Hornpipe" on Caledonian Ball (repeat once)

A1   (16)  Two couples Balance double; Half Right and Left;
          (Half Right and Left = pass right, pass partner left and face in) ;
A2   (16)  Balance again; Right and Left Back;

B1   (8)  Active couples down the center and turn alone;
       (8)  Come back and Cast Off (assisted);
B2   (16)  Right and Left Four (4 dancer Right and Left Grand and end facing in); - ;

Yoho Spiral Tunnels
By Dottie Welch, September 2016, British Columbia
Formation:  Proper Duple 
Music:  "Miss Gayton's Hornpipe / Jacky Tar / Miss Thompson's" on A Portland Selection 2

A1  (8)  Star Right three-quarters;
      (8)  Ladies Up and Gents Down Star Left;
A2  (16)  Partner Balance and long Swing; - ;

B1  (8)  Four in line go down;
      (8)  Turn as a couple and come back;
B2  (8)  Half Tag (centers pass right to meet outside with right), those facing out Run Right;
      (8)  Forward and Back;

Proper Nella
By Dottie Welch, September 2015 
Formation:  Proper Duple Contra Lines
Music:  "Tribute to Borders" on Caledonian Ball (Marching Jig) 

A1  (8)  (New Four) Star Right
      (8)  Star Left 
A2  (8)  Circle Left 3/4 (or 3 places)
      (8)  Gents Split Ladies around partner to line of four facing down
B1  (8)  Four in Line Go Down
      (8)  Turn Alone and Come Back
B2  (8)  Bend the Line and Balance Four, Petronella Turn
      (8)  Balance and face new two

Proper Swinger
By Dottie Welch, November 23, 2013	
Formation: Proper Duple, easy
Recorded music:  "Quebec Reels Medley" on Step Lively 2 - #13 CD

A1  (8) New four Circle Left.
      (8) Circle Right.
A2  (8) #1's Swing (or Dosado once and a half).
      (8) Neighbors Swing ending as a couple facing down the hall with the lady on the right.

B1  (6) Lines of four go down the hall (6 steps).
      (10) California Twirl and come back.
B2  (8) (Slow) Cast Off.
      (8) #1's Half Figure Eight (lady up around the lady, gent up around the gent)

Highland Star 
By Dottie Welch, October 2013		
Formation: Proper Duple, intermediate
Recorded music:  "Off She Goes" on Caledonian Ball 

A1  (8) Actives Dosado once and a half. 
      (8) Opposites Swing (put her on the right facing down).
A2  (8) Lines of Four Down the hall.
      (8) Turn Alone and come back.

B1  (8) Bend the line and long lines go forward, ladies pull their original partner back.
      (8) Partner Highland Swing (right hand around partner's waist, left hand in the air).
B2  (8) Ladies lead their partner into a Left-hand Star.
      (8) Once around then Lady #2 loop out while the others continue the star one more 
          vacant spot and then face in ending in a progressed Proper Duple line. 

Loons on Eaton Lake
By Dottie Welch, September 2012, Adirondacks
Formation:  Proper Duple
Music:  "Trumpet Hornpipe" on Where'd You Get Them Great Chunes? CD 

A1  (8)  Actives Dosado 1 1/2 
      (8)  Opposites Swing (put her on the right) 
A2  (16) Left line arch, Dip and Dive across and Back

B1  (8)  Each Four Circle Left 
      (8)  Circle Right
B2  (8)  Actives Half Figure Eight (lady up around lady, gent up around gent)
      (8)  Long Lines Forward and Back

Two, Four, Six, Eight  (2 Swing, 4 in line, 6 steps, figure of 8) 
By Dottie Welch, 1 March 2011
Formation:  Proper Duple
Music:  Jigs  

A1  (8)  Long Lines Forward and Back
      (8)  Actives Swing and put lady on right and face down in center
A2  (8)  Lines of Four Down (6 steps) then Turn Alone
      (8)  Come Back

B1  (8)  Cast Off and Pass Thru
      (8)  Swing Neighbor
B2  (8)  Half Promenade
      (8)  Actives Half Figure Eight (Lady round Lady, Gent round Gent)

Cross-bedded Sandstone
By Dottie Welch, April 2011 after Zion National Park
    (Idea from the image of swirling sands leaving crossing layers of stone.)
Formation:  Proper Duple
Music:  Reels       Fiddlers:  "Rose Tree, Green Mountain, Petronella"

A1  (16) #1's below Full Figure Eight
A2  (16) #2's above Full Figure Eight

B1  (8)  1's Swing
      (8)  1's Center, Lines of four Down (6 steps)
B2  (8)  Centers California Twirl, others U-Turn, Come Back
      (8)  Slow Cast Off

