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Alternate Duples - Intermediate

Dunlin at Martinique
By Dottie Welch, Nova Scotia, January 2016   
Formation:  Alternate Duple Contra Lines	
Music:  Reels

A1  (8)  Ladies Left turn once and a bit
      (8) Turn Partner Right once
A2  (8)  Gents Left turn once and a bit
      (8) Neighbors Swing

B1  (8)  Circle Left three places
      (8) Partner Swing
B2  (8)  Circle Left one place, Pass Thru and Face In
      (8) Long Lines Forward and Back

Cascapedia River
By Dottie Welch, December 2015
Formation:  Alternate Duple Contra Lines, begin facing up and down
Music:  "Ellwyn's Fairy Glen" medley on Caledonian Ball, or other Reels

A1  (8)  Neighbor Swing
      (8) Ladies Right Pull By to Partner, Left Turn Half to long waves
A2  (8)  Balance forward and back, Right turn "Friend" releasing with big loop
      (8) Partner Swing (ending with lady on the right side of the gent)

B1  (8)  Long Lines Forward and Back
      (8) Gents Left Arm Turn once around
B2  (16)  Pick up Partner Weathervane Across and on to next

Right turn "Friend":  Each dancer has a friend who will be on their right side in the long waves.  
This should be the same dancer every time through the dance. Turn that person by the right once around 
but release hands early to adjust easily into the partner swing.  
Ends without a neutral couple can find their friend at the end of the other line. 
When neutral at the ends crossover and stand with lady facing in and gent facing out ready to be a “friend”; 
then Swing Partner ending with the lady on the right and wait for the Corner Balance.

Weathervane:  (Idea from "Bounce Back".) Gents Allemande Left once around to pick up their partner's inside hand
 (Gent's right and Lady's left) and Gents maintain their arm hold while doing a Weathervane Across.  
Gents then release each other and the couples Veer Left (go diagonally left to end back to back) to face the next set of neighbors. 

Migrating Plovers
By Dottie Welch, September 2008 (inspired by plovers on Conrad Beach in NS)
Source Comment:  The active lady lead out to a line came from Good Girl Contra.  
Formation: Alternate Duple, begin facing up and down.
Music:  "Mouth of the Tobique & John Howett's Reels" on Any Jig or Reel CD

A1  (8)  New Neighbor, Dosado
      (8)  Girls Left Arm Turn once around
A2  (8)  Gents begin Star Right, Girls Turn Right to follow Neighbor in Star
      (8)  Circle Right

B1  (8)  Active lady lead out to a line, Go down in 4 (6 steps)
      (8)  Wheel Around, Come Back      (or California Twirl)
B2  (8)  Pull it in and Circle Left    (Gent on left end move in to make the Circle)
      (8)  Star Left (Cross at the ends)

Note:  As the girls finish the Left Arm Turn once around they go just beyond their 
neighbor who puts his right hand in to begin the Star Right.  The girls then 
quickly turn to their right to join the right-hand star immediately behind their neighbor.

Detroit Veers
By Dottie Welch, July 2011 (Veer idea from Mark Hillegonds in Detroit) 
Formation:  Alternate Duple begin facing up and down

A1  (8)  Opposite Swing
      (8)  Long Lines Forward and Back
A2  (8)  Each Four Circle Left 3/4 and Veer Left
      (8)  Veer Right & Circle Right Half

B1  (16) Veer Right & Veer Left then Swing Original Partner
B2  (8)  Long Lines Forward and Back
      (8)  Circle Left 1/4 and Pass Thru

At the ends the Circle Right Half should be done with Phantoms if there is no 
Neutral couple to participate.  Those facing out at the ends after the Pass Thru 
should California Twirl and wait until the Circle Right Half action, after which they 
should Swing Partner, face down or up the line and wait briefly for the Pass Thru.

Three-Halves Symmetry
By Dottie Welch, December 2006
Formation: Alternate Duple
Music: "Saratoga Hornpipe Medley" (Saratoga, Barlow, Shenandoah)

A1  (8)  Long Lines Forward and Back
      (8)  New Gents Dosado 1 1/2 (Ladies Wave to help recognition)
A2  (8)  Partner Swing 
      (8)  Promenade Down and Up (Men in centre, 6 steps) and around end

B1  (8) Wheel Around, Come Back
      (8) Ladies Dosado 1 1/2  
B2  (8) Opposite Swing (original corner)
      (8) Right and Left Thru

Note:  The challenge here is to recognize the correct couple when returning from 
the Promenade.  So during counts 9-16 each Gent looks to the man diagonally to 
their left to do the Dosado 1 1/2 ending approximately back-to-back and facing 
original partner.  While this is happening the Ladies should wave to each other to 
ensure recognition when they return for the Dosado.

Trail to Calgary
Written by Dottie Welch, May 2004
Music: "Home on the Range", Sting Records 312
Alternate Duple, Double Progression

A1  (8)  Long Lines Forward and Back
      (8)  Corner Swing and put her on the right facing down
A2  (4)  Lines of four go down 
      (12) Dixie Twirl (as couples California Twirl) and return

B1  (8)  Bend the Line and Circle to the Left Halfway
      (8)  Ladies Chain and 1/4 more
B2  (8)  Couples Circulate (pass one couple)
      (8)  Ladies Chain Down the Line and Half Sashay

Dixie Twirl:  Begin with a centre two arch, right end girl ducks thru and turns her 
partner under the arch.  The other couple walks to their right in a semi circle.

Couples Circulate:  each couple moves to the position of the couple ahead.  In the 
process one couple will be passed as they too move to the position of the couple 
ahead.  At the ends couples move in a semi-circle around into the other line.

Covered Bridge Contra
By Dottie Welch for 13th Canadian National Square and Round Dance Convention, 
Saint John, New Brunswick, July 2002
Formation:  Alternate Duple for Six Couples
Music: "Braveheart" on GMP 507  

A1  (8)  Long Lines Go Up and Back
      (8)  Lines Pass Thru and U-Turn Back
A2  (8)  End Couples Star Thru and Arch to left over the line
      (8)  Continue the arch around the far end

B1  (8)  Return over the other line
      (8)  Centre four couples make a Bridge, Top Lady Lead Thru
B2  (8)  Bottom Lady Lead Thru
      (8)  Lady go left and Gent go right to Centre

Star Thru:  Using Lady's left and Gent's right hand make and arch and the lady 
ducks under the arch turning 1/4 to her left while the gent walks around the lady 
in a small right turning semi-circle.  They end standing side by side.

Both end couples Star Thru and make an arch, 
Walk down their left hand side over the line, lady in centre.
Return over the other line, lady still in centre.
The timing is tight so take large steps during the arch action.

Centres reach both hands up to make a bridge 4-dancers long.
Top lady leads her partner through the bridge. 
Bottom lady waits on the right side for top lady and partner to come through the 
bridge, then leads her partner through bridge. 
Top couple goes to right around the bottom couple, lady should not cut in front of 
them since she has plenty of time to go around.

Couples passing through bridge -- lady go to left and gent go to right around two 
people in contra line to meet in centre and squeeze into the line.  Meet but don't 
pass the dancer coming from the other end.

This dance was inspired by the Convention 2002 logo and the narrow, one-lane 
covered bridges with lights at each end to control traffic.

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