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Contra Mixers


The Gate Mixer
Type:  Suggested for a University Get-Acquainted dance
Formation:  Several circles of 3 to 6 couples
Music:  Golden Slippers, or other 64 beat music

A1  (8)  Circle Left;
      (8)  Forward and Back;
A2  (8)  With partner, Gate in 8 (Cast off full around, Man is pivot);
      (8)  Forward and Back;

B1  (8)  With corner, Gate in 8 (Man is still the pivot so now clockwise);
      (8)  Ladies Promenade Inside;
B2  (8)  Swing corner;
      (8)  Scatter Promenade;

The Barn Mixer
By Rick Mohr, August 1986
Formation: Scattered small circles with two couples in each circle.  
(Partner pairs should have the gent on the left and the lady on the right.)
Music: Jigs 

A1  (8)  Circle Left;
      (8)  Right-hand Star;
A2  (8)  Right and Left Thru;
      (8)  Dosado Neighbor;

B1  (16)  Balance and Swing Neighbor (new partner);
B2  (16)  Scatter Promenade;

Jenny Reel
Unknown choreographer, idea researched by Susan Morris at the Don Armstrong 
Memorial Dance, May 2002 in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  
 Presented by Susan at the BDPLS in Kansas City, April 2009.
Formation: Several Circles of three couples each
Music:  Any strongly phrased 64-count music

A1  (8)  Circle Left;
      (8)  Circle Right;
A2  (8)  Dosado Partner;
      (8)  Right-Hand Star Across;

B1  (8)  Lowest Level Pull Thru and Swing;
      (8)  Middle Level Pull Thru and Swing, Top level Pull into a Swing;
B2  (8)  Scatter Promenade;
      (8)  Make new circles of three couples;


Lancash Barn Dance
Formation: Double circle of facing partners standing about 6 feet apart.
Men will be in the inside circle facing the wall. 
Ladies will be in the outside circle facing the center of the hall.
Music: Lloyd Shaw LS E-35 "Lancash Barn Dance" (special 48-count music)
 or other 48-count music

Intro: On the chord bow to partner;
A1  (8)  Forward 3 and Stamp, Back 3 and Clap 2;
      (8)  Repeat forward and back;
A2  (8)  Right-Hand Star;
      (8)  Left-Hand Star;

B1  (8)  Two Hand Circle Left full around
      (8) DoSaDo and Move to the left

Scottish Circassian Circle
Formation:  Circle of partners
Music:  Originally "Scottish Circassian Circle" (sheet music online), 
        or "Frisky Solomon Medley" (Jigs on Caledonian Ball)

A1  (16)  Forward and Back; twice;
A2  (8)  Ladies In and Clap (forward 3, clap on 4, backup);
      (8)  Gents In, Clap and Turn Left;

B1  (8)  Set twice; (Set = Right, close, right and then left, close, left);
      (8)  Swing new Partner;
B2  (16)  Promenade for 16 beats;

Saint Theresa Mixer
By Dottie Welch, February 2017
Formation:  Circle of partners with girls on the right
Music:  Many singing calls will work

A1  (8)  Circle Left;
      (8)  Circle Right;
A2  (8)  Forward and Back;
      (8)  Girls In 4 steps then back out 4 steps;

B1  (8)  Boys In 4 steps and then turn to face Partner;
      (8)  Partner Dosado (to mix - move to left one dancer); 
B2  (16)  Shake hands and Promenade; ;


La Bastringue
Traditional French Canadian Dance
As used by Dave and Jane Schlosberg at NTOT dances
Formation:  Circle of couples all facing the centre
Music:  "La Bastinque"

A1  (8)  Forward and Back  (3 steps in, raise hands, hoot on 4);
      (8)  Forward and Back again;
A2  (8)  Circle Left (gent backing up facing his partner);
      (8)  Circle Right (gents backing up facing girl on the other side);

B1  (4)  Lady Under (gents raise hand and turn corner counter-clockwise into position);
      (12)  (Swing for 12 beats, then move into Promenade position);
B2  (16)  With new partner Promenade (16); ;

Lariat Circle Dance
By Hope Pennock (from "Dancing For Fun" compiled by Alberta Callers, 2003)
Formation: Circle of couples facing the center of the hall hands joined.
Record: Any consistently phrased music.

A1  (8)  Everybody Forward and Back;
      (8)  again Forward and Back;
A2  (8)  Circle Left;
      (8)  Ladies Lariat;
B1  (8)  Forward and Back;
      (8)  again Forward and Back;
B2  (8)  Circle Right;
      (8)  Gents Lariat;

To make a mixer, after the first time have the Ladies Rollaway during the first Forward and Back.

