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Couples Facing Couples (Becket) - Intermediate
Star Down the Line 
By Dottie Welch, October 2009
Formation:  Couples Facing Couples, any even number  (If an odd number put 
the spare couple at the foot facing up and have them slide in. )
Music:  "Baldovan Reel" on Caledonian Ball.  (120 b/m)
           (It repeats 4 times, may want to use Automatic loop once)

A1  (8)  Long Lines Forward and Back
      (8)  With opposite Claps (knees, knees, hands, hands, opposite, 2, 3) 
A2  (8)  Ladies Dosado  
      (8)  Gents Dosado   

B1  (8)  Circle Left
      (8)  Circle Right
B2  (8)  Each 4 Star Right 3/4, with next Star Left 1/2
      (8)  With next Star Right 3/4

Note: Gents lead their partner through the entire star sequence.  Couples at the 
end who have no one else for the Star Left 1/2, simply wait for the Star Left 1/2 
to occur then continue with the Star Right 3/4. 

In the case of an odd number of couples, the extra couple should wait at the foot 
with the gent standing in front of the lady ready to Star Left 1/2. 

Hurricane Juan
By Dottie Welch, May 2004  (Ideas from Eye of the Storm, recalling our Halifax, 
Nova Scotia big storm in September 2003)
Formation:  Couples Facing Couples
Music: "Frisky Solomon Jig" from Caledonia Ball 

A1  (8)  Ladies lead right shoulder Hey for Four
      (8)  But second half Slant to Left and Ends Loop
A2  (8)  New two Ladies Chain and turn a quarter more
      (8)  Promenade Up and Down 

B1  (8)  California Twirl and Come Back
      (8)  Men lead Reverse Flutterwheel
B2  (8)  Star Right
      (8)  Star Left

Slanted Hey for Four:  Do first half normally, Men will be following their partner,
But then the ladies look diagonally to left and pass a new lady by the right and then their 
partner by the left for the second half.

Ends Loop:  The Couple with no one on their left Single File Circle back to the same side 
ready for the Ladies Chain

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