Detroit Stars
By Dottie Welch, May 2012 (Idea from Mark Hillegonds at Detroit US National 2011) 
Formation:  Proper Duple
Music:  Jigs

A1  (8)  Long Lines Forward and Back and actives look below
      (8)  Each 4 Star Right once and a bit
A2  (8)  Girls go Down, Boys go Up Star Left
      (8)  Partner Swing (actives in left line)

B1  (8)  Gents Dosado
      (8)  Ladies Dosado 1 1/2
B2  (8)  Opposite Swing
      (8)  Actives up Half Figure Eight to proper side

Lake Laberge
By Dottie Welch, August 17, 2012
Formation:  Proper Duple, begin facing on diagonal towards center point of 4
Music:  "Green Mountain-Petronella-Jenny Lind Polka" on Golden Griffon Stringtet, 
A Fine Collection CD

A1  (8)  (New four) Balance and Petronella Turn (solo right turn into next spot)
      (8)  Balance and Petronella Turn
A2  (8)  Balance and Petronella Turn  (3 turns = Circle Right 3/4)
      (8)  Girls Split Two around one to a line 

B1  (8)  Line of Four Down the hall six steps and face center in single file to
      (8)  Tag the Line (pass right shoulders), face up and come back
B2  (8)  Bend the Line and Circle Left 3/4 
      (8)  Same sex Left Arm Turn to face new group

Partner's Valentine
By Dottie Welch, February 2012, (Idea from Partner's Delight by Betsy Gotta)
Formation:  Proper Duple
Music:  Reels       Fiddlers:  "Golden Keyboard, Swinging on a Gate, Bay of Fundy"

A1  (8)  Circle Left 1 & 1/4, (Ladies are facing up)
      (8)  Ladies Split the Men, Cast 1/2 to Line of 4 facing down
A2  (8)  Down the Center 4 in Line
      (8)  Turn alone (all with partner some 1/2 S) come back

B1  (16) With Partner, Balance and Swing
B2  (8)  Ladies Chain
      (8)  Actives Box the Gnat and Roll to look down 
          (Actives join right hands and arch, lady turns left under arch 3/4 turn, 
          gent walks around the lady turning right 3/4 to end facing down.) 

Partner's Joy
By Dottie Welch, January 2013
Formation: Proper Duple
Music:  Reels

A1  (8)  Circle Left 3/4, (Ladies are facing down)
      (8)  Ladies Split the Men, Around one to Line facing up
A2  (8)  Up the hall four in Line (6 steps)
      (8)  Turn alone (all with partner some half sashayed) back down

B1  (8)  Partners Swing ending with the Lady on the Right 
      (8)  Forward and Back (1's in right line)
B2  (8)  Circle Left one-quarter, Balance Four
      (8)  Lady one lead between to cross down and face new two 

Fishing Lake
By Dottie Welch, May 2006
Formation:  Proper Duple 
Music:  "Ken Loch Jig / Newfoundland Jig / Tripping Up the Stairs" on Lloyd Shaw

A1  (8)  Actives Right Arm Turn and go Down Around One	
      (8)  Forward and Back
A2  (16) Actives Turn Contra Corners

B1  (8)  Actives Swing 	(End on own side) 
      (8)  Forward and Back 
B2  (8)  Actives with those above Circle Left
      (8)  Same Four Circle Right

Windy Corners
By Dottie Welch, October 24th, 2009, introduction to Contra Corners
Formation: Proper Duple, (Couples 1, 3, 5, etc. active)

A1  (8)  Actives Center Lines go Down 
      (8)  Turn alone and Come Back
A2  (8)  Slow Cast Off
      (8)  Forward and Back

B  (24) Actives Turn Contra Corners 
          (Right pull by partner, to right opposite for left turn, 
          Right pull by partner, to other opposite for left turn, 
          Right pull by partner, and back out at home)
      (8)  Inactives Dosado 

Good Man Relay
Modified version of Geud Man of Ballangigh by Dottie Welch, 2008
Music: "March of St. Timothy" ("Lighted Sconce" on Lloyd Shaw)
Formation: Proper Duple

A     (32)  Relay: Couple #1 Lead Down and Cast Up
             Men Lead Across and Around Ladies
             Couple #2 Lead Up and Cast Down
             Ladies Lead Across and Around Gents

B1   (8)  Star Right
       (8)  Star Left
B2   (8)  Circle Left Half and Balance in 4
       (8)  Pass Thru and U Turn Back, find new group of four

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