Lasso Mixer
by Dottie Welch, June 2008 for Cole's June Bug Barn Dance
(Combination of Lariat Circle and Lighted Sconce)
Music: Cowgirl's Sweetheart (slow it down)
Formation: Circle of Couples all facing the center, lady on the right side of her partner.

A1  (8)  Circle Left;
      (8)  Lasso Lady (see description);
A2  (8)  Circle Right;
      (8)  Lasso Gent and a bit more to put him in Center;

B1  (8)  Ladies push the gent into the center (4); Back out (4);
      (8)  Dosado with the same dancer and then and move to left to a new partner;
B2  (8)  Two-hand Circle Left halfway.  The lady continues to turn into the circle 
           on the right side of her new partner;
      (8)  Forward and Back;

- Lasso Lady: Gent raises his right hand holding his partner's left hand and circles it around 
   his head as the lady walks forward in front of him and on around behind back to her spot.
- Lasso Gent: Lady raises her left hand holding her partner's right hand and circles it around 
   her head as the gent walks forward in front of her and on around behind back to his spot. 
Continue the turn until the gent is standing in front of the lady with his back to the center.

The Ramapo Romp
By Melanie Axel-Lute   (www.maxellute.net)
   (Written in honor of my son Gregory's graduation from Ramapo College in May 2002)
Circle Mixer, Begin in a big circle of partners facing in
DW Music: "Reel A Pitou" from Great Chunes

A1  (8)  All into the center and back;
      (8)  Women into the center, turn around and come back, facing partner;
A2  (4)  Woman takes two hands with partner and pulls him into the center, 
      (4)  Then pushes him out (or he pulls her out);
      (8)  Partner Dosado (with optional counterclockwise individual twirls);

B1  (8)  All turn 1/4 to own right and go single file, women clockwise in center ring, 
           men counterclockwise in outer ring;
      (8)  Turn around and come back, pass partner;
B2  (16)  With the next one (new partner) Balance and Swing;

Lancashire Reel Modernized
Traditional Mixer
Source: A version of this dance was printed in Northern Junket in October 1978. 
It appears to be a Traditional Mixer from Northern England. 
The modernized version adjusts the handedness for a more familiar and smooth action.
Usage: Beware of left versus right confusion.
Formation: Circle of couples, men with their back to center and facing partner.
Music: A reel or other music with clear 8 beat phrasing. 
Sheet music for a 32 bar jig called "Lancashire Reel" is available on the internet at abcnotation.com.

A1  (8)  Partners Left Shoulder Dosado;
      (8)  With dancer to the right make a Right-Hand Star ending in the starting formation;
A2  (8)  Partners Right Shoulder Dosado;
      (8)  With dancer to the left make a Left-Hand Star ending facing this new partner;

B1  (8)  The same two (new partners) Balance double (see description);
      (8)  Swing;
B2  (16)  Promenade; ;

Balance double: Join both hands, step on right foot, swing left foot diagonally forward and right, 
step on left foot, swing right foot diagonally forward and left, repeat.

Reel of Ballymore
Contemporary English couple mixer devised by Leslie Haworth
Formation: Single circle of couples
Music:  Rhythm:  Two beats per measure
    "Mason's Apron" on Folkraft, or "Wind That Shakes the Barley", or other reel

A1  (16)  Forward and back to the center; and repeat;
A2  (8)  Promenade;
    (8)  Men turn back one and Reverse Promenade (clockwise) with lady behind
         Finish with these new partners facing and the men facing the wall;
B1  (16)  Turn Partner right halfway (4), Turn next by left full around (8);
          Turn partner right halfway (4);
B2  (8)   Turn next on other side by Left full around;
     (16)  Swing the new Partner;

Mayflower Mixer
By Pat Kent, Nova Scotia 1978 and taught by her at Nova Scotia Dance Camp in 1979 and 1980.
(Choreography printed in Northern Junket, Volume 13, Number 10, Page 29 )
Formation:  Circle of couples; Men inside, Ladies outside, all facing partners
Music:  Any 32 bar jig such as "Let's Have a Ceilidh"

A1  (8)  Set Right and Left, Change places giving right hands;
      (8)  Set Right and Left, change places giving right hands;
A2  (16)  Women flirt, i.e. figure of eight to right;
      (right shoulder to man on her right, then left shoulder to her partner back to place)

B1  (16) Men flirt, i.e. figure of eight to right;
      (right shoulder to lady on his right, then left shoulder to his partner back to place)
B2  (8) Promenade with partner;
      (8) Men stop and face out, ladies continue passing one man and facing the next.

Old Briar Patch Mixer
By Dottie Welch, February 2010
Music: "Old Briar Patch"
Fiddlers: Cock O the North and Hundred Piper's Jig/March
Formation: Couples in a circle, boys facing CCW, girls facing CW ready to Swing

A1  (8)  Swing;
      (8)  Promenade;
A2  (8)  Face and Back Away 3 and Clap; Forward and clap with partner;
      (8)  Away and Clap;  Forward; 

B1  (8)  Dosado;
      (8)  to an Alamo Ring and Balance (4), Turn by the left halfway (4);
B2  (8)  Balance, Turn by the right halfway;
      (8)  Balance, Turn by the left halfway (with the next one Swing);


The Vowel Dance
Used by Shannon Lynch at Smokin' Contra, April 2008
Formation: Big Circle of Partners facing the center
Music:  Many singing calls will work

A1  (8)  Forward and Back;
      (8)  Forward and Back;
A2  (8)  Allemande Left;
      (8)  Dosado;

B1  (8)  Grand Right and Left saying, "A" - - - , "E" - - - ;
      (8)  "I" - - - , "O" - - - ;
B2  (16)  "U" and Promenade with "U";

Grand Colonel Mixer
By Dottie Welch, March 2017, for International Students
(Idea from "Kiwi Ring" on Lloyd Shaw)
Music:  "The Grand Colonel Spin" on Kalox 1112, or another march

A1  (16)  Circle Left for 16 beats;
A2  (8)  Forward and Back;
      (8)  Forward and Back again;

B1  (8)  Face Partner, Clap 2, Stamp 2, Right pull by;
      (8)  Clap 2, Stamp 2, Left pull by;
B2  (8)  Clap 2, Stamp 2, Right pull by;
      (8)  Clap 2, Stamp 2, Left pull by;

Grand Sashay Mixer
By Dottie Welch
No cue sheet with record, this version written by Dottie Welch, Feb. 2012
Formation:  Big Circle of Partners facing the center
Music: Blue Star 1782-A  "You Call Everybody Darling" by The Shannonaires

Grand Sashay is defined in Burleson's Encyclopedia #362 as a Grand Right and Left
with a Dosado or Left Dosado before each pull by. 

Formation:  Normal Couples in a Big Circle facing in. 
Intro 8 beats, 64 x 5, Ending

A1  (8)  New Partner Swing;
      (8)  Circle Left;
A2  (8)  Circle Right;
      (8)  Forward and Back;

B1  (8)  Partner Dosado
      (8)  Clap 2, Stamp 2, Right Pull By;
B2  (8)  Left Dosado
      (8)  Clap 2, Stamp 2, Left Pull By; 

Round About
By Cis Hinkle, Atlanta, Georgia
(A modification of  "Ease About Mixer" by Gene Hubert) 
On Saturday evening of the 2005 Beginner Dance Party Leaders Seminar in Louisville, Kentucky, 
several callers attended a contra dance prompted by Bev Bernbaum from Toronto. 
Bev used this delightful, easy mixer.  
Formation: Big circle of couples facing in, ladies on the right of partner. 
Music: Traditional music with a strong 8-beat phrasing, jigs work well.
      "Seneca Square Dance and Les Fraises and Les Framboises", Kitchen Chair CD

A1  (8)  Partner Swing;
      (8)  Promenade around the ring;
A2  (8)  Promenade In  4 and back out 4 to a circle;
      (8)  Ladies Weave to the right, (in past 1, out past 2);

B1  (8)  Forward and Back;
      (8)  Gents Weave to the right (in past 1, out past 2);
B2  (8)  Partners Star Right full around;
      (8)  Move ahead to new partner (boys move counter-clockwise, girls move clockwise);


Liard Whirlpool Mixer
By Dottie Welch, July 2016, Alaska Highway, British Columbia
Formation:  Circle of partners facing with men back to center, step to an Alamo Ring Wave
Music:  Reels such as "St. Ninian's Isle" or "Irish Rover" medley on Caledonian Ball

A1  (8)  To right Rory O'More Balance and Slide (optional spin); 
      (8)  To left Balance and Slide;
A2  (8)  To right (Right) Dosado; 
      (8)  and to left Left Dosado;

B1  (8)  To right Swing;
      (8)  Promenade;
B2  (8)  Men move ahead one and Promenade more;
      (8)  Solo Circle to Alamo (Wavy) Ring (take rights with Promenade partner)

Roaring Mixer

Formation: Couple mixer dance; couples facing counterclockwise

Source:  Hiner Fischle (see Contra Syllabus from US National in Detroit)
Music: "Arriving to Saint John's", or other jig)

A1  (8)  Promenade, U-Turn Back;
      (8)  Reverse Promenade back, face partner;
A2  (8)  Face partner and Back Away, stomp 3 and clap 3;
      (8)  Dosado 1 1/4 to Alamo Ring;

B1  (8)  Balance to right and left; Slide Right (optional turn Right);
      (8)  Balance to left and right:  Slide Left;
B2  (8)  Turn last partner right full around;
      (8)  Turn the next by the left into a Promenade;


Ten O'Clock Mixer
By Al Brozek from Connecticut
Formation: Single Circle of Couples all facing the centre of the hall
Music:  "Lay Some Happiness on Me" or "Callison Hall Jig" or
   "I Don't Love Medley" # 3 on Sound of New England

A1  (8)  Forward and Back (Walk in 2, 3, swing foot, Back 2, 3, swing);
      (8)  Forward and Back and face partner;
A2  (8)  Face for Heel and Toe In and Out  (Join both hands, start with inside feet);
      (8)  Again but just the Lady move out (Heel Toe, side, close, side);

B1  (8)  All walk forward 8 steps (Ladies clockwise, Gents counter-clockwise);
      (8)  Turn alone and return to partner in 8 steps;
B2  (8)  Turn partner left arm full around;
      (8)  Pass By the next (or Swing Corner) and face in, join hands ready for top;

Marmaduke Mixer
By Allan Brozek from Connecticut
Formation: Circle of couples facing in, lady on gent's right. 
Music: "Marmaduke's Hornpipe" on Lloyd Shaw CD Contratoons or other hornpipe played 
   about 118 beats per minute.
(DW:  "Bob's Double Clog and Doodler's Hornpipe" on Southerner's Plus Two)

A1  (8)  All go Forward and Back;
      (8)  Forward and Back;
A2  (8)  Ladies to left inside and men to right outside Single File Promenade;
      (8)  Reverse back to Partner;
B1  (8)  Partners Gypsy;
      (8)  Corner Swing;
B2  (16)  Promenade;

Grosser Atlantik (Atlantic Mixer)
German couple mixer
Formation:  Circle of Couples in varsouvienne position
Music: 2/4 rhythm

A1  (16)  Promenade 16 beats; ;
A2  (16)  Girls turn back outside for 16 beats (there maybe clapping during this); ;

B1  (8)  With nearest dancer right-hand turn;
      (8)  Left-hand turn the same person;
B2  (16)  Swing new partner (perhaps a two-hands crossed version);

Usually dancers leave partner, pass six dancers, and dance with the seventh.  
If there are stray dancers, they should meet in the middle to Swing 
and then rejoin the circle during the Promenade.

Backtrack Mixer
By Dottie Welch
Formation: Circle of partners
Music: Something with a marching rhythm

A1  (16)  Circle Left (16 beats); ;
A2  (8)  Circle Right (8 beats);
      (8)  Go Single File 8; 

B1  (8)  Leader Backtrack and pass four;
      (8)  Next dancer Right-hand Star;
B2  (8)  Same two Left-hand Star;
      (8)  Holding on into a Promenade;

January Mixer
By Bob Dalsemer
Formation: Circle of couples facing promenade direction

A1  (16)  Promenade as couples (16 beats);
A2  (8)  Gents continue single file, ladies turn back single file (8);
      (8)  Everybody turn back (8), Pass Partner;

B1  (8)  Allemande Left the next;
      (8)  Allemande Right the same;
B2  (8)  Dosado the same;
      (8)  Swing the same;

Composed January 8, 1998 in preparation for a dance with a lot of newcomers.  
I needed a sure fire mixer like Atlantic Mixer, but with a more certain progression to a new partner. 


All American Promenade or The Blacksmith
There are several similar dances that go by one of these names. 
It appears to be an evolving and popular folk dance.
Here are my references:
An online description at www.copperknob.co.uk listing choreographer Jim Arkness.

A dance of this name by Doc and Winnie Alambaugh in a 1965 printing of "Dance A While".
   (Similar except the first balance is away from partner and the girl turns in front.)

Various YouTube postings showing T'Smidge (The Blacksmith) which is a Belgian (or Dutch) traditional folk song. 
   (This starts on the inside feet and the partner change has the girl walking diagonally forward 
     while the boy moves diagonally back to his left. Some dancers do a complete turn as they go.)

Formation:  Circle of partners facing counter-clockwise
Music:  "T'Smidge" or something with a folk dance feel such as "Some Old Side Roads" on C Bar C 88
Footwork: Gent starts with left and lady starts with right.

A1  (8)  Walk forward three, turn on fourth step, and backup four;
      (8)  To reverse walk three turn on fourth step and backup three (ending with weight on outside foot);
A2  (8)  Balance together and apart, Roll her across;
      (8)  Balance together and apart, Girls twirl back in four steps;

Girls twirl back:  The partners raise adjacent hands and the lady twirls to her right under them.
Release hands so that the lady can continue the twirl moving back to the next gent.  